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Indiana closer Chris Squires has been the lone consistent force in the bullpen. James Brosher | Herald-Times






The Rolling Stones’ “Tumbling Dice.”


  1. ^Great. Here is a shot from the game itself, after Justin Holiday stuffed Darrington Hobson for the third time….

  2. Jubilee- One way or another, he did. Maybe through the Caribbean. Maybe through India or Pakistan.

    Funny, I didn’t flinch the first time I read it, but the second time through, the “black face” sounded kind of weird…like something Borat would say.

  3. Posted about 15 months ago after Dumes’ elbow in Michigan by the “Count of Monte Cristo”:

    Hate to burst your California lava lamp, Hoosier in CA, but Crean had no choice than to bench Dumes. Big 10 would have ordered it anyway. You need to watch the replays of the incidents. It’s pretty nasty. There is actually some underlying humor found in the last elbow(the 3rd most obvious one thrown by Dumes).

    And here it starts:

    When you watch the replay, Crean isn’t even aware of the elbow thrown by Dumes… At the end of the play (after Dumes is fouled) Crean loses complete sight of what was going on because he’s too busy doing his about-face spin move on the sideline to take off pacing in an opposing direction.

    ROFL. Masterpiece! Simply masterpiece!

    He’s like a wind-up toy in a cardboard box … not a glass house … a cardboard box … If he were in a glass house maybe we wouldn’t have needed the officials to study a replay review for the third frickin’ time in the game! Everyone in Breslin saw the elbow except for Crean … Makes me wonder how he catches half of what is going on in any basketball game…

    Makes me laugh every single frickin’ time.

    Knight used to throw chairs … I wish somebody would strap Crean down to one!

    Hail to you Count of Monte Cristo!

    Now take me to your leader.


  4. Sorry, not a writer, and not familiar with “AP style”. Just struck me as adverse.

    Carry on.

  5. By the way, I noticed that Arizona State, coming off of a 22-win season and narrowly missing the tourney, has 4 transfers already.

    Meanwhile Tom Crean has yet to lose a single player, despite the Wicked Witch 4tard’s attempts to curse the class and create a mutiny.

  6. regarding crean’s coaching style-

    Wow…Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I’ve really lost the mojo since then. Make sure you watch the Let’s Make a Deal link..there’s Milton Berle, a sausage maker lady, a box of Chuckles and interesting surprises hiding behind various curtains…Sounds like a typical day on Scoop. :mrgreen:


    That Washington received 2 5-star commits this year, #4 & #13…

    …and that John Calipari poached them both, culminating with Terrence Jones switching his commitment last night?

    As if being a Hoosier wasn’t enough to hate Kentucky. I am getting out the voodoo dolls as we speak…

  8. I thought that was pretty hilarious myself. Calipari is having his way with that Washington program. I’m not sure why anybody would want to go there anyhow.

  9. Looks like you may have poked the wrong voodoo doll sometime long ago.

    John Wall is downright scary. This guy makes Eric Gordon look like canned cat food. Does he ever hit a shot that isn’t clutch? What top-20 team can’t he light up?

    All we can do is try to make him as nervous as EJ was against Illinois. If we can hold him to a 1 point half, I’ll hedge my bets on the long bank shot at the buzzer.

    Looks like Washington is the new “canned cat food”.

    You only get what you give.

  10. 4tards- before you try to milk that one for all it is worth, I’ll point out that UW is still the preseason favorite to win the conference, they still nabbed a top-50 recruit in Terrence Ross from Jones’s same team, and the program is as healthy as a spring orange in Florida.

    None of this can be said about any team you root for, or even the ones you pretend to root for while trolling around on their sites.

  11. I only root for one team and at least that team has a history. UW always has been and always will be a nobody.

  12. History happens every day, it isn’t a locked time capsule buried in the past. If only teams “with history” were worth rooting for, then most teams in the country would be fanless. Florida had no history as a basketball school a decade ago, and now they have two championships. Meanwhile Uruguay has won two World Cups, yet who the hell remembers?

    Keep chewing on stale cigars, 4tards. The Dead Sea Scrolls hold many secrets to IU’s long gone championship past for those who have the patience to spend their lives in the archives. The rest of us are moving on.

  13. No thanks, no help needed… Washington’s time is the present. Yours is the past.

    I heard Texas Tech’s program needs some big-time help… maybe Crean’s next job?

  14. Husky,

    Who is the better coach: Crean or Romar?

    Who would you like for your team (whatever that is).

  15. I like both coaches. I like both teams, although I like the Huskies better.

    Let me break it to you and 4tards, since apparently you are another one of his army base sugar daddies. It is perfectly normal to be a fan of two teams. Why? Something called “Graduate School.” You see, some people, when they finish a bachelor’s degree, go on to pursue extra education, called a “Masters” or a “PhD,” in order to make themselves more marketable in their chosen field.

    What happens is, many times people actually elect to go to graduate school at a different school than where they did their undergrad. This results in the silly little situation where they may become a fan of another team in addition to their alma mater.

    For example, a guy does his undergrad at Duke, and goes to Stanford Law School. He loves his Blue Devils, but ends up cheering on the Cardinal as well.

    This kind of stuff happens out there in the real world, but of course I wouldn’t expect someone like 4tards, who probably sells tennis shoes in a trailer park, to know about this.

  16. We all already knew where your loyalty lies. You failed to answer the man’s question though.
    Who is the better coach?

  17. I have a masters in blogging…and the BS to back it up(undergraduate work completed at Basketblog State). I’m currently putting about 8 hours per day into studying toward my Ph.D-5 here at Scoop U.

    My favorite class is History of the 4guards Dynasty taught by Professor Husky Tom. I also find Sociology of Emoticons Sex & Gender 523 a very challenging course…I’m finding this area of study as a possible career exploration field after completion my next four years at Scoop. 😯

  18. The Pac-10 is seriously weak compared with the Big Ten. I’d rather chew on 5 stale cigars than not have a single cigar to chew on.
    On a serious note… there is no team I hate more than Kentucky. I honestly feel bad for WA. Maybe one day the NCAA will actually get off their thumbs and investigate those crooked cats.

  19. Terry Cummings literally unstoppable!

    P.S. Personally I am hooked on those little math questions “please enter the sum of fifteen and twenty-eight”… I love them! I know they’re serving as an anti-spam filter of sorts but if Korman took those out I wouldn’t ever post here. And I post simply to see if I got them right or not. And, baby, I am right every single time! I love this blog, I think it’s the best around!

    I am Adam Ahlfeld!

  20. JB- Well thank you, thanks for the sympathy. On the other hand, it doesn’t surprise me that 4guards, when he heard of UW’s misfortune, he laughed and praised Calipari – that suits his agenda perfectly.

    I now hate Kentucky as much as I hate the Yankees and Oregon (I disliked them before, but now it is personal). I also feel a kinetic bond with all Louisville fans. I will always have a reason to follow college ball even when IU and UW aren’t playing – I’ll be rooting for Kentucky to lose and for their program to crumble.

    Changing gears, the Pac 10 has indeed had a down year, and right now it is weaker than the Big 10, I confess (but not as much as you think). Don’t forget, however, that the most successful program in the history of the game is in the Pac 10, and that a guy named Lute Olson coached there as well.

  21. Fluffy Tom is still dodging lance’s question. No surprise there. I was not praising Calipari, just find it hilarious that he is having his way with the Washington Program. Calipari will eventually crash and burn and get what he deserves.
    Pac 10 is inferior in every way.

  22. 4tards- I don’t have to answer the question of who is better. They are in different conferences, they don’t play each other, and they are both in unique situations with respect to their programs and what they inherited.

    Washington will probably play Kentucky in Maui. We’ll see then who is “having their way” with whom. As it stands, Washington is the superior team.

    I’ll expect you to be pulling for Coach Cal and the Wildcats, who you admire so much.

  23. I’ve always had nearly the amount of dislike for UCLA as Kentucky….all that “Pyramids to Success” garbage that Wooden used to twist out his backward wizardly can of hick from a Martinsville oil slick…Mr. Pyramid would have been nothing more than a puffy Purdue pancake without Lew Alcindor. But who really cares about history?

    Success is word synonymous in sports with winning. ALL ABOARD THE WINNING TRAIN! If Calipari and his army of 5-stars continue to unscrupulously march, they will likely have more “success” and Kentucky more “history”.
    When Wall Street is having its success, the executive for the investment banking firms are certainly winning. And now the children a working class family become the history of their debt.

    I guess nobody’s perfect. Knight does not deserve to wear his armor without looking at some of the truth behind the shield..My love for the Hoosiers does not come without seeing my alma mater only through the bias narrow slit my sallet’s visor..Tunnel vision..that’s for sure. All being said, I’ve always liked to believe that Indiana fans are attached by way of breaking down the walls of an attitude success be the right to only one protected class, or one man. I like to believe our fight song is not just for Indiana but for the pureness in the sport and integrity of the game..Walk into any Indiana high school gym during the month of March..Those aren’t basketballs echoing through time in Hinkel..They’re love drums.

    Giant castles(pyramids?) will always stand as proven success a man’s glory…It is history. But the true history is in every stone the pathway to the front gates..There is nothing in winning that guarantees decency, fairness in principles, and honor of endeavor.

  24. Husky Tom:

    You are an aggravatingly endearing character (as is the blogger formerly known as stevealford). Romar is better and you know it. Faced with Crean for your Huskies you’d start yelping, squaling and would run around in circles like you did during most of the season when the Huskies were routinely picked apart by ridiculously weak teams like UCLA, USC, Oregon (quak! quack!).

    So for this reason I’m going to leave you alone. You probably have qualifiers to study for. Enjoy your weekend and your summer!

  25. Husky Tom:

    You are an aggravatingly endearing character (as is the blogger formerly known as stevealford). Romar is better and you know it. Faced with Crean for your Huskies you’d start yelping, squealing and would run around in circles like you did during most of the season when the Huskies were routinely picked apart by ridiculously weak teams like UCLA, USC, Oregon (quack! quack!) and the rest of the Pac-10.

    So for this reason I’m going to leave you alone. You probably have qualifiers to study for. Enjoy your weekend and your summer!

    P.S. Do you have ruby-throated hummingbirds in Seattle? You should see plenty in Indiana. You need to be able to stay still for a reasonable amount of time and you need a feeder… Here’s a diagram to recognize them when you see them:

        _____/* |     ____ 
                `, `)--` 
                __)/ as

  26. lance- throw yourself into the mix as one of those annoying endearing characters. Although I know your name is Chris, I enjoy tracing your random process of name selection through its many forms.
    (“lance” is boring, by the way).

    I take pride in the fact that my presence on this blog has inspired you to the point that you go sifting through pages of Husky and Laker statistics looking for ammunition against me. It’s flattering, really. Since you are now an amateur expert on UW, can you refresh me on what happened when the #11-seeded Washington team played Steve Alford’s best team ever assembled?

    I love this blog. I am hopelessly addicted. Downing, L’accent, 4tards, Clarion, GF Dave – these are all names that, love ’em or hate ’em, have been fixtures in my errant thoughts for many moons. ONe of these days I will truly have to quit cold-turkey if I ever want to have a career.

  27. lance,
    Fluffy Tom won’t touch that one with a 10 foot pole around here. Speaking of Fluffy Tom, what happened to the username adam?
    Steve Alfords team this year finished the season ranked in the top 10 in the country , but he also led SW Missouri St to the Sweet 16, so I guess which team is better is debatable. If it weren’t for so many injuries in the post season , NM would have finished stronger.

  28. Ha. Injuries in the post season. Hobson had the sniffles, and all other key players were on the floor. They were whooped at nearly full strength.

    Michigan State and West Virginia suffered major injuries and still ended up in the final 8.

  29. That is because Michigan State and WV have real big time coaches, not someone who was disgraced in the B10 and retreated to the mediocre MW. Big time coaches do not backup.

  30. not someone who was disgraced in the B10 and retreated to the mediocre MW.

    Remember Bratwurst Clarion, not all coaches are born wieners like Crean. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed. It may even turn out that Alford can be as good as coach as he was as a player. Give him time, will you? Why are you so impatient with him?

    Things happen more frequently in the future than they do in the past.

  31. The “Diviner of Albuquerque” surrendered in the B10. He will survive in in his retreat to an inferior MW.

  32. Did Crean surrender in the Big East because he could never finish at the top and head to an inferior Big 10 conference?

  33. Hey folks 4tickturds thinks Marquette is a more prestigious place to coach BB than IU. That is the dumbest of dumb.

  34. #9 was quite possibly was a scene from my future, although this here is the more likely, and more unflattering version of Husky leaving the blog…

  35. What you say and think certainly do not match what is posted. IU is in the B10 and you call it inferior. But we all understand your posts keenly by the negative bias you own. Nobody has to read between the lines of your posts. That bias comes from not being any kind of fan of IU.

  36. Only when IU hit the bottom did it become accessible for Crean. A decrepit administration hired Crean and then resigned (taking $400K as severance pay in the process). This Tom Crean moment that we live now is the last of Greenspan’s self-imposed sanctions –everybody knows that.

  37. The opportunity for Tom Crean came only after the HC position became open at IU. He was interviewed only after the search committee offered their selection of candidates which included his name to the AD. For accuracy next time get your facts in order, as it does make a difference.

  38. As always you make absolutely no sense. You don’t read what’s posted and you write back something that makes absolutely no sense. There’s no real reason one should try to deliberate with you as you’re very removed from reality and resist it vigorously. One thing is sure: you’re not an IU fan, you are just a Crean fan.

    The opportunity for Crean came when IU hit rock bottom. Without that Crean would have stayed out of Big Ten forever. I don’t think anybody in the Big Ten would have ever considered to hire him. He came into Big Ten through the back door, into a wounded IU program that he wounded with incompetence a bit more, or to make it look like what he’s doing is really worth the money we’re paying him.

  39. Hello, welcome to the One Chance Ranch, run by Cowboy Chris and 4tards.

    At our ranch, basketball coaches get 1, read it ONE year to coach their highly-touted recruiting class before we decide that its time to fire them. And please, don’t bother with that old injury excuse. If the best player of said recruiting class gets injured, then the coach must pick up the slack, NOT us, the innocent lovers of the program.

    After all, it isn’t players that win games. We believe that coaches’ hand gestures, body language, and suntans are what make teams great or awful. We judge their team accordingly.

    Crean has spent his year already at the One Chance Ranch. It’s time for him to go. COwboy 4tards is thinking about bringing his offspring (he was once a breeder) to the ranch to take Crean’s place. She will have one year to become Serena Williams or she is gone.

  40. We had a chance to take a look at Coach Crean just before Kelvin Sanctions was brought aboard by President Herbert who decided to be the AD for a day. I do not know if RG would have hired Coach Crean during that period of time or not, but I am quite certain he would not have hired Sanctions. Sure would have been rosier for IU to not have gone through the Adam Herbert/Kelvin Sanctions experiment.

    “There’s no real reason one should try to deliberate with you” (???)

    …From Webster – deliberate – to be cautious, conscious or considered

    It is obvious facts are not in your vogue for accuracy, but you should at least contemplate getting off the drugs you are using, or get on the meds you should be taking, also the use of a dictionary would make it appear your IQ is higher than it appears.

  41. To deliberate (verb) there’s a separate entry for that you idiot. It means to discuss seriously, like a jury deliberates before they give a verdict.

    Again, this is from the cycle “No Clarion Left Behind” — alas, you will always remain an illiterate just like Crean will never be able to hide his basketball incompetence!

  42. Correct. But even in verb use for a jury to deliberate is done individually by each jurist to reach a decision. Discussion, debate and argument are exercised collectively by the jury to stimulate each individual jurists deliberation. With your disregard for facts on Coach Crean and IU there is no reason for me to ever deliberate with you.

  43. To deli-berate = to berate deli products (e.g. very cheap sausage like Crean). Deliberate is both a transitive and intransitive verb. Deliberation can be individual or collective (see Henry Fonda in Twelve Angry Men). Your credibility is pulverized and I don’t want to deliberate with you any more because you believe in sausage more than you believe in basketball!

    Sapiens nihil affirmat quod non probat. Go lick your wounds now — I’m willing to wait for your graduation to further converse with you.

  44. jurist = someone who practices law

    jury members are never jurists

    … 8, 9, 10! clarion gets defeated by K.O.

    thoroughly humiliating!


  45. Yes, juror was the word I was wanting. By Webster’s using the word “considered” as defining deliberate does invoke it’s use as a verb. I have sat on two juries in my life. Both times we were instructed to discuss, debate and argue our personal deliberation to arrive at a verdict. Deliberating is done individually. I heard it from the pros.
    I am very seldom humiliated and never on a blog.

  46. does invoke it’s use as a verb


    It’s “its” not “it’s” because it’s the genitive.

    Anyway, what you mean is that you never feel humiliated. That’s OK; one can certainly be humiliated without realizing it — as is usually your case.

  47. I’d like to kick you in your tiny genitives. Your strong desire to insult others is true testament a manhood most often humiliated from never finding anything to deliberate when given a feel. Combined with your fixation on tan sausages, let’s just say it doesn’t appear you’re dealing with much of a hung jury.

  48. verDICt

    My strong desire is to insult those who can’t live a day without insulting others. You haven’t been given much attention and so you thought you’d jump right in and try to get some attention. Go back to your lollipop!

  49. No wonder Downing is defending Clarion — they’re both founding members of Illiterate Anonymous. In addition they both have the same illusion of grandeur: one of them thinks that he’s shaped like a bugle, the other one like a buoy.

    Clarion next time learn to answer without insults (“contemplate getting off the drugs you’re using” and such). Now Downing if you want to pick up a fight I’m ready.

  50. There’s Clarion jumping with joy at the thought of being defended by Bloggin’ Cochran:

           .~       \
         (    |   |\  |
          |   |___|_|_|
          |       __ |
          |       \/ |    OOOO
          |          |    (  )
          ========()==     | |
         /        /\  \--;_| |
        /         /|   | |__/
       /_____/ __/ |   |-|
        /    ~~  ) |   |
    ((  ~------..)/    |
         |         |   |
         |         |   /
          |              \
          \               |
           \__________    |
                |    /   /
                |   /   /
                |  /___/
               /   /_/..
               |  /     ~'-
               |  ----..   )
               |    |   ~~~
                /  '-----.
                |________/ -ABG

  51.         .-'''-.
           .~       \
         (    |   |\  |
          |   |___|_|_|
          |       __ |
          |       \/ |    OOOO
          |          |    (  )
          ========()==     | |
         /        /\  \--;_| |
        /         /|   | |__/
       /_____/ __/ |   |-|
        /    ~~  ) |   |
    ((  ~------..)/    |
         |         |   |
         |         |   /
          |              \
          \               |
           \__________    |
                |    /   /
                |   /   /
                |  /___/
               /   /_/..
               |  /     ~'-
               |  ----..   )
               |    |   ~~~
                /  '-----.
                |________/ -ABG

  52. “Illiterate Anonymous”? My illiteracy is well-known. I’m a bit tired tonight for a fight.

    I’ll let you know next time I’m ready to give Big Foot a pedicure. Plus, I still have to go out to the stable and give the horses their nightly feeding…I can here them now.

    GO CUBS!!

  53. I’m so happy you don’t want to fight I declare you the winner and I include a little self-portrait:

       __   (__`\
      (__`\   \\`\
       `\\`\   \\ \
         `\\`\  \\ \
           `\\`\#\\ \#
             \_ ##\_ |##
              (0)  (0)`\##
               |~   ~ , \##
               |      |  \## 
               |     /\   \##         __..---'''''-.._.._
               |     | \   `\##  _.--'                _  `.
               Y     |  \    `##'                     \`\  \
              /      |   \                             | `\ \
             /_...___|    \                            |   `\\
            /        `.    |         L'Accent         /      ##
           |          |    |                         /      ####
           |          |    |                        /       ####
           | () ()    |     \     |          |  _.-'         ##
           `.        .'      `._. |______..| |-'|
             `------'           | | | |    | || |
                                | | | |    | || |
                                | | | |    | || |
                                | | | |    | || |
                          _____ | | | |____| || |
                     jgs /     `` |-`/     ` |` |
                          """""""""   """""""'"""

    Thank you. Go Cubs!

  54. Ugg boots: they’re cool! Not sure why you’re sorry but congrats for getting six words strung together without a mistake. You’re almost a scholar, eh?!

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