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Hud Mellencamp, 16, has won two Golden Glove boxing titles and a Junior Olympic crown. David Snodgress | Herald-Times


  • Hud Mellencamp is stepping out of his parent’s shadows and proving himself as a boxer, Lynn Houser writes.
  • This weekend’s series against Illinois will decide the baseball team’s postseason fate, Dustin Dopirak writes.





Alpha Rev’s “New Morning.”


  1. Sounds like the guy from the other site has a little bit of a problem with Dopirak’s questions on the scholarship crunch or he wouldn’t have pointed it out. Is that information that should be hidden from all potentital recruits? I am sure other coaches are using it against us every day on Zeller and Davis.

  2. And what would they be saying? “You go there, you’re not gonna have a scholarship!” That would have to be the lamest negative recruiting in the history of lame negative recruiting.

  3. I thought Hollowell was a Louisville lock. Nice to see otherwise.

    I’m still crossing my fingers that there is no scholarship open for Zeller. Crean needs to make room for Davis, though.

  4. Why did you go out of your way to put it in your article when not necessary, and then state that you stay clear of asking it because your point of view is that it is the job of the coaching staff to figure it out?
    I thought it was a great question to ask because the fans are concerned about it and want to know how it is affecting potential recruits.

  5. 4tickturds, you are the only one on here worried about the full rides. Hell Davis, Zeller and others have already stated it is not a concern to them. Wake up to the fact nobody cares about you propagating your negative, biased agenda.

  6. 4guards: it was necessary for Alex to put that he thought it was fair, lest people should manufacture some sort of animosity between the blogs. And Alex’s position is highly logical: the kids can’t solve anything, only Crean can, so the only people to ask are the coaching staff (who will work it out), not the players. Painter is sending a kid to prep school b/c he doesn’t have the scholarships this season, but nobody is screaming (petulantly whining?) about “mismanagement” because, as Alex stated, things like that work themselves out.

  7. 4guards, Wow! You have gone to envisioning that you speak for the fans. You only have a right to speak for yourself which is, in most cases, NOT what IU fans think. Alex, your post was great. Since we are not an IU Coach or IU Recruiter we can’t know what was said to current players, this year’s recruits or future recruits.
    What we do know is that our Coaches are going after top players and that tells me they have a plan on dealing with Scholarships.
    I know 4tards and his best buddies want to make it a negative issue but they don’t know what is being said to any players.

  8. Wow…Have to give it to ya, 4guards. You’re now so influential a blogger that the guys running other sites are coming here to interact with you. Very impressive how you have made a glaring demonstration just how desperate is the fight for survival in the Bloomington sports journalism profession.

    A bit of irony in it all…Bloggers on these sites continue to plead for ignoring your negative rants, yet you manage to draw the attention of the creators. Negativity truly sells…at least until the day an overwhelming percentage of posters are spewing the same version of your dirt. But you know that will never happen. You scream from the dark room your crib and you’ll always get the mother’s milk…a thirst finally satisfied.

  9. “These things have a way of working themselves out” sounds an awful lot like just sticking your head in the sand and hoping for the best. Our scholarship situation is not good. I’ve been hearing about good this 2011 class for a while now and it feels like Crean has backed us into a corner. If we want another commit besides Etherington we have to oversign. How are these guys gonna committ in Nov when we have a full roster? What does that commit do to the morale of our current team when they start thinking about the odd man out? I think a lot of Hooseier fans are concerned. I mean what is the plan?

  10. You thought it was a great question because you hoped the answers would feed your agenda.

    But you didn’t get the answers you hoped for. The kids are not concerned. Also, Dustin reports that off the record responses from parents indicate no concern on their part. Let me say it again. Both Zeller and Davis and some parents said they are not concerned.

    If you were intellectually honest you would let your “mismanaged scholarship” campaign die with those answers. But you won’t.

    Please don’t pretend you speak for anybody but yourself. That’s a bridge too far even for you, and that’s saying a lot.

  11. I do not claim to speak for anybody but myself. I have heard firsthand from fans that they are concerned about the scholarship situation however.

  12. JB, we can sign one more kid besides Etherington in the fall. That’s what the oversign. And if AE is game, we could sign 2 other players in the fall(eg Davis on Rivers scholly and Zeller on the oversign), then transfer two kids in the spring and finally sign AE. That’s a plan.

  13. So you would ask a kid who has been comitted to us and even recruiting for us to hold off on signing until Spring? That would be a good way to lose him.

  14. That had not occurred to me GFDave. The way AE seems to hype IU he might be game for something like that.

  15. I’ve got a plan.

    Realize we have nice looking roster for the upcoming season. We have two forwards that will soon be the envy of the rest the Big 10..We have a kid playing in the middle that will give us everything and more an overrated dork we needed to wait a year for(put faith in our new assistant coach that believes in the Guy’s potential). We have at minimum three players that can interchange and provide us different options in the paint..We have 10 more fouls to give from the post position with guys on the court that have adequate athleticism and fluid movement to do more than hope for a ball to come off the rim in their general direction. We have a guard in Maurice Creek that has the ability to lead the league in scoring in what will hopefully be his first complete season to shine. And if Jeremiah Rivers can still demonstrate his athleticism to get to the rim, we have a tree and a leaper that can follow-up his bricked layups. Will have a better inside-outside game and added threats from the Don Fischer seats with Roth returning to the lineup.

    Albeit Crean still brings to the floor a very young team, but yet it is a more veteran club from top-to-bottom…a team matured by way of resolve and hardship..a team with a hunger to avenge some very humiliating losses to heated rivals that loved rubbing our temporary setback in our face. A team with a huge chip on their shoulder that has no need of 4guards’ petty rants to see the devil in the eyes of any opponent in their path.

    How could a season be any more fun to look forward to?


  16. OK, OK, timeout here. A few points to be made here. Alex did make a point in his story that he thought the question was fair. I think we’ve made it obvious in various ways that we have a good relationship with all the guys at Inside the Hall, and Alex and I spent a significant amount of time at the tournament discussing this story. Obviously, the purposes of our respective enterprises are different, and I think Alex’s point is that the question makes more sense for me to ask than it does for him.
    I’m not sure how this notion came about regarding off the record discussions with parents. Someone else who posts here or was on the live chat may have heard or overheard discussions with parents, but I did not, because honestly, I have never even met anyone from the Zeller, Davis or Etherington family other than the recruits in question. I don’t know if they’re concerned or not concerned and there was no mention of parents in the story. I think I may have been asked if I heard similar concerns from parents. If I said I did not, it’s because I literally heard nothing.
    As far as writing the story, it’s not my place to have an opinion on how to handle a situation like this, but I think the topic is worth exploring. I was interested in how coaches handle such situations with their recruits, and to be honest, I was more than a little surprised to find out that they didn’t know what I was talking about. I didn’t set out to inform them (I don’t apologize for doing so, informing people is part of the job description) but I didn’t expect my questions to be the first they’d heard of the situation.
    Carry on.

  17. I don’t think our situation with AE is at all tenuous, but of course if he balked then I, as the internet coach in charge of nothing, would not force the issue. BTW, many commits are waiting until the spring to sign anyway, or haven’t you noticed the trend?

    I have to give credit to Sallad over at ITH who blogged about it with me. Its not my original thought. But it makes sense, doesn’t it?

    ^^^^Man, my typing and editing on my previous post was atrocious. Apologies to all.

  18. Apologies to Dustin who I thought had referenced off the record discussions during a chat. If I’m wrong I’m sincerely sorry. I also was careful, however, not to assume who those people might have been as even if my recollection was bad, it did not include names.

  19. I guess recruits don’t really keep up with the scholarship situations at any given school?

  20. Terry Cummings You are THE MAN! Great Post! We are not there yet, but I am excited! However, I REALLY like Bawa, both his basketball ability and as a person. When he finally gets to play, I think that many people will like his game.

  21. New rankings came out from Rivals and I don’t see Etherington anywhere in the top 150. That is surprising.

  22. The rankings by Scout and Rivals combined with $3 will come close to getting you a cup Starbuck’s burnt brew. All three are so over-hyped.

  23. Yeah, I agree BeatPurdue. When Downing is feeling optimism, there is no one better to rally the troops.

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