Hoosier prospects Ron Patterson, Kellon Thomas and Kellen Dunham at the Adidas May Classic

TEAM SCORE: 16U Indiana Elite One 88, Columbus Aces 56

INDIANA RECRUITS: Ron Patterson a 6-3 guard from Broad Ripple, had 21 points. Kellon Thomas, a 5-11 guard from Southport, had 16. Kellen Dunham, a 6-4 guard from Pendleton Heights, had two points

MY THOUGHTS: We’d covered these already, but it was my first time watching Thomas and Dunham and my first time watching Patterson since the high school season. Patterson was just as athletic as I remember and he shot the ball a lot better than I’d seen the first time, knocking down pull-up jumpers from inside the arc and deep threes from outside and from several different angles on the floor. What continues to impress me about him, though, is how the effort he puts in on the defensive end. There isn’t a lot of defense played in these things, and there certainly isn’t a lot of defensive communication, but Patterson calls out screens and switches and knows where he wants his teammates to be on the floor. He’s an aggressive on the ball defender, and again, he shows a concern with off-the-ball defense, which is rare in a summer event.

Thomas said after the game and to Ryan Winn before me that he believes his job with this team is to distribute the ball and facilitate. He does a good job with that, finding shooters open and big men on the low block. He can also shoot it, though, and drive to the basket. Didn’t see much from Dunham at all. The spot-up shooter didn’t take a lot of shots, and he and the rest of the stars were off the floor for most of the second half of this wipeout.