Hoosier prospect Gary Harris at the Adidas May Classic


Gary Harris dunks during the Adidas May Classic. Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times

TEAM SCORE: D3 Heat 2012 83, MBA Select 2011 76

GARY HARRIS: The Hamilton Southeastern sophomore guard scored 13 points

HARRIS SAID: “I have a more all-around game now,” he said. “I’ve gotten stronger since last year. I was real weak last year. I’m not as strong as I want to be, but I’m a lot stronger than I was last year so I can see the benefits of being in the weight room.”

MY THOUGHTS: Harris was easily the most athletic player I saw tonight. He threw down a few jaw-dropping dunks (one of which photographer Jeremy Hogan caputured beautifully) but more importantly, was able to make layups after contact and off-balance jumpers. That’s a product of the strength he added over the past year when he put on 25 pounds. He has excellent length, an impressive handle for the basketball, and an excellent mid-range shooting game. He didn’t take any 3’s while I was watching, but his coach, Sean Bledsoe, said he can shoot from out to 22 feet. It’s easy to see why he’s getting so much attention lately.


  1. Many predict him to be the best overall prospect for 2012 by the time it is all said and done.

  2. Nice player…who almost had his Sunday game not happen due to his game Saturday night against the MO. Thunder from SW Missouri. The Thunder came from 20 down only to lose by a horrible “no call” in OT from a ref that apparently was dismissed after the Sat. night game. My guess since they weren’t a shoe sponsored team, they didn’t want them around on Sunday to upset the Hossier hopefuls.
    Even the head official had several college coaches in attendance complain about the favortism shown towards D3 and its D1 prospects.
    Ask the coach from IUPUI, he was there watching his son on the same team as Mr. Harris.

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