Hoosier prospect Marshall Plumlee at adidas May Classic

TEAM SCORE: 17U Indiana Elite Team Indiana 61, Shining Stars 58

MARSHALL PLUMLEE: The 7-foot rising senior from Arden Christ School (Asheville, N.C.) had 12 points.

CODY ZELLER: The 6-foot-11 rising senior from Washington had eight points.

YOGI FERRELL: The 5-foot-9 rising junior from Park Tudor had 16 points.

JEREMIAH DAVIS: The 6-foot-3 rising senior from Muncie Central had 23 points.

PLUMLEE SAID: “I recently spoke with coach Crean. It was great to catch up with him and I look forward to maybe seeing him sometime soon.”

MY THOUGHTS: Team Indiana was down for much of the game before Ferrell and Davis ignited a spirited comeback. Both clearly showed a passion and desire to win, driving the lane and creating shots with pressure against a tired Shining Stars team.

Ferrell got half of his 16 at the line, but he was forcing contact with his drives to the basket. Davis was shooting well from outside and got things going when everyone else was struggling.

Zeller was definitely sluggish and struggled to finish around the basket. Same with Plumlee, who drove up yesterday from Asheville (Adren’s graduation was Saturday) and got limited minutes in this first game.

Plumlee said he has no visits scheduled — he’s “just laying low.”

There was a period where he was not hearing from Indiana, but that appears to have ended. It will be interesting to see if the time off has actually hurt Indiana with Plumlee.

Team Indiana plays again at 11:45 at Assembly Hall.


  1. How Zeller and Plumblee have been anointed messiah status in Indiana continues to amaze me. Not only do they look clunky out their on the court, but their families have a history of spurning the Hoosiers.

    This is the type of in-state talent that you happily escort out the door, so they can live out their dreams sitting on the bench at Duke and Notre Dame. Spend your time instead recruiting Patterson, Davis, Ferrell, and Gant.

  2. I don’t think we should let the Zellers and Plumlees waste our time. These guys aren’t world beaters you know.

  3. Two of the best on-paper big men who, like their brothers and like Tom Pritchard, will prove to be severely overrated when they step on to the college court.

  4. How many games are these young people playing in about 48 hours? Their bodies are still developing, people are evaluating them and judging them.

  5. Zeller is just like his brothers, play at a small school against grossly undersized competition and dominate. You get them in the AAU circuit and they become a little more average, once he gets to college he will be just another role player.

    Luke averaged 4.2 points & 2.6 rebounds per game while coming off the bench at ND for his career. That is hardly setting the world on fire. During that same time period, he would have rarely got on the court for IU, if at all.

    Tyler is doing better than Luke at UNC, 9.3ppg and 4.6rpg this last season, but his durability is a question. He has missed a lot of games due to injuries over the last 2 years, he has only played more than 20 minutes in 10 games over 2 years, and never more than 25 minutes in any one game.

    I’m not sold that Cody will be any better than his brothers in the long run.

  6. I think if IU were to sign Zeller, it’d be more of a symbolic recruiting victory than it would a program-changing pickup.

    It’d show that IU was able to keep an in-state talent whose family went elsewhere, and it’d show that IU can pull in highly rated talent once again.

    For those reasons, It’d be a great get.

    But I just don’t think anyone is sold on his ability to impact our program solely on the court. If he excelled, I wouldn’t be surprised. If he flops, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised either.

  7. Casey-

    Why would Zeller or Plumlee be a better “symbol” of IU’s re-emergence on the recruiting scene than Davis, Patterson, Ferrell etc.?

    As far as I am concerned, the Zeller and Plumlee families have really pulled a fast one on IU. The more they turn their noses up at IU, the more attractive they become.

    It’s the high-school dating principle: ignore someone, or mistreat them, and they begin to worship you.

  8. HT,

    I honestly want the class that most benefits our program’s development. If that doesn’t include Zeller, so be it.

    I do think that Zeller choosing IU would affect a lot of peoples’ perceptions of where the program is headed. It says “wow, this highly recruited kid whose brothers both spurned IU sees so much promise in the program that he’s going against the grain and playing for the Hoosiers.”

    Now, I think that’s silly — because I’d rather see that scholarship go to whichever player among the group is going to have the biggest on-the-court impact. Sometimes though, perception and posturing are unfortunately important parts of building a long-term, successful recruiting system.

    It’d also be nice to establish an Indiana Elite pipeline.

    One thing’s for sure — the ongoing recruitment of this class will be interesting.

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