It’s officially official now: Michel is a Hoosier

Here’s the press release, which includes thoughts from Indiana coach Tom Crean:



BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana University men’s basketball head coach Tom Crean has announced that Guy-Marc Michel, a 7-1, 265 lb., center from North Idaho College, has signed a national letter of intent to attend IU and play basketball starting in the fall.  He is the third player to sign with the Hoosiers for next season  joining Victor Oladipo (Upper Marlboro, Maryland/DeMatha Catholic) and Will Sheehey (Stuart, Florida/Sagemont), both of whom are ranked among the top 150 recruits in the country according to

Michel is a native of Sainte-Marie, Martinique, an island in the Carribean, and has played the last two seasons at North Idaho College for head coach Jared Phay.

This past season as a sophomore, he averaged 7.1 points per game, 7.3 rebounds per game.  He led the Scenic West Athletic Conference (SWAC) in blocked shots and was 16th nationally with his 3.1 blocks per game output.  It marked the second consecutive season that Michel led the conference in blocked shots. He led NIC to the Region 18 championship game and was named to the all-tournament team after the Cardinals finished with a 27-5 overall record.

During his freshman year, he led the conference in blocked shots with 103 and was named All-SWAC Honorable Mention after averaging 8.3 points per game and 6.7 rebounds per game.

He was a member of the Under-20 French National Team and was widely considered one of the top prospects in Europe.

He is the son of Remi and Theramene Michel and has one brother.

Michel also earned honor roll accolades in the classroom at NIC and has a 7-foot-8 wingspan. In addition, he can speak three different languages.

“We feel fortunate to add a student athlete with the presence and size of Guy.  He automatically upgrades our program on the defensive end with his shot blocking and post defense.  We also feel he will help us with defensive rebounding and help defense.”

“Offensively, he wants the basketball with strong post ups.  I also see him being able to pass the ball out of double teams and we feel he can shoot it up to 15 feet.  His upside is exciting and once he gets in top shape, I think he will be prepared to help us.”

“I am glad Steve (McClain)is the relentless recruiter that he is because this is another example of him going against the grain to find a real prospect.  I know how excited Steve has been about Guy and we all feel the same way.  Our players are very excited to add Guy to our Indiana program.”


  1. Can someone please tell me why he is praising McClain? Who did we really beat out for this kid? Crean needs to realize we know when he is full of it.

  2. He is praising him for finding a player that many programs overlooked. Hints the going against the grain comment, not for landing a 5 star player.

    Unless you have seem him play in person or with the rest of the team, why not give him a chance and see how he turns out. At worst it is only 2 years.

    The best part to me is the rest of the team will be able to play their natural positions.

  3. Sounds to me like he is already trying to wash his hands of this signing and lay the blame on McClain for when it goes south. He sure wants to make sure everybody knows McClain is responsible for this kid.
    Now you guys know why I said McClain was a bad hire and we should have went with Fife.

  4. I hope the “going against the grain” style of recruiting is only going to last until we prove we can win some games… I’m not sure about this one but I’ll refrain judgement until I see how it works out on the court. Just saying I hope that soon CTC starts getting some commits that would be considered diamonds minus the roughage.

  5. Indiana is in big time need of a point guard and a center. Especially a center. Indiana needs to try to win now. IU cant wait for the ’11 and ’12 class to save the program, as a matter of fact no one is going to come here if Indiana cant win games so what does it matter…..holding the scholarship will add no value to this team. Everyone knows that IU struggled big time last year at the 5 stop. We finally bring in a two year JUCO and everyone is up in arms. No one has seen this kid play except for our players and from everything that I have read they are excited for him to be here. So thats good enough for me, if the players are glad he signed a LOI then thats all I need to know. If this kid can sure up the defensive side of the ball with block outs, rebounds, and blocked shots then his job has been done. Anything this kid can do on the offensive side of the ball will only be a positive. IU has enough shooters not to need GMM to be an offensive powerhouse. I think everyone should reserve comment until they see what this kid can bring to the table. I trust Coach McClain, he has been doing this for a long, long time and he likes what he sees in this kid. Bottom line…..IU needs help at the five spot. Other guys that came in and practiced with the team, either didnt want to be here or wasn’t a good fit so it came down to GMM. He fills a need and I’m hoping for the best. Welcome big man, I for one am glad to see that we finally have a big man that can run the court, block shots, and pull down some rebounds……Welcome to Indiana and GOOD LUCK. Never mind all the knuckle heads that complain no matter what.

  6. I hope GMM. does great.Then all the haters will eat their words,but Im sure by then they will have numerous things to complain about.

  7. Maybe they are happy he signed because they didnt think anyone was ever gonna sign again? Just saying…

  8. Yea, good one Chris. No one is ever going to sign another letter or intent to play at Indiana University ever again…..Look out, the sky is falling!!

  9. Usually people are sick of hearing no, so i am sure they are just happy someone said yes. Way to over react and take my comments out of content.

  10. This past month has been another interesting chapter in Crean’s tenure. First a mysterious parting of ways from an assistant coach. A whirlwind of a spring signing period where misses seemed to occur every week. Then bringing on an assistant coach who left most of the Indy and Bloomington media questioning the decision. Lastly we have a JUCO signing that materialized very quickly and was correlated to our new assistant coach. All in all the signed to many seemed like IU was settling.

    I hope this all works out really I do. My hope is that McClain has found someone that can contribute right away.

    4guards, I do not think Crean is distancing himself from this signing and McClain at all. How could he do that when Crean was the reason McClain was hired? If this signing goes south it all will go back to Crean anyway. Would you agree?

    If anything Crean has put himself under the microscope even more. My take is that his salesmanship may get the best of him if he keeps on “talking the talk” and doesn’t deliver on his promises and logic behind his recruiting decisions. In my short time in the corporate world I’ve found it’s best sometimes to keep your mouth shut. Crean doesn’t seem to live by that creed.

    Let’s hope that the Cook Center will refine Michel’s “raw” talent (I hate it when people use that word…using raw to describe a Junior in college is not a good thing in my opinion).


  11. This tells me that we have no chance for any of the big guns coming out in 2012. Crean is desperate. Crean don’t pee on our leg and tell us its raining. He thinks he is in Marquette where they don’t know basketball. Crean and this guys former coach talk of his improvement. HHhhmmm His Sophmore numbers aren’t any better than his freshman. Crean just be honest and say “IU is a joke right now and this is the best we can do” Don’t B.S. an Indiana Basketball fan we know better.

  12. PB,
    I agree that this signing will fall back on Crean with the knowledgeable fan base, but he is making it known McClain is the ring leader on this so all the Crean Apologists will blame it on McClain when it goes south. See D Williams and McLeod.

  13. First, please – stop responding to/paying attention to self-appointed celebrities who have “earned” their fame by being negative pains in the a** on these posts. Ignore the trolls and they’ll go hide under someone else’s bridge. Second – I too am a little leery about signing Bawa/Jobe III but let’s give Crean and McClain the benefit of the doubt for now. Crean isn’t going to change the way he runs the program, and we’re not going to change coaches for the next couple years regardless – so let’s support him and when his contract is up let the chips fall where they may. The man knows more basketball than ANY of us, let’s let him do his job for a couple more years and see what happens.

  14. I’m guessing Crean retires from Indiana in 20 years, or so. He’ll add to the banner collection. Having now moved out of his parents house, 4tards will watch his beloved Boilermakers and wax poetically to his buddies about how he almost singlehandedly got CTC fired before the Hoosier coach began his run of Big Ten championships, which coincided with Purdue’s fall into mediocrity. Then they’ll all tell their favorite Gene Keady anecdotes while dressing up their own comb overs. Afterward they’ll compare their restraining orders filed by female co-workers they’ve been stalking while popping open yet another round of Natty Lite.
    A full and grand life.

  15. A perfect string of posts-NOT ONE that you could actually learn anything from reading. Welcome to IU Guy Mark Michel. You and Bawa have a job to do, and I have NO doubts that the two of you are up to the challenge. IU is now a very talented and very deep team with some experience. Next year looks good!

  16. Next time I go to a Hoosier basketball game, I will be sure to pay very close attention to the cheerleaders…lest I don’t learn anything.


    Great post. Regretfully, those hemorrhoids attached to 4buttpancakes will live in his perpetual darkness.

  17. Who knows what may happen w/this. It will add a presence in the middle at certain times of the game. I think some of our players will be able to play at their natural positions. Which will help out and then will help our players on the confidence level. It will be interesting. Got love college basketball.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  18. The more I think about it, the more I like Michel. He’s going to bring help in middle against players in the Big 10 like, Tisdale, Samson and Johnson.
    Starting line up?
    Michel C
    Elston F
    Watford F
    Creek G
    Jones G
    Keys off the bench: As guards Hulls,Roth,Rivers and Victor.
    Big off the bench Cap,Prichard and Bawa.

  19. doug-
    Because Guy only has 2 years of eligibility, he will not impact the recruiting of the 2012 class. If I’m not mistaken he will run out of eligibility after the 2011-2012 season and his schollie will be open when the 2012 class would enroll in the fall. Check the piss on your leg- it just might be your own.

  20. Just noticing from Scotts post…Is there a reason why nobody ever mentions Will Sheehey? but EVERYONE talks about Victor. I have a feeling he WILL be a pleasant surprise…

    Also it can’t get much worse than these last two years. Guy isnt going to hurt our program in the long run, chill out!

  21. Danny,

    You do bring up a few good points. Will Sheehey may be a nice piece of the puzzle and Guy will not hurt the program in the long run.

    However, it’s just the way that these last few months have gone for the IU basketball that have left a bad taste in the mouths of some on the Scoop.

    Chris and Dustin have somewhat mentioned that from a recruiting standpoint the only way for IU to recover going forward is to start winning. We’ve learned this past year that top flight recruits did not buy into the “It’s Indiana” message and that Crean will have to show significant improvement and a winning atmosphere before 4 and 5 star recruits regularly sign with IU.

    One way teams can get to younger recruits is to hire a young up and coming assistant coach. Crean took that opportunity and went a different direction by hiring McClain.

    As we enter this third year of Crean’s tenure his accountability will rise.

    What we will see next year is finally an IU team that is deeper and more experienced. Crean’s true coaching style and decision making will be examined very closely by us and the media.

    I’m already looking forward to this coming season. It’s going to be a wild ride.


  22. The guy that runs Scoop is from Pennsylvania….One of the lead writers on Inside the Hall is from Georgia.. Many of the fine homegrown basketball players from our state don’t give a hoot about wearing the cream and crimson…They say it’s because we aren’t winning anymore…We have to start winning first…blah…blah…blah…Go to Butler! Go to Purdue!….Wait to wear candy-stripes until the magic wins start to appear from Mr. Crean’s magic wand…Now why in hell should you expect sportswriters in training from Timbuktu to have any emotional bond to our heritage? I think it’s because we can only find the out-of-state journalists with 2-stars of Hoosier passion until we start winning again.

    No wonder the old fogies in Assembly Hall cheer louder than students. Xbox games, text messaging, standing in line to be the next American Idol, slobbering over the Facebook pictures of your friends…Who has the time? Who has the time to give a rat’s ass about your meaningless basketball team that probably couldn’t convince the grandson of a future Bobby Knight pallbearer to come suit up for the Hoosiers.

    And we pretend Crean came in here wearing a Kelvin Sampson straitjacket. That was a lost battle…The war we may not win is the lost Hoosier pride that existed long before Sampson drifted into this tumbleweed village of college hoops deadheads.

  23. Ha…

    The “old fogies” do not cheer louder than the students.

    If I recall, the “old fogies” are the ones who refuse to stand and make noise behind the basket when the opposing team shoots free throws.

    There are several thousand students on campus each semester who would take issue with your statement that Hoosier pride has been lost on them.

  24. Ajax wrote on April 13, 2009 8:55 PM:

    I was in school to see the Van Arsdales. What a pleasure it was as they were as tough as any players I have seen. Jimmy Rayl was incredible. He would fly into the corner and release his high lofted shot that would not rip through the net until he was sprawled on the floor out of bounds. 25-30 footers were the norm for the ‘splinter’. I sat in my bedroom keeping score of the game when he scored 56 to beat Minnesota. George McGinnis was the most awesome high school specimen I ever saw. He was a man amongst boys. He regretted leaving before ever having the chance to play for Knight. Had he stayed two more years IU could very well have added two more championships teaming with his high school buddy Steve Downing. I met a tutor for Jay Edwards. Jay told him he would not leave early. Everybody but Jay knew it was the wrong thing to do. Too bad he did. And Damon Bailey played center in high school because at 6′ 3″ he was the tallest player. He had a wonderful career at IU but I always felt if he could have played guard in high school he could have been even better. Having loved Indiana basketball since the ’53 team I have barely begun to talk about the great Hoosier players. But I’ll stop now. Ha Ha.

    Bob Arnold wrote on April 13, 2009 10:57 AM:

    Tom Scwartz (45) was an ideal center for IU’s basketball team at 6’5,215 pounds. In his freshman year, he led IU to a second place finish and also played football for Bo McMillin. When IU BB coach Branch McCracken returned from service, he told Tom to rebound and start McCracken’s famed fast break rather than engage in set plays. Then there was a disagreement between McMillin and McCracken as to which sport he should play. Tom finally decided to drop both sports. He did and graduated in 1950.
    I interviewed him for my book on the ’45 football team. He was a gentle kind man
    with a physique to match. Too bad he wasn’t given the chance to excel at IU.


    Where’s your Hoosier pride? Where are your stories? Do you have any favorite memories? Favorite games? Where are the names attached to memorable games of Hoosier teams that have touched you to be such devoted fan? Where does the passion come from?
    I dug out a couple bloggers comments from the vast wasteland the internet. It took only a few minutes to find..I typed “Steve Downing and George McGinnis decide to play for Indiana” into the search bar….I checked out and opened a few different links….Eventually ended up at a Hoosier Insider piece from April ’09 about the long list of previous Indiana Mr. Basketball’s to play for the Hoosiers. I enjoyed reading the blogger comments….Many went back long before my earliest days a Hoosier fan.

    Do none of us have any wonderful stories to tell anymore? We hear every dug up fact and statistic and comparison between various coaches successes and failures and breakdowns every facet a recruit’s game and the stars and his ranking and the never ending tit for tat of everything squeezed in between of every plus and minus of every coaching decision ever made and then more bickering and then more hankering…and then I wonder if ever a Hoosier fan exists again to be satisfied the day to just simply go to Assembly and cheer and find one tiny reason for a moment’s happiness worth thanking.

  25. TC,
    My favorite game is the 87 championship. Steve Alford hitting 3’s from all over the court, and of course the keith smart shot. That team was a thing of beauty… funamentally sound, hit their free throws, tough man to man d. You even had a guy coming off the bench in joe hillman who averaged over 40 a game in high school.
    Syracuse had more talent, that is for sure. Just wasn’t the better team.

  26. Question for dougy boy:

    How does signing a Juco make Crean realize that he is going to miss on the 2012 big recruits….by signing a Juco he opens up another scholarship for that class? If he wasn’t going to get anybody, then he was better off waiting for Noreen.

  27. No matter how you cut it, he was better off waiting for Noreen.
    I guess we now have our roster for the next 2 years. We are out of scholarships all the way until 2012 unless we do some house creaning.

  28. 4guards-


    Thanks for being a fan for so long. There must be a lot of games and players you’ve enjoyed since that day our last championship…Most my Hoosier memories are just a big blur.. Some of my favorite times are from recent years when I was lucky enough to take my daughter to some games…We attended the 2002 Regional game against Duke In Lexington and stumbled upon the IU pep rally before the game..I remember standing arm’s length from Myles Brand..He seemed a very kind man. A cute cheerleader bouncing with energy was so welcoming she put her arm around my daughter for us to get a snaphot..How quick the last eight years have gone.

    I’m not the biggest fan of Tom Crean…I wasn’t the biggest fan of Bob Knight. I remember when Reagan was shot and I was afraid the game would be canceled or programming preempted. Horrible, but true. Let’s give Tom Crean a chance. We have some great kids wearing the cream and crimson..I think for the most part we had decent kids playing for Sampson(albeit some that took the privilege of college for granted). Youth is very fleeting, and cliché it may be, but so is happiness tied merely to winning…I don’t think we should get so hung up on all the details that we forget the only thing ever really stolen is time. It’s a bit strange in all the discussions about Neguda, the name of Jason Collier was forgotten.

  29. Many games and players I have enjoyed since the last championship.
    Still sore about Henderson’s injury, but loved the early 90’s teams with Cheaney, Bailey, Henderson, the Graham’s, Nover, Evans. Good times.
    You picked a good game to go on the IU-Duke one. I was actually in Panama City at the time watching that game. People in the hotel were bringing us newspaper clippings the next day. Guess we got a little loud because everyone knew we were IU fans.

  30. I won’t steal more time/space on the blog today, but I have the most amazing story about how I got the tickets to the IU-Duke game…I also have the complete game on VHS…Someday I’ll bore to tell a tale a little more.

    Panama City?…Sounds exotic and interesting.

  31. There is Panama CIty in Florida, too. I would bet that this is the one that 4guards is referring to; he doesn’t seem like the type who would ever obtain a passport.

  32. 4guards represents about the worst type of “fan” there is: the Walmart fan. He wants wins, he wants glory. He wants them now. He doesn’t understand that it takes time. He just doesn’t.

    Tom Crean on the other hand represents the total opposite, in a coach. Sure he wants to be paid top dollar, and sure he wants it now. But he at least understands that all of this takes time. He simply does.

    In between: the truth, the passion, the tradition, crumpled and abandoned like candy wrappers on Halloween night. Three more years of genuine Tom Crean basketball certainly have the potential to become memorable. So far two his first two years have resembled this most.

    It’s all about loyalty. Come on, folks! Let’s give him time! Time and top dollar — is all he’s asking for.

  33. If he has another sub .500 season and misses on Zeller and Davis, he isn’t getting another 3 years. He just isn’t.

  34. Terry,

    I would argue that people the guys are Inside The Hall have more passion for the program than any of us. I mean they have dedicated their time to running a blog based solely on Indiana basketball.

    Do you know how much time it takes to run even a moderately successful blog? It take a ton of time and passion and ITH is a very successful one.

    I think they have plenty of passion for the program.

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