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Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez is keeping his job after NCAA violations. Associated Press






More Vampire Weekend. This time, it’s “Giving Up the Gun.”


  1. Interesting how UK Athletics Dept. wouldn’t release the basketball team’s GPA, so Cal released it on his own website … weird. It also makes me wonder how accurate it is (although it’s still so low that I’m assuming his numbers are [mostly] accurate).

  2. Rich(so swelled up with myself))Rod and Kelvin Sanctions listed in the same sentence is so fitting.

  3. What a load of BS from Calipari — attributing a low overall GPA to “a bad semester from one or two kids.”

    But if Wall really had a 3.5, couldn’t you also argue that the only reason they even achieved a 2.18 is because one or two guys had GOOD semesters?

    His argument doesn’t hold up. If these “student”-athletes really were forced to place academics before basketball, then that’s really sad that the best they could do was slightly over a 2.0.

    And for the record, a .155 improvement in GPA, on a player-to-player basis, essentially equates to raising one grade from a C- to a C+ (or B- to B+, etc.).

    Congratulations, but that’s still kind of pathetic. In the midst of everything else, at least I can be proud of IU’s team GPA.

    “Giving Up the Gun” rocks.

  4. This is one area that I will give Crean credit. He has the team turned around as far as grades are concerned and we don’t have to deal with this kind of embarrassment while they are off the court.

  5. Here is a link on the UK grade situation.

    Apparently they are at a 7.5 year low. In retrospect, this is one of many reasons why Washington fans are breathing a sigh of relief. Terrence Jones would have made a mockery of the U of W’s academic standards, just like he did with the word “commitment,” which he apparently defines as “calling a press conference to commit to one school, and then calling Calipari an hour later to tell him you are breaking the commitment.”

  6. Sour grapes by Tom. UW is NOT breathing a sigh of relief for losing Jones.
    Glad to see he is an apologist for his real favorite team as well.

  7. Casey,

    Actually, the .155 improvement isn’t even from plus to minus. Typically, a C+ is weighted as 2.3 (or perhaps a 2.25) and a C – as a 1.7 (or 1.75), so the improvement that UK saw is likely from a C- to a C (or in some UK freshman’s case, a D- to a D). B- to B+ is too much to ask from Kensucky’s “student”-athletes. And with Cal continually harvesting crops of athletes that will likely be one-and-dones, he’s going to have a hard time getting that GPA to move north (two frosh had GPAs of 1.667 and 1.765).

  8. Now 4guards is an expert on other people’s teams as well. Take a visit to the Husky forum and browse through the comments. Then decide if there is relief or not, you dweeb.

    The Huskies are a top 15 team without Jones this year. They are a senior and junior-led team that does not need to rely on lying prima donna press conference-callers to make a deep run.

    For what it is worth, they are also at a school where administrators and fans alike know that experience builds competitiveness, not petulant “fire the coach!” calls from brainless salesmen like 4tards.

  9. Take a visit to the same Husky forum BEFORE Jones spit in your face. You guys were all drooling over him. It is not relief, it is sour grapes.

  10. Strong leadership is the reason our IU team has a good GPA performance. It is massive change from the dereliction of leadership Sanctions exercised to allow players to forfeit performance in the classroom.

  11. Tards- Whatever. There were dozens of posters who were all over Jones IMMEDIATELY AFTER the press conference, as soon as he jumped on the phone with Calipari. For the next few weeks the mood really turned on the kid, and there was a collective sigh once we rid our program of his immaturity and showboat personality.

    UW is going to bend Kentucky over in Maui this Fall, and that Purple and Gold is going to look SO good smeared all over Calipari’s, Jones’s, and Kanter’s face. Long live the Dawgs!

  12. I can see why 4tards is so adamant about this issue. He is a “committed” fan to IU in a Terrence Jones kind of way; there is a kinetic bond between the two.

  13. ^^^ says the guy who comes on IU sites and talks about Husky Basketball that no one here cares about.

    4guards may be a little out there with his stuff, but at least he isn’t plugging some other team, no not even New Mexico he just likes their coach. So before we start playing the commited or real fan game, lets at least admit that over half of your posts on here are either about UW or calling any number of posters retarded.

    I think both of prove by sheer number of posts that you are both fans in some capacity of the program, even if you have different views on how we should improve. Say his arguments are ridiculous or call him retarded again, or whatever you want, but to question 4guards commitment is the craziest thing I’ve ever read on this site….

  14. I’ll give you a topic. Talk amongst yourselves. So do we want a team with a poor record and a high GPA, or do we want a good record and a so-so GPA? Now discuss.

  15. 4tickturds is a negative, biased spectator who provides no support to IU in any form or fashion with his posts of mud slinging and BS spewing. To the majority of posters on this blog he has no credibility because of his boasts about knowing high level people in the know and his information filled conversations with them that he swears parallels his negative, biased opinions, when actually he is vastly unsupported and lonely with that exposure. He would flourish living in an orchard as he one excellent cheery picker of infotmation to fit his agenda. He is no IU fan by any stretch of the imagination.

  16. Kenan, I want a team with a good record AND high GPA. This is Indiana.
    Hoagland, Thanks for your rational viewpoint.
    Hotel boy, I don’t boast about knowing high level people in the know. I talked about a conversation I had with a major donor, which is true. I just happen to be from the same town as him. It is not like we are best friends. If you are referring to Odle, I have not had any contact with him since high school. Just more mud slinging.
    I am not an IU fan because I don’t find this mediocre play acceptable? I just expect more from my team than you do.

  17. Kenanana,
    We want a team that knows how to eat Sushi correctly. Can we discuss Sushi?

  18. Kenan,

    The two teams that played for the national championship this year had both. That’s what we want. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

  19. Hoagland- You are in bed with the guy, so what you say has even less credibility.

    I bring up UW sports either when there is insight to be gained from comparison, or when they are beating down 4tards’ favorite team New Mexico. I don’t talk about them just to blabber on… I’d be speaking to a wall if that were the case. By the way, I also bring up many other programs and schools, whether it be UCLA, Cincinnati, Louisville, UNC, or whatever other program may draw parallels with ours here at IU.

    In my mind, a comparative approach can add perspective and depth to understanding the state of affairs that this basketball team is enduring. If you think that IU is so special and unique that it deserves to be considered in isolation from all other schools, traditions, histories, and legacies, then you should go work for FOX news (if you don’t already).

    Not counting the HT staff, you are one of maybe three or four people on here who defend 4tards, out of dozens that post on the blog. I’d say you are hardly qualified to speak for everyone.

  20. You are no IU fan under any circumstances, you are just an irrelevant, lonely, unsupported joke. You have no idea what to expect or accept. You are a KS apologist dressed in an Alford Halloween costume.

  21. Hoagland,
    4tards incessantly rattles on and on about New Mexico’s record, tourney wins, recruiting, toilet seat designs, you name it. Claiming he isn’t ‘plugging’ them just whittles away your thin veil of credibility.

  22. Chet- Oh so true. 4tards spend the whole season “updating” us on New Mexico games. Give me a break, Hoagland.

  23. In my mind, a comparative approach can add perspective and depth to understanding the state of affairs that this basketball team is enduring. If you think that IU is so special and unique that it deserves to be considered in isolation from all other schools, traditions, histories, and legacies, then you should go work for FOX news (if you don’t already).


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