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Indiana athletic director Fred Glass has tried to create a sense of enthusiasm around the department. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • During his time at Indiana, Fred Glass has tried to change the culture and energy around the athletic department, Dustin Dopirak writes.





The Killers’ “Smile Like You Mean It.”


  1. Mo Creek looks like he may have gained some weight.Cant wait to see him on the court this year.

  2. I also can’t wait. His perimeter shooting was sorely missed by the team last season. I think he’ll average 15 a game next year, which will go nicely with VJIII’s 18 points a game and Watford’s 14.

  3. What? You think Jones will average more than Creek? No way. If Creek is back to 100% , Creek is our leading scorer.

  4. I don’t necessarily agree, because VJIII became extremely confident and consistent over the course of last season. Also, Jones drives to the basket very well and scores from all over. Creek tends to play more along the perimeter and get more points from downtown.

    VJ quietly had a great year offensively. It’s a shame people didn’t sing his praises more.

    10 games of 20+ points?

    Honorable mention All Big 10?

    All this from a 3-star player ranked #126.

  5. I’m being cautious with my expectations for Creek this year. It can take a long time to regain form after an injury like that. Sure, he’ll have the strength back, but will he have the same lateral movement and explosion right away? How will his confidence be? It may take awhile for him to get these things back.

    Remember too that he will not have played the game very much this year. There will be some natural rust that he will have to shake off. All in all it wouldn’t surprise me to see inconsistent play from MO for at least the first part of the season.

  6. No way VJ outscores a healthy Creek. VJ did score a lot of points because he put up A LOT of shots. Without Creek we went to him a lot more throughout the season so its not a suprise he scored more than usual.

  7. GFDave,

    Great point on Creek. Unfortunately they say that most knee injuries take until year 2 for the person to really be the same player again, even if everything is ‘100%’ healthy. Hopefully he can buck that trend and fast.

    Husky Tom,

    I agree that VJ3 had a nice year last year. I just hope that he and Watford can put up similar numbers again, or even better ones as you suggest while being more efficient. They took a ton of shots last year (both 320+, next closest is Dumes at 186 and Rivers 166) to get those numbers and both shot around but under 40%, some of the lowest on the team. Both did do a nice job of getting to the line and converting that to points.

    Creek, Roth, and improved game hopefully by others will eat into some of those touches so I hope both VJ3 and Watford can do as much or more with less. If not, we are looking at some good individual numbers again, but scores in the 50’s and 60’s and more 10 minute droughts.

  8. my wife and I are looking at land/property to buy in Monroe and Greene County. We have looked at so many places since fall that I lost count, many in the sticks/boondocks. We have noticed the old houses that are run down and some even abandoned, many with older folks that are still there or have passed on. One thing that they almost all have in common is a small Indiana Hoosiers flag maybe even the size of a piece of paper but it is in the window, on the porch, on the shed/barn, or hanging. I wondered aloud if that support and loyalty is gone? Those same people you would hear in steak n shake wondering aloud if “the boys” could do it this weekend or what Bobby would pull out of his bag of tricks…you never hear that stuff anymore, never. It absolutely breaks my heart in two!!! Those people stuck with IU through the Davis seasons of 14-15 and 15-14 and now they are gone after the Sampson debacle. IU basketball needs one really good 20 win season to get my dad and Grandma and many others back on board and most of all…truly excited!!! Sorry but I have wanted to write this for a while and get it off of my chest! Also, I speak for me too…

  9. “Now that others have gotten involved, they’ve picked it up a little bit,” Zeller said of IU’s interest.
    So why haven’t we been recruiting him hard the entire time? This is becoming a pretty disturbing trend. Crean is recruiting too many people and spreading himself thin with the ones that count.

  10. 4guards,

    You must’ve forgotten to copy/paste the second half of Zeller’s quote. No worries though — I’m here to help.

    “Now that others have gotten involved, they’ve picked it up a little bit,” Zeller said of IU’s interest. “I could definitely see myself playing there.”

    Just because they’ve “picked it up a bit” since more schools are showing interest doesn’t mean they weren’t already recruiting him heavily. They’ve obviously paid enough attention to him that he could “definitely” see himself playing here.

    See, this is why your credibility is so frequently questioned.

  11. I am not surprised a Crean Apologist would avoid the true concern, but I do not use the other site as in make comments. I do read the articles from time to time when they are linked from another site.
    So Danny boy, no comments on the true topic at hand?

  12. Casey,
    The second part of that quote is great, but he could definitely see himself playing here since he was a little kid. I would like to know why we are just now picking it up on his recruitment and that’s why i copied what was relevant to that topic.

  13. Can someone hand me a tissue through their comment Kleenex box?

    The rare time Tom doesn’t sound eloquent is when he’s talking basketball..His jump on the VJIII bandwagon is a consequence of long before becoming a cherished member of Scoop’s blogging community. Downing was Creek’s biggest fan on Basketblog when Husky was shooting love arrows for the 5-star pie-in-the-sky bighead named Kyrie Irving.. While Downing was recognizing the quality and humble game of Mo Creek(even going as far to make some quirky similarities/comparisons between Creek’s shooting form and presence on the court with one of the greatest guards to play the game, Oscar Robertson), Tom couldn’t shut up about the kid that went to Duke. Tom went as far to blame Downing’s praises so heavy for Creek that it caused Kyrie to go elsewhere…

    Creek may never be the same after the terrible knee injury. Even if 100% physically, I’m sure that type of reminder the fragile nature of a future can play into one’s head. I hope he comes back with all the confidence and abilities he gave brief glimpse…We only had a small peek through tiny window of what his game could blossom into.

    I still believe Hulls and Creek should be our starting backcourt.

    One final thought: The french kid Crean has found to play the post may be the best late surprise of all. The positive influence to the dynamics of play in the paint, will be of equal magnitude the negative impact last season after losing Creek to our perimeter/creativity game. A completely restored Creek and a 7-footer that can move with fluidity in the middle serve as two huge healing injections into a very sick basketball patient. If all stay healthy, we’ll be fighting for an NCAA berth coming down the stretch.

  14. 4 Guards,

    i have no comments on the “true topic” at hand.

    Just wanted to call you out on saying you never use that site.

  15. Zeller could probably see himself playing just about anywhere which is why he doesn’t want to narrow his choices down.

  16. Not shutting up about Zeller is analogous to the blabbering over Irving when Creek had just signed on to be a Hoosier. If the dork has shown no inkling’s worth a desire to be a Hoosier, then I say screw him. He does not deserve a loyal thought. I’ll love hating Duke all the more. If he goes to Butler, Stevens can lick his Nike’s clean over the next four years while knowing he’ll never again have a shot at winning an NCAA championship…Kiss it goodbye, Butler. Your days ended with Howard seeing the big $$$$$$$$$.

    The only reason we don’t hear Husky drooling over Zeller is because he believes the southern Indiana family to be devout followers of a Christian Laettner cult.

  17. No, 4guards, you copied “what was relevant to the topic” because you blindly bash Crean at every turn and extracted the part of the quote that allows you to do that.

    As I said before, I’m pretty sure IU had already been recruiting Zeller consistently and heavily — Crean made it no secret that Zeller was a top priority right out of the gate. I’m almost positive Zeller was one of the first recruits Crean went to see when he arrived at IU.

    It’s possible to be fat and get even fatter. It’s possible to be tall and get even taller. It’s possible to be annoying and become even more annoying.

    It’s possible to recruit someone heavily, and then step it up even more in the presence of competition. OF COURSE we’ll try even harder when more people are vying for his services. That’s just natural human behavior.

    Stop trying to create issues where they don’t exist.

  18. Why recruit a kid if he’s made no suggestion to possess any desire to wear the cream and crimson? 4guards will merely state that if Alford was our coach, the dork would already be signed….And he would probably be correct. Thus, you reaffirm his ridiculous ranting on this blog site and continue to put a smile on every Boilermaker’s face.
    Let’s give appropriate attention to those that still desire fulfilling a dream of donning the candy-stripes at a Final Four. Whether from Indiana or Timbuktu, they are the true colors deserving to be called Hoosiers.

    I just got a visual of Husky’s reaction to Downing’s first post.

  19. Ever watch a marathon? Those Kenyans are amazing. They run sub 5:00 miles for 26 miles, and then at the very end, they manage to kick it up another notch for a final sprint to the finish line.

    Recruiting is like a marathon. A long process, you have to be strong throughout, and have to close even stronger to have a chance of success. So, because IU has “picked it up” with Zeller, does that mean they weren’t recruiting him hard before? Or could it mean that they were going hard from the very beginning, and now they’ve kicked it up another notch to finish strong?

  20. Downing you are out of your element. Even Crean has made it a point to get in-state talent. If your theory was correct why would we even recruit at all?? Players would just land in our lap and we would go to the final four. Your posts are the dorkiest I’ve ever read on any blog. You and Husky deserve each other.

  21. I could care less about in-state talent if they don’t recognize Indiana as putting this peanut state on a basketball map. If Crean wants to beg them to be Hoosiers, they’ll play like entitled spoiled children stealing dollars from mommy’s purse..How quickly our success has resulted in their shun. I remember a comment I once heard from a racist. They referred to a black neighborhood where my kid was going to school as where the “element” lived. I’ll say what I please, you petty a$$hole.

  22. Downing…”you are out of your element” is a quote from The Big Lebowski, you should check it out. Only you would bring race into the discussion and use profanity. Don’t be mad at me because your posts make absolutely no sense.

  23. Zeller has been a Butler lock for a LONG TIME.

    Butler has been a better program than IU for over a decade, probably should get used to it.

  24. Please. I only try to be clever. I know what your mission is..You should check your drawers, they’re filled with baby crap. Your words need not be profane, the stench of your egocentric thoughts do just fine. You are the arrogant all-knowing diaper-dumper that made a claim I was undeserving a whiff your holier-than-thou “element” excretions. Better get mommy to wipe “Mr. Element” clean because you’re still filling your Scoop Pampers and it’s backing up on the other side.


    And you should get over it, Tom. Live happily ever after with these nincompoops that have zero sense of humor. You know more about the passion and heart in the game of basketball than any these children playing with their X’s and O’s of John Wooden blocks could ever learn to stack in a lifetime. Minus a horrible foul call in a 1973 Final Four, a rookie coach from Indiana would have easily knocked down a Purdue graduate’s “Pyramid of Playpen” childish chalkboard theories for success. Basketball is more than paper and pyramids and vigorous clapping is not as hard on chairs.

  25. ^^^^Best post of the year. Seriously. The most clever thing I’ve ever read. You are a genius Downing. Your basketball knowledge is second to none. You deserve a pulitzer or better yet the sportwriter of the year award. Please never ever stop posting.

  26. I won’t lie. It’s been a tough few years bieng a hoosier fan.I still and always will fly my IU flag proudly.
    The way I look at it,your a TRUE FAN whether the teams are winning or losing.

  27. steve, well said. I still hang my IU flag for all football games and the big basketball games. The excitement is gone for many right now, that is all I am trying to say.

  28. Ben,

    How can you say he is a Butler lock…..from December to March he is playing in gyms that have 2k people in the stands…..or he can play in the Big Ten, Big East, or ACC…..big difference there.

  29. He is not a Butler lock, maybe a Butler lean. I don’t believe NC has offered yet either.
    Anybody think we will get a commit from anybody this weekend or shortly thereafter?

  30. 4G, It is anyone’s guess on a commit this weekend. I have never really been worried about the scholly number situation but it is kind of weird how it has played out. Crean is worried more about right now by his actions and I am sure that is for many reasons but he has to start looking long term. The only thing I can figure is that maybe someone is leaning toward transferring…

  31. just felt like that since the Guy signing or why else would he have signed him, right???

  32. PARPP, the way he postponed and will not return phone calls I assume he is not coming but you never know.

  33. Downing, now that you have mentioned it, Creek’s style of play, movement and particularly his shooting does remind me of the Big O.

    John Galt, your thoughts are much more plausible than the BS 4tongues is blabbering about.

    J Pat, like you I still display the IU flag, several decals and sport the shirts and hats. It is part of my generation.

    HT, I think the Junior class version of VJIII with more maturity, confidence and strength will have no trouble being the leading scorer on the 10-11 team. His touches will increase a little or at least stay the same because Dumes is gone and Rivers will decrease. I do not know how much more his minutes can increase but it is possible.

  34. I love all this talk of IU flags…

    I recently got 2 Hoosier wall banners/flags that are probably from the 70’s at my church’s rummage sale.

    Does anyone know where I can find an outside flag that has an older look and feel as well?

  35. In the past I have been heavily critical of the “dusty banner” mentality with regards to IU basketball, because of people like 4guards who use the past as a justification for how to approach the present.

    For IU sports fans in general, though, holding that flag high in the toughest of times has a huge payoff. Aldous Huxley once said that there is not glory on this earth greater than a good, hard-fought battle with adversity.

    When IU turns the ship around, which I believe will happen soon in both major sports, it will uncork a passion and excitement in this town that will make the spoiled gentry of Columbus and Madison, with their yearly top-10 programs, look tame and domestic.

    I just hope it happens while I am still in Bloomington. Go Hoosiers.

  36. To all I say goodbye. Without the sun what is a sky, without my plea, thy friend’s reply?

  37. Let’s say that the entire INDIANA ELITE aau team signed LOI with 1 college,played together for 4 years.Do you think that they could possibly play for a NCAA championship before they graduate?

  38. D-5- you broke my silence, I give you credit.

    However, you are just following the same pattern here. You urinate all over my goodwill towards you with cheap and trite jokes, and then go into the friend routine to try to get me to answer your posts.

  39. Tom-

    I won’t play games of silence and I’ll refrain from rewinding every deep-cutting remark and smear you’ve aimed at my feelings over the last two years….I’ve looked beyond them. There’s always been a connection..at least I believed there to be one….With most I hold long grudges. Somewhere beneath this public show we put on, I thought there was a core of commonality, a bond, that served eternal an understanding of each other. Hard to figure how I could decieve myself such unity with another could come from long faceless communications and hours of shared stories sent out the fingertips a keyboard serving as window to something true. Hell, we baked french bread together in Annecy and fired rounds from pistols loaded poems in quiet duels of lonely nights(most those contests you won). I thought there was no border I could cross…I was wrong to think you felt the same way. Here’s how I saw us..Here’s how I now feel.

  40. “Somewhere beneath this public show we put on, I thought there was a core of commonality, a bond, that served eternal an understanding of each other”

    Exactly. So did I. The kind of understanding where one of us would always put on the brakes when we sensed that we were wearing down the other’s resolve. I felt like I always made an effort to do this.

    However, it seems like with you it is mostly the opposite. You keep throwing logs on the fire.

  41. I think we all create our barriers of resistance..Those logs were building a fire of inner fear..It’s been quite a long time since I felt anyone was truly listening. Something inside me said you were bored…Totally understandable. Maybe our ships have run their course. I know you hate the self-deprecating stuff, but I often feel I don’t have much to offer. You are much more the intellect. Maybe it’s just the meds for the schizophrenia combined with the Kentucky bourbon.

  42. Who am I trying to kid? ..Your friendship I value dearly and I was a damn fool to cause you any grief.

    I’m sorry for that, Tom.

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