Indiana to play at Boston College in ACC/Big Ten Challenge

A source confirms that Indiana will play at Boston College in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge this coming season.

The Eagles finished 15-16 least season, 6-10 in the ACC before firing head coach Al Skinner and hiring Steve Donahue from Cornell. The Eagles graduate just one senior and return their top three scorers, but also lose several players to transfers.

An official announcement and dates and times are expected later this week.


  1. Definitely a game we should have a chance to win. On the road will be tough, but definitely winnable.

  2. Why would they match up the last place Big Ten team with the National Champion? IU/BC is a filler game that they obviously don’t expect to get much attention.

  3. Greggy,

    Exactly the same reasoning used when IU played #1 Wake Forest, and then Maryland last year.

  4. A refreshingly accurate match-up! I’m used to Indiana getting hosed in the ACC/Big-10 Challenge because of ESPN’s quest for ratings. Honestly, I was expecting a game against North Carolina.

  5. Steve Alford:

    1 Olympic Gold Medal
    1 NCAA Championship
    2 Big ten Championships
    2 MWC Championships

    Coaching record: 384-209 (20-11 annual average)

    Tom Crean:

    1 Final Four (with Dwyane Wade)

    Coaching record: 206-142 (19-13 annual average)

    Bottom line: Tom Crean is a junior, below average coach. Let’s put our program’s hopes in him! (And pay him well).

  6. BC only returns 7 scholarship players (Jackson, Trapani, Raji, Paris, Southern, Elmore, Dunn) and does not have a newcomer coming in yet, as far as I know. Brady Heslip was a redshirt freshman this year, but he left, and we all know the Noreen story. BC loses one of its best players (Rakim Sanders) and a froncourt reserve (Evan Ravenel) to transfer. I wonder if Donahue is hitting the trail hard late as BC does not really have a bench to speak of past little-used Dunn and Elmore plus walk-ons.
    Watford-Trapani should be a nice matchup as both players play an inside-outside combo forward game. Somebody will have to put the squeeze on Reggie Jackson as he is their best player and will threaten the 20 point mark nearly every game next year while playing almost 40 mpg like Rice, Dudley, Smith, and Bell have had to do for them over the past few years. We might see a bit of Rivers on him as he is still our best perimeter defender. The third option is Corey Raji; he is a big wing at 6-6 220. Starting PG Biko Paris is not much of a scorer, but Josh Southern will look to have a nice game against our platoon of bigs. However, he will probably get worn down (like in many games next season) because of the lack of reserve bigs for BC.

  7. Steve Alford:
    1 Gold Medal (w/Bob Knight)
    1 NCAA Championship (w/Bob Knight)
    2 Big Ten Titles (w/a team of felons)
    2 MWC Championships (quick: name two other teams from the powerhouse that is the MWC)

    …how many NCAA tourney wins?

    (just for the sake of fairness. if Crean’s career is invalidated because he recruited and coached Dwayne Wade, then we should balance Alford’s, ahem, stellar resume with some useful info as well…)

  8. Click my name for a snapshot of me and 4guards […]

    Make me.

    About the strength of MWC consider this:

    UNLV beat Arizona who beat a ranked Washington team who later beat New Mexico in the tourney.

    Brigham Young beat Florida who beat no. 2 Michigan State in East Lansing.

    New Mexico beat California who finished first in a lame Pac-10 and kicked Louisville (remember Crean?) out of NCAA.

  9. The Alford boosters are so pathetic and irrelevant. If you love Alford so much switch teams losers.

  10. This “X beat Y and Y beat Z, so therefore X is as good/better than Z” is illogical in sports. IU beat Pitt, Pitt beat #1 tourney seed Syracuse and Elite Eight West Virginia, so therefore IU is better than those two…? Just because one or two MWC teams beat somebody that beat somebody else, doesn’t mean it’s anywhere close to the Big10. And the PAC10 was *weak* this year.

    I like Steve Alford too, but geez, come off it a little bit. Tom Crean is our coach, so until your wet dreams come true, how about dance with the one that brung ya?

  11. BC is gonna wreck your Middle America, corn loving, white trash basketball team. BigTen can hold a candle to the ACC. This game is gonna be a joke for 2011 National Champions.

  12. The Alford boosters are so pathetic and irrelevant. If you love Alford so much switch teams losers.

    If Alford were the coach here instead of Crean you’d switch teams too?

  13. Eagle, spoken like a true BAWSTOON loving guy, I would not expect anything less from you or anyone there. Yes, the Big 10 CAN hold a candle to the ACC and used the candle to light you up in the challenge last year. I wonder how may hits a blog from Boston College basketball or football gets or if they even have a blog…go troll around somewhere else!

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