Hoosier recruit Mitch McGary at the Adidas May Classic

TEAM SCORE: 17 U SYF Players 84, Tennessee Hustle 48

MITCH McGARY: The 6-foot-9, 240-pound forward from Chesterton had eight points.

McGARY SAID: “Coach Crean has been calling me a lot. … I think they’re just worried about my grades. I’m trying to get them under control. Tom Crean said he wants me to play here. I’d love to play here. It would be awesome to play here. There’s so much history.”

MY THOUGHTS: McGary didn’t have to do much of anything because this game was never close, but he had a few moments. Highlight of the day was a thunderous dunk from close to the free throw line late in the game. He’s got very good size for his age, decent post moves, and he seemed solid defensively. registering at least one emphatic swat. But that comes from a game in which he didn’t have much competition.He’s pretty well defined physically right now, but he can probably add more strength.

McGary said his recruitment is picking up recently after he suffered through a broken foot and mono this season and that his grades are getting better and stabilizing. He has a scholarship offer from Purdue and interest from Dayton, Cincinnati, Indiana and Xavier.


  1. This is Indiana kid who gets it and wants to be here. It would kill me to see him have to go to Purdue. This mismanagement of scholarships is killing us.

  2. Nothing has killed us for 2011, so just chill a little bit. Crean wouldn’t be recruiting 2011 kids if he wasn’t going to find a way to take them. There will be openings. My guess is 2.

    As far as Mitch is concerned, he might be a good back stop if Zeller doesn’t commit. But he’s also desirable since he seems more of a true post. I’m curious how he stacks up physically in comparison to Capo and Pritch.

    He’s also from the Region, and prying those kids away from PUke is important.

    He’s a 2/3 star now, but that seems likely to change for the better.

  3. I agree with 4guards, in Crean’s first year he should have not given out any schollys and just had a full team of walk ons. Then the moron goes out and gives scholarships to Mo Creek, Watford, and Indiana’s MrBasketball, when Crean knew damn well we wanted McGary, Teague, irving, selby, zeller, Lebron, J.Davis…..and Dr.J. Now we can’t get any of them because of this Coach.

    4guards do you see how you sound?

  4. It would have been smart to not sign Bawa or Capo and instead 2 JUCO’s to open up scholarships for 2011. It is not the 08 class that is killing us. The 2010 class is whole different argument.

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