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Bob Knight shows off his shooting technique while speaking at the commencement ceremony for Trine University in Angola, Ind.





I don’t usually handle Hoosier Morning, and just in case I never do again, I present to you the Bouncing Souls.


  1. Terry Hutchens writes:

    “The reality, however, is that recruiting isn’t bound by state borders. Not here, not anywhere. Keeping your own at home is an issue from the Carolinas to California. Since 2003, just 372 of 1,200 players (31 percent) on Rivals .com’s Top 150 list stayed home for college . Just 18 of 80 top-10 players did so (22.5 percent).”

    I seem to remember Husky Tom posting similar numbers about the Rivals class of 2009 recently, where only 39 out of 150 stayed in state for school. Wow, these types of concrete numbers really confound the “He can’t keep in state talent” accusations against Crean or anyone else. It really does seem true that kids have a natural urge to want to head out into the wild and see something new more than they want to stay near grandma their old high school

  2. I know I’m late to the party, as I have other things to do on the weekends, but some interesting discussion happening on here on the Guy Marc-Michel signing.

    I don’t know how he will pan out, it is a very interesting signing and unfolding with him being a McClain recruit. Adds importance because we need to have some trust in McClain and Crean and their plan/recruiting, so this kid needs to do something. Sounds like defense will be it.

    The only point I really want to make though, is that all the people posting that this is a GREAT signing because IU has enough offense, and as long as he blocks some shots and gets a few boards hes an improvement, obviously missed the long stretches in every game last year when we didn’t have any offense. This is usually when we lost the game. Offense is still important, so he is going to have to find some. That will define his recruitment and progress for the next 2 years. He can play some minutes without supplying points, but ultimately we need it from all 5 positions and can’t afford to have guys out there who can’t score.

  3. Indiana colleges signed 18 of 37 out of the top 150. Indiana is way above the national avergage. Indiana basketball is different, that is why you can’t use those national statistics. I notice how it talks about how good of a job Purdue and Butler are doing. Then we go to the clapping sausage making excuses about being behind and hoping for the future. Right on par.

  4. 18 out of 37 is still not even half.

    California schols had 117 out of the Rivals top 150, and still only signed 45%.

    Bottom line: signing in-state recruits, like hitting a baseball, is very challenging. a 30% or 40% rate is considered a success. Crean came late to the scene a few years ago but has been working hard to build relationships. He’ll be fine.

  5. If Glass reads this I hope he realizes this would be an excellent time to give Crean a raise — otherwise we might lose him. Recent offers received by Crean include those from Butler, UWV and … New Mexico.

  6. Folks who have been paying attention to recruiting for a long time can correct me if I’m wrong, but I assume the rise of AAU as the main showcase for recruiting along with the Internet and ranking services has had a huge impact on kids staying close to home. In the pre-AAU/Internet days, it seems like schools recruited their geographic areas because that was the extent of their knowledge for the most part. Elite schools could pluck a kid here and there from a different time zone, but for the most part IN kids stayed in IN, KY kids in KY, etc.

    Also worth noting that I recall when I was getting out of high school, I had no desire to stay in my home town to go to college. I can imagine a kid who basically has a chance to go to school anywhere in the country he chooses would be apt to get out of their own backyard.

  7. Per ESPN’s College Basketball blog:

    “New Mexico has announced that Nate Garth will transfer after the sophomore guard asked for and received his scholarship release Thursday.

    Attrition was expected since the Lobos, with Arizona State transfer Demetrius Walker set to arrive, had run out of scholarships. If Darington Hobson were to withdraw from the NBA draft, the Mountain West champs could very well see another player leave the program.”

    4guards, what say you?

    With all the crap you give Crean for mismanaging the scholarship situation at IU, I think it’s hilarious that the man you want to replace him is guilty of the same offense. Further, he’s running players off to make room for more highly touted transfers.

    Either Alford’s a bastard, just like Crean, or you should go ahead and admit that this happens at most schools and can’t be used as a knock on any particular coach.


  8. “This is a decision that I made on my own and I want everyone to know that I wasn’t pushed out in any sort of way”
    more mudslinging from Casey

  9. The transient nature of coaching has likely caused recruits to have less ties to in-state programs..The programs/coaches with stability still seem to lock down a large share of their rosters from their state..Maybe I’m wrong.

    The nature of recruiting has become more corrupted and it could also be a large contributor in pulling top-talent from home boundaries. And I do agree with 4guards..Indiana is different. I remember reading a story on Scoop that quoted a recruit explaining how much more interest was present in our state tournaments than what they were used to in the East Coast..Even with the butchering of our unique one class system, from small town gyms to the college-sized arenas of huge high schools, the excitement surrounding basketball in Indiana is unmatched.

    Izzo’s roster always seems to be loaded with Michigan kids. Knight found a lot of in-state talent, but did not fail to find quality kids just across our borders..He also landed the occasional kid from California, etc.

  10. And why do you think he made that decision, 4guards?

    And when do I ever sling mud?

    You claiming that I do is, in fact, more mud slinging from you.

    If this happened at IU, you’d absolutely lay the blame at Crean’s feet.

    And you still didn’t address the fact that Alford oversigned. You’re such an Alford Apologist.

  11. According to him, he made that decision because he wanted to be a main guy and he wanted to be closer to home. Do your research before you start slinging mud. This guy has been rumored to leave for months. Alford knew he was leaving. That is why he oversigned. Hobson stayed in the draft and Alford also knew this was going to happen.

  12. Alford’s players are realizing that in the Mountain West, there is a very low ceiling for their potential. Alford has only one recruit in the Rivals 150 for 2009.

    Meanwhile, the #11 seed from the Pac 10, who embarrassed Alford’s overrated team in the NCAA tournament, is plucking recruits from Calipari.

  13. And let’s not forget how many top-talented guys jump to the NBA in one year..It’s a pretty difficult challenge for any state program, even for a talent-rich basketball hive like Indiana, to keep making honey from the same nest for a multitude of in-state schools. Keeping top players on your roster for just one or two more years changes the face of in-state recruiting drastically. Look at the pressure now off Purdue with Moore and Johnson staying on.

    Can you guys stop bickering?

  14. Kirk, the Mountain West recruit you are referring to, is better than anybody we have in this class by a longshot.

  15. Steve alford? is he really coaching now or is Sam still calling the shots? And which final four did he coach his team to?

  16. I may have under-estimated the MW seeing as how the recruiting has escalated in Washington and Alford is now recruiting over players and forcing others out so as to try to stay relevant.

  17. 4guards, that last comment was below even your subterranean standards. It will be great to play New Mexico in 2010 and settle some of this on the court.

  18. Casey pins him down and 4tards goes right into his Rovian playbook. Fling out the insults and then scream you’re being picked on. Everybody is on to you. Casey caught you again.

  19. BeatPurdue,
    That wasn’t me. It was the impostor.
    Washington isn’t even in the MW.
    No surprise you decide to show your face again at the same time as the impostor.

  20. My MW mention was made in reference to the Diviner of Albuquerque not about Washington. You need to focus on your perfection not mine.

  21. Your sentence sure wasn’t very clear then.
    Did anybody watch the recruiting wars piece on the fox 59 news tonight? Enough to make me sick.
    “They (Butler) took a lot of Indiana’s identity, they’re winning the way Indiana has won”

  22. 4guards,

    I’m simply taking the logic you use against Crean and applying it to your beloved coach.

    You telling me to “do some research” before making a claim is absolutely comical.

    If my argument is irrational, then almost every argument you’ve made against Crean is as well. Something’s gotta give.

    You REALLY don’t think Alford had a conversation with Garth about his future (or lack thereof) at New Mexico? You REALLY think the only reason Alford recruited Walker was because he thought Garth might transfer? It’s most likely the other way around.

    You can’t have double standards. Apply your method of thinking across the board, or stop criticizing Crean for things almost every NCAA coach does.

    You’re terribly inconsistent, and you know it.

  23. “It’s most likely the other way around.”

    😆 What a crushing blow to 4guards! Now we know there is a second diviner in Bloomington besides me — and his name is Casey. He says:

    “Listen 4guards, do you really think it’s like you say it? I mean really, really? Come on… it’s most likely the other way around.”

    MLMA (most likely my a$$)! The only thing he forgot to add was the Q.E.D., bro! What he didn’t forget though was to order another round. Hiccup. Listen to Casey, because he knows what he says… here’s a picture of him (in which he appears alongside his favorite glass; he calls it Fred). Casey: meow! He’s terribly full of himself and he knows it.

  24. Looks like L’accent fell off the wagon, finally. 4guards, congrats on getting your Chris the Sportswriter patronage back.

  25. It’s most likely the other way around? Obviously you know something that is the complete opposite of what every single person who knows is saying. More mud slinging by Casey of one of the greatest players to ever put on the IU jersey. I hope you are proud of yourself.
    It is funny to me how you Crean Apologists ridicule a hoosier champion and olympian. This guy brought us our championship and you show no respect. Yet you idolize some chump who has never accomplished anything. No, 1 good season with a 33 point loss in the final 4 with D Wade is not accomplishing anything.

  26. 4guards,

    I have no problem with Alford. My point is, when you use “4guards logic,” you can make any coach look bad.

    If Alford sat his guy down and told him he probably wouldn’t play a lot moving forward, and that he should consider transferring if he wants more PT, I have no problem that.

    My whole point is that oversigning and transfers happen at most schools, and it’s not a viable argument to use that against only the coaches you dislike, as you often do with Crean.

  27. Oversigning is fine if you already know a person is transferring such as what happened at NM. I only have a problem with oversigning if it requires you to force a guy out who doesn’t want to leave. And yes I realize that transfers happen at times.
    It is not me that is making the coach look bad….
    On a related note, how are we going to get Davis or Zeller to sign with no scholarships available if nobody transfers here soon? I don’t know if either one of them would take the oversign if it means forcing Etherington to prep school. Signing period will be here before we know it.

  28. Casey you are wasting your time. 4tongues is anti-logic. His red hot hatred for Coach Crean does not allow for logic to exist. He cherry picks information and facts and when he can’t find something to weight his argument he simply makes sure he avoids the truth. That is why no one can have a conversation with him, you can only talk about him. He is not an IU fan and after more improvement and progress is made by Coach Crean’s team he will no longer post because IU success under Coach Crean is not on his bucket list. He will come back and say what progress? What improvement? Without logic he does not consider this past seasons 10 wins was a 66% increase from the year before. A 60%+ increase this year will be 16 W’s. Remarkable progress from 6 wins just 2 years before. Get ready fore the Crean hatred and anti-logic delusion will call us Crean apologists. He remains biased and lonely, without support on more than just this board. By the way have you ever made an apology for Coach Crean because I haven’t? Yet another 4guard fairy tale.

  29. “You can’t have double standards.”

    You haven’t been paying attention. He only has double standards.

    BTW I never post under any other name. Only the spineless would. But feel free to whine.

  30. A 60%+ increase this year will be 16 W’s.

    Another Diviner. This one knows the past and predicts the future. No need to ever post a Crean apology because you are totally disconnected from reality and live in your rosy future — dear Hoosier Trombone!

    So it’s (simply put) as follows: 6 wins 1st season. 10 wins (66% improvement) the 2nd. Third season we’ll have 26 wins, fourth around 43 and three years from now over 70!! Can anyone stop Crean? No, because he has been programmed by Clarion! Meanwhile 4guards should feel belittled by all this hard evidence: 70+ wins!!! Numbers don’t lie, 4guards! Hide your head in the sand, but numbers don’t lie!

    However if the preferred method of measuring progress is to keep dividing one season by the previous may I remind to the Hoosier Divagator that division by 0 results in infinity, and since three years ago Crean was not at Indiana then, it follows logically that he had a 0 wins record with us, and therefore percentwise his first season will always present the biggest increase (somewhere around infinity percent) and will likely forever remain his reference season at IU — like a Big Bang of sorts…

  31. Improvement? Yea, he improved from our worst record since 1970, to our second worst record since 1970. Lets crack open the champagne.
    Maybe we can go for our third worst record since 1970 this year. It should be too hard to accomplish that.

  32. We are in deep trouble now. It does appear that 4????s anti-logic has now infected another poster.

  33. There you have it. Did you recognize the Crean hatred. It is his only motivation. Plus factoring in an intense relationship with the boy who surrendered at Iowa.

  34. What planet does 4play live on?Does he think we can just wave a magic wand and fix everything TODAY? HE reminds me of a little brat.HE wants what HE wants and he wants it now. Cry us a river kid.

  35. Clarion-

    The infection you refer to has been present all along – it is called L’accent. Much like the herpes virus, he goes dormant for months, but he always returns, because he can’t resist the warm, dark, musty space of 4tards’ crack.

  36. RAM, Crean is paid monthly. Big bucks. Why not keep everything and give it to him when he starts delivering 3-4 years down the road. Or let’s see results worth the money we’re paying him every month. You are the Walmart kid. You and Crean because you want money now, now, now!

  37. so what if he makes big bucks? who is going to fix the Sampson/intellectuals (who know nothing about basketball)mess for free? Pay the man and let him do the job without a bunch of collage boy wannabes looking over his shoulder.

  38. Pay the man, pay the man, yeah — extend his contract two seasons without him coaching a single game! Then if it turns out he’s a bad coach in four five years he’s gone and the money is gone with him too. You’re either irresponsible or on his payroll.

    Set goals for Crean the Magnificent and hold him to them. Otherwise go and support your PU!


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