Hulls on Michel: “He played great.”

Scouting reports on the newest Hoosier, 7-foot-1 JUCO transfer Guy-Marc Michel, have been hard to come by. There’s not a lot of video out there, nor have many of the more well-known talent evaluators shared their thoughts. It’s even difficult to know what his stat line means since we’re mostly unfamiliar with the league his team played in.

The reports about Michel and how effective he’ll be for Indiana that do exist have stirred much debate among the faithful, too.

Well, here’s a first-hand report from Indiana point guard Jordan Hulls. He and the other current members of team played pick-up ball with Michel on Friday and Saturday of his visit.

Whether his assessment is any easier to interpret — since, let’s face it, a guy like Hulls is not going to badmouth a future teammate — could be debated.

But it’s something. So here goes.

SCOOP: How’d Guy do when he was in town for his visit?

HULLS: He played great. He meshed well with the guys. He’s a presence inside. He’s 7-1, he’s big, can block shots. And he used both hands in the post, so he’s a good presence down there and he just seemed to fit the team really well.

SCOOP: Is there anyone you’ve played against that you would compare him to?

HULLS: He’s big like Nix from Michigan State, and long like Lauderdale from Ohio State. He compares to those kind of guys. He’s a great big presence inside.

SCOOP: How is he offensively?

HULLS: He’s a true post player. He’s just another element for the team. Like I said he can use both hands. A couple of left-handed hook shots, we were like, ‘Wow this kid’s pretty good.’ We’re glad to have him.

SCOOP: How much feedback did Tom Crean seek from you guys?

HULLS: They asked a couple of the guys, and like I’m telling you, we thought he was a good presence inside.


  1. ^ You can’t live without him, can you?

    Forget 4guards. Fight your addiction. Just be happy, if you have a reason to be happy. (Of course, for now, only in anticipation, nothing concrete to rely on…)

    But would have anyone expected Hulls to say “He sucked!” under any circumstances?

  2. I would expect him to say he “meshed well,” he’s like so-and-so, but to say he wowed them is optional.

  3. At least you know he’s already better than bawa, and without his size, I’m afraid we would mightily struggle, now watford can dominate in the 3 spot, elston/pritchard in the 4, plus guy can get run for a big man, we will be twice as fast with our tempo and fastbreaks this year!! Bring on the cats, I can’t wait to beat them!

  4. I’d be really happy if this were Ball State, but its Indian University and this was a really terrible recruiting year for a big-time program. How come?

  5. I heard Guy said Hulls had “small town pipsqueak” stamped on his left butt cheek.. He said Rivers couldn’t drive a bus through an airplane hanger..He said Pritchard carries a bag of cement in each shoe….. Capobianco’s game was less memorable than the Barry Manilow song…Creek now has two knee caps on the backside of one leg…Derek Elston keeps a picture of Kelvin Sampson kissing his mother in his wallet..Watford can defend the paint slightly better than his ten-year-old sister…Roth rhymes with sloth…Verdell’s locker has been moved into Tom Crean’s office…and the only real reason he wanted to become a Hoosier was for chance to lose himself under the stars a warm summer August night while dancing small in a field of Indiana corn.

    Oh,….and Guy added that his game mysteriously turns into one reminiscent of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar whenever jerseys with colors black and gold is sharing the basketball court.

  6. Bob,

    Because our record last year was 10-21. I don’t think it’s too hard to believe that 5-star recruits aren’t lining up at the door to be part of a rebuilding process. One-and-dones go to schools where they have a reasonable chance of winning a championship in only one season.

    The more promising our team on the floor, the more promising our recruiting classes will become moving forward.

    Granted, this isn’t a recruiting class to write home about, but we’re filling some small, but important holes.

    I think the development of the guys going into their second and third years as Hoosiers is going to be much more important than the recruiting class we’re bringing in, when it comes to more immediate success.

    I’m less concerned about this year’s recruiting class, and much more encouraged by and focused on the improvement of guys like Creek, Jones, Watford, Hulls, Elston, Roth, etc.

  7. Any IU fan who says they are happy with this recruiting class is a Crean Apologist or is stuck out in CO somewhere with McClain. I would have rather signed nobody and held onto the scholarships for 2011 than what we have. If any of these kids get any playing time it will only make us worse.

  8. Let me interpret 4guards

    Any IU fan who says they are happy with this recruiting class KNOWS MORE ABOUT BASKETBALL THAN ME. I would have rather signed TEAGUE, SELBY, AND IRVING, AND GOTTEN JOHN WALL TO TRANSFER and maintain my delusional thinking. If any of these kids get playing time it will only make us BETTER AFTER ALL THEY ARE DIVISION 1 AND WE DO WANT PLAYERS TO ACTUALLY BE GOOD ENOUGH TO….UMM PLAY!

  9. Orrrr, 4guards, they’re withholding judgement on any of our recruits until they actually…i dunno…play a game?

    I’m pretty sure the entire IU staff has watched each of these players about approximately one billion times more than you (ballpark number).

    At least wait until they each play two or three minutes before you slam your gavel on the 2010 class.

  10. Here’s a funny thought to lighten the mood:

    Imagine how crazy 4guards would be if he had to endure being a Cubs fan. He probably would’ve burned down Wrigley by now and petitioned to have Sammy Sosa replace Piniella as manager.

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought two of the recruits are 4 star players.

    How can anyone say they don’t want kids like that?

  12. Isn’t great that 4guards picks this particular site to put out his pearls of wisdom or negativity if you like. I just want to know where his twin JB is. I think I am going to hold my judgement till I see him play like Casey. I saw a article somewhere on one of the Texas teams that got close to the finals and they had a simular situations and it took three years for them to rebuild. Its going to happen, patients boys.

  13. This big guy will help with our outstanding outside shooting. No longer will foes be able to concentrate on our outside shooters with a big presence inside. Last years recruting class was one of the best in the nation. With a Center in the middle and Creeks return I feel IU will suprise a lot of skeptics this year. Lets give Crean a chance, quit complaining and get behind your Hoosiers.

  14. Anyone who doesn’t understand why we don’t have a great recruiting class this year needs a lobotomy.

  15. You negative fellows are not real basketball fans. When IU starts winning you will suddenly be sold on Crean and bleed crimson again. I think you should all switch to being Kentucky fans if you want to constantly have lottery picks on your team with no soul. 4guards is a Kentucky plant, it’s obvious. Michel is better than any center IU has had since Crean has been here. That much is obvious. He can run the court, block a shot, get into positions for a rebound, and make a hook shot. That is way more than can be said for Tijan or Bawa. Sheehy and Oladipo are going to be pleasant surprises, mark my words.

  16. kentucky plant?
    Being better than any IU center since Crean does not mean anything. This guy is not even as good as Pritchard so your statement is false. I am really surprised you like Oladipo since you are a shooter and all.
    I am not saying we constantly need lottery picks. We need good basketball players.
    Oladipo and Shehey are athletes, they are not good basketball players. Michel just has a mammoth wing span, not a good basketball player.

  17. “Better than any center since Crean” man you are hilarious…we beat out Boise State for this kid. Those saying lets wait and see…should hold their enthusiasm as well. This kid is a project with a scholarship. I mean Bawa was top 150 and look how well we did with him at center.

  18. The reason many of us are saying “wait and see” is because we’re not foolish enough to make some sort of grand assessment of Michel based on a 90 second YouTube video.

    He may be an absolute bust, and he may be a pleasant surprise, but to claim one way or the other at this point is pointless.

    None of us has seen him play with the Hoosiers squad. Until that point, and beyond, I don’t really see how anyone can make the sort of absolute statements being thrown around here.

    Same goes for Oladipo and Sheehey. Let’s rely on a little more than and hastily-made compilation videos. Let’s see how they fit in with our current players, what roles they fill, etc.

    Is that so unreasonable?

  19. Casey – Not unreasonable at all. I’m excited about Oladipo and Sheehey. I’m just bummed about how the offseason recruiting has went. IMO I would’ve rather hung on to the scholarship or at least given Noreen a chance to play with the guys. I hope I’m wrong … but I can’t seem to get excited about Michelle. Maybe I’ve been too negative but its just my opinion. I’m out in NC where absolutely no one cares about the Hoosiers so I get on here where we can throw around ideas and opinions. I’m a Hoosier fan no matter who the coach is or how many games we win but I can’t say that it doesn’t get frustrating.

  20. I just checked and he’s right they are not 4 Star players. Both are 3 Star.

    But, they aren’t chopped liver.

    Both are great athletes who love going to the hole…..which fits Crean’s system perfectly.

    And Oladipo defends like you insulted his momma.

    Anyone who doesn’t want that on his team is an idiot.

    I’ll take that kid as a senior over most 5 Star one-and-done’s any day.

  21. The reports I hear is that Oladipo isn’t that great of a defensive player. He has outstanding leaping ability, but not much lateral quickness.
    I guess it is one of those myths like Crean building the Marquette program. I am still laughing about that one.

  22. Wow! Everyone needs to save this last 4retard post. They are not “good basketball players”…not Michel,Oladipo or Sheehey. Fisrt off, 4retard, learn how to spell their names before you bad mouth them. You have became a recruiter and a talent scout so maybe you could get a job at a junior high school. These kids have not played 1 minute for IU and you have judged them as not good basketball players.
    How are you able to judge them? Did you see them play games in High School, AAU or Jr. College? My guess is NOT. You are not a player,a coach or a recruiter but you can honestly say that none of these kids are good players! This post it your worst ever. How do you come off saying to these young IU players that they are not good basketball players. That is a cardinal sin pal and everone who posts on this site should take you to task over this brow beating of our young players. Your idle, Steve Alford, would NEVER ever write such a stupid and horrible statement that like this. I can’t believe even you would hit these kids below the belt like you have without ever seeing them play a complete
    game! You need to repent after this player bashing post!

  23. I have seen Oladipo and Sheehey both play in high school games. I have also seen clips and read scouting reports. Did you watch Oladipo shooting in that 3 point contest from this very site? UGLY.
    I am just stating the truth. I am so sick of people sugar coating everything. Last year at this time I was saying very positive things about Creek, Elston, Hulls, and Watford. I was very negative on Capo and Bawa. I just call it like I see it.

  24. Who played defense against Guy? None of our guys can play post defense, so I don’t think a pick up game is a good way to evaluate a guy. I hope Crean has done his homework with this one…

  25. Alright we finally hear from the twin, welcome back JB, I think they should get rid of Crean and McCain and hire JB and 4guards and our troubles would be over. Its obvious that with their superior intellect and ability to spot good talent, we would be on our way. Lets see the first year Crean played with at best mostly junior college players. The second year mostly freshman. I think this year will be better. I am not saying that I think Crean is the greatest coach, I just think that he should be given a extended chance given what he walked into.

  26. Nice try, 4guards but you were very much out of line and you are no coach or recruiter with any skills to judge players. Steve would not be happy! How was the weather in Florida when you were down
    there watching Sheehey and what about Michel did you go out west
    to see him play? I would take the word of Jordan Hulls,who I do know, anytime over you and by the way he also tells it like he sees it. I am done with this post, you don’t deserve more than 2 but I will be back after these not good players help us wins some games this this year.

  27. Time will tell.I will give this class a chance.We should know by the time big ten conference play starts if this class will help or not..I like Capo.I think he will be a pretty good player for us.
    Is this an IU fan blog,or bashing blog?

  28. I never said I went down to FL to watch him play. I have never seen Michel play. He wasn’t even on anybody’s radar averaging 7 pts and 7 rbs for some JUCO out in Idaho.

  29. JB – Absolutely, it’s frustrating. It’s no fun watching your team struggle. But as far as recruiting goes, I feel like there are two general schools of thought:

    Option 1: The fact that Crean has swung and missed on so many top recruits in the last several months shows his incapabilities as a recruiter and how far our program has fallen. It’s unacceptable to have anything other than an elite recruiting class. This is Indiana.

    Option 2: The fact that several top-flight recruits had IU in their final 3-5 schools after a 10-21 season is encouraging. The fact that Crean was nearly able to coax Moses Abraham away from the Big Man Factory known as Georgetown is encouraging. Imagine how easy it will be for Crean to lure those types of players with a brand new state-of-the-art practice facility and a .500 or above record.

    I happen to fall somewhere closer to option two. As I’ve said before, I think this year’s sophomore Hoosiers (and Jones), and their development, is more important than the 2010 recruiting class.

    It’s all about how you look at it. I can understand both sides, but I’m excited for the prospect of improvement, and I think we’ll see some nice things from the team this season.

  30. Hey there ihoosieru – If you read this blog you know that 4guards and I are not the only ones concerned about the program. I like how you certify your comments at the end by saying…i mean i don’t think crean is the the greatest coach. Look my comments have been consistent be invited to the tournament by the 2011-2012 season and if that doesn’t happen I think Crean is gone. What is an “extended” chance? Do you think we’re actually going to give him 10 years to get back on track? I also think this year will be better but not by much. IMO the expectation should be over .500 and an NIT invite.

  31. Casey-

    Option 2, without a doubt. It is downright shocking that we made the final 5 of many top recruits after a combined 16 wins over two seasons. Like you said we almost took MoAb, and are still in the running for Zeller, Davis, and Chandler. Like Clarion pointed out recently, Izzo said that Crean is the best recruiter he’s been around.

    On another note, you need to stop being so damned cordial and gentlemanly about everything when dealing with Tards and his pal L’accent (The Diviner of Bloomington).

  32. How is it shocking that we made the final 5 of many top recruits? This is IU. The name sales itself. The kids just are not sold on the coach and that is why we don’t land any of them.

  33. If I can use a cliche…close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. That being said I do agree that a better record + Cook hall will help us greatly. The scholarship situation leaves me a little leary. I think this will be an important season for Crean. If we get drummed again it won’t just be 4guards calling for Crean’s head. Cook hall is here now we’re just waiting on the wins.

  34. I can also understand both sides. Will be forever optimistic and will cheer for IU even if they go winless but this has been a very puzzling recruiting season and Michel having any real impact is questionable to me. I still hold out some hope that Bawa can be productive but its hard for me to think Michel would be an upgrade except in sheer size.

  35. To the 2 morons above/Gee Whiz Husky Tom, why don’t u stop writing. You people never say anything positive, and you never talk about basketball. So do me a favor and quit writing, go into another field or something. Go to Kentucky, talk about them, and there crooked program.

  36. Really, 4tards? Josh Selby and Kyrie Irving didn’t have UNC or UCLA on their lists. Yet both schools have a “brand name” that is equal to or better than IU, especially when recent history is taken under consideration.

    Apparently, names don’t “sell themselves.” The salesmen plays a huge part. Crean got both of those guys to give IU a serious look – he deserves the credit.

  37. A couple of thoughts:

    -Why does anyone try to use the argument that ‘I think the coaching staff has seen them more than you…’? It’s stupid to try to prove your point by saying a coaching staff that a poster thinks is doing a bad job ,evaluated them. Just dumb. Really? I mean Really?

    – I hope Michel works out, but in an open gym at IU he wasn’t going up against much. I’d like to see how he does against a Lauderdale or a Nix. Time will tell, let’s hope for the best.

    – The recruiting question, I say its better to be somewhere in the middle. That doesn’t mean someone needs a labotomy, just that they disagree with you. I don’t expect us to land blue chips. That’s why I think we were wasting our time with them.

    Yea, we made their top 5, who cares. Arizona made a bunch of top 5’s too. Top 5 means nothing more than they were flattered at how hard they worked for you, and the school has some history, so you kept them in until you could visit.

    It’s no argument Crean works hard at getting recruits, but seeing as how some of them couldn’t even muster an official visit to us, they weren’t coming here anyways. End of story. We never had Selby or Irvin. Moab was a maybe, but last I checked he wasn’t projected to be on any all-conference rosters in any conference. Good player that I’d love to have, but wasn’t bringing in 10 wins with him.

    – I think the argument of ‘Just think what recruits we would be getting if we weren’t 10-21’ is just dumb. That goes for any program. That doesn’t prove anything. Any of us could recruit some stellar classes if we had teams that were 25-6 All of us could get classes like the incoming one or even a little better if we were 15-16. We have 5 NC, are on TV a ton, and just opened a brand new practice facility.

    Yes recruiting does depend on your record, but thats what your job is as a coach, to have a good record. We didn’t have an impressive class, and maybe thats expected, but that is why people are questioning Creans status of ‘Awesome recruiter’. I can check again, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t bring in anyone over our heads with this class.

    Yes, last year was a top class, but they came after only 1 down season in which we obviously had nothing. This year people saw a top 10 class get 10 wins (+4) where other top classes went to the tourney. We got what anyone could have gotten given our conference, history, and profile. We didn’t overreach anywhere. Right in the middle. Nothing terrible, nothing great. Now lets develop what we have and win with that, because until that happens there is no white knight coming in. We don’t have a scholly for him anyways.

  38. I do not know how good offensively Guy will be, but having him on the defensive end sure will be a benefit to the other four players. Anybody who does not like Sheehey, Michel and Oladipo vs. Jobe and Dumes is blind and doesn’t understand the meaning of UPGRADE.

  39. Clarion, I didnt say anything about Sheehey,Oladipo,Jobe or Dumes. I was just questioning how much better this guy could be then Bawa who I stated I feel could contribute. Dont start spitting to me about being blind as I dont get into the name calling and such around here. Just giving my opinion.

  40. Yeah Guy might be an upgrade from Jobe. I mean hopefully he won’t knock any of his own teammates out. But how can you be so sure this kid is going to be a defensive beast? I mean he averaged what like 3 blocks and 7 rebounds in JUCO?? He is a GIANT that really shouldn’t be that hard. I’m going out on a limb and saying his stats are going down against Big Ten competition.

    AND Don Taylor….you are an old man who can barely spell and obviously can’t see well enough to read the posts. Go back to the good old days and get off the internet….why are you even on it in the first place?

  41. hey you all…got some news for all you dark siders…crow cookout… you are all invited to the cook center cookout tailgate one year from today, May 12,2011 beginning at 10:30 AM… we will be supplying 35 pounds of crow in addition to an unknown quantity of mystery meat…there will be a prize awarded to the individual that can eat the most in 30 min. without a spew…no beverages will be served… HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE !

  42. Tom McG,

    I am addressing this to you so you understand my post you refer to was not addressed to you or anyone in particular. Honestly your post did not interest me enough to respond directly to you. Seeing how you posted that you understand both sides so well, I am surprised you do not.

  43. Everyone that thinks this is all a waste, just sit back and chill. Ya, victor might not be able to shoot good now but when he gets to college hes gonna be shooting 500 shots a day. He is going to be a great 4 yr player and i wont be surprized to see him go to thew nba. His upside is incredible and plus he loves to play them game. You cant teach that!!!!! Sheehey already has it all, every spot of his game is flawless. When he gets to college hell become stronger and bigger and that alone will take his game to the next level. Guy! give him a chance. Coaches know what there looking for when they go to recruit a player. So just sit back and relax, we all knew that this would take some time.

  44. Hoagland and JB make some very good points.
    In regards to Guy, Why do you have so much faith that “coaches know what there looking for when they go to recruit a player”? Have you not seen Jobe or Muniru?

  45. “Anybody who does not like Sheehey,Michel and Oladipo vs. Jobe and Dumes is blind and doesnt understand the meaning of the word UPGRADE.”

    Not going to argue with you as I dont find your posts that interesting either.

  46. This year people saw a top 10 class get 10 wins (+4) where other top classes went to the tourney. We got what anyone could have gotten given our conference, history, and profile. We didn’t overreach anywhere. Right in the middle. Nothing terrible, nothing great. Now lets develop what we have and win with that, because until that happens there is no white knight coming in. We don’t have a scholly for him anyways.

    Sorry Hoagland, but I am going to have to name call. You are an idiot. Think about it – where would Indiana’s class be ranked without Maurice Creek? Top 10? Nope. Top 20? Maybe. And now tell me, what was Maurice doing for most of last year?

  47. There goes ole 4tongues leaving out the pUKe game performance Creek starred in. If the facts do not support his agenda he simply refuses to acknowledge there existence.

    Tom McG
    You at least found one of my posts interesting, since you responded first. Truth must hurt, aye.

  48. We lost because we had a young team. If you dont remember, Creek didnt have much experience under his feet when we lost to those teams. You win some and you lose some, no rational fan thinks that we would have won all our games just because we had Creek. Its hard to argue that we would not have been a better team with Creek.

  49. Creek was awesome in the Kentucky game, but we lost the game. I do not include that game in the list because that was an acceptable loss.

  50. Nobody is arguing we should have won all our games. I am arguing we should have beat Boston, George Mason, and Loyola. Is it really that hard to understand?

  51. More correctly it is impossible for you to understand because your bias will not allow it.

  52. Is it hard for you to understand that all teams will lose games that they “should” win? You clearly have never played competitive sports, because you would understand this concept. You so easily forget how Knight and his teams lost many games that we “should” have won. I remember pulling my hair and screaming at the TV because of the teams poor play or coach Knights bonehead moves. Why play the games if one team “should” always win?

  53. Of course there will be games you lose that you should have won. There should not be 3 of them early in the season, especially to teams the caliber of Boston, GM, and Loyola.

  54. No, I was pointing out that that comment was aimed towards me, I was the one who was referring to an upgrade so its actually the other way around, no truth hurting for me.

  55. Hmmm… Yogi Ferrell mentioned Notre Dame joining the Big 10 right before he headed this way.

  56. Marquette had a great chance to make the Final Four until that bad injury at the end so, once again, 4G is a moron to say Crean didn’t build Marquette into a good program.

  57. 4guards is right…and this was an painfull recruiting yr two 3 star recruits and a lanky semi-athletic big man…this is INDIANA

  58. Al McQuire spent 13 years at Marquette sitting on his thumbs..Back in the day when real coaches had their arrogance countered by a touch of class and understanding the game. Now all we have are cheats, frauds, and blowhards.

  59. I sure hope our players don’t read this crap. If this site does not start to support these fine young men who are trying to accomplish good things with their lives then it may be time to take it down.Korman aren’t you supposed to be a “editor”

  60. Is this Russia? An editor’s job isn’t to censor a blog. I guess in your mind any desent or opinions you don’t share should be blocked.

  61. Never served RAM…just rockin here in the free world. Not sure how many military guys would agree with censorship though. Nice try. Now maybe you want to discuss how your comment had nothing to do with an editor’s job description.

  62. There are two problems with intellectuals.
    1.They believe in their own superior intelligence which does not allow them to factor in that the rest of us can see through their crap.
    2.They seldom venture off campus or turn their computer off and interact face to face with people in the real word.

  63. There are two problems with RAM.
    1. He thinks he should be the only one to know it all.
    2. He still has not answered the question as to why he wants Korman to censor anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

  64. I don’t care if you agree with me or not. I don’t care if you love Crean or hate him. What I do care about is the tradition known as Indiana Basketball.If you people don’t see how your constant negativity hurts the program more than Sampson Davis or Crean ever could then I have to question your judgement.And someone should step up to the plate and take responsibility for the content of this site and Chris Korman’s name is at the top of this page.

  65. Ram, its A BLOG.Korman is supposed to be objective and we have freedom of speech. Start your own and censor it.

  66. There are an infinite number of problems with anti-intellectuals. Here are a few of them:

    1) They think WWII was yesterday, and view the world accordingly.

    2) They haven’t realized that Russia has been capitalist since 1991.

    3) They still believe that there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and that soldiers still fight for “freedom” rather than for the interests of greedy imperialist corporations.

  67. What do you have against greedy imperialist corporations? IU’S Business School cranks out hundreds of their little robots every year complete with a total lack of morals or ethics.

  68. Using RAM’s logic he should be censored because of talking badly about IU’s business students.
    Dont you think the students are reading this? You are damaging the IU reputation.
    …See how you sound.

  69. …and if there is going to be censorship I sure as hell don’t want someone from the media to be in charge…

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