Live at Sembower Field

End of Game

Walker Stadler gave up a single but that was all. The Hoosiers take Game 1 of this crucial series 11-5.

Bottom of the Eighth Inning

Indiana goes down 1-2-3 with three flyouts. Walker Stadler is coming in to start the ninth. Hoosiers still lead 11-5.

Middle of the Eighth Inning

Drew Leininger is starting to wear down, and right fieder Pete Capetta took him yard for a two-run blast to left field to make it 11-5. However, he induced a 6-4-3 double play and then another play to escape without the damage getting worse. Indiana still leads 11-5.

End of Seventh Inning

Kimes put two Indiana runners on, but got through unscathed. Indiana still leads 11-3 and Drew Leininger is staying in the game in the eighth.

Pitching Change, Bottom of the Seventh Inning

We’re up to 11 Indiana runs, all of them on homers. Catcher Dylan Swift lifted a three-run blast over the left-field fence for his first collegiate home run (which caused everyone in the dugout to come out and pound his helmet) making it 11-3 Indiana. Unsurprisingly, that meant Brian de la Torriente had to come out for Corey Kimes, Illinois’ only left-handed pitcher.

Middle of the Seventh Inning

Drew Leininger breezed through a 1-2-3 inning in eight pitches. With the Indiana bullpen in the shape its in, this is crucial for so many reasons. Hoosiers still lead 8-3.

End of the Sixth Inning

Indiana now has eight runs and has scored all of them by way of the home run. Shortstop Ethan Wilson hit his second home run of the day, then left fielder Alex Dickerson crushed his Big Ten-leading 23rd of the season, a two-run blast that makes it 8-3 Indiana.

Middle of the Sixth Inning

Illinois finally got to Drew Leininger again, but a double play assured the damage didn’t get worse. The Illini led off the inning with three straight singles with catcher Adam Davis’s hit plating designated hitter Aaron Johnson. Third baseman Brandon Hohl laid down a bunt to third base and Brian Ritz allowed Hohl to reach with a high throw to first that pulled second baseman Micah Johnson off the first base bag. Second baseman Christian Cummins then drove in another run with a sacrifice fly. However, shortstop Josh Parr grounded into a 1-6-3 double play to end the inning, allowing Indiana to escape with a 5-3 lead.

End of the Fifth Inning

Center fielder Tyler Rogers reached on a single and moved to second but was stranded. The Hoosiers still lead 5-1.

Middle of the Fifth Inning

Drew Leininger walked the first two batters he faced, but shortstop Josh Parr was picked off and Leininger struck out two batters to escape. Indiana still leads 5-1.

End of the Fourth Inning

Brian de la Torriente did his job on one pitch, getting Dickerson to fly deep to left. Hoosiers still lead 5-1.

Pitching Change, Bottom of the Fourth Inning

The matchup with Illinois seemed to bode well for Indiana’s left-handed hitters, but it’s actually the righties who are pounding the Fighting Illini. Michael Earley hit his second homer of the game, a solo homer, and shortstop Ethan Wilson blasted a two-run shot. With two outs, Illinois pitcher Lee Zerrusen walked three straight batters. Instead of letting him face Alex Dickerson with the bases loaded, the Illini instead brought in right-hander Brian de la Torriente. Indiana leads 5-1.

Middle of the Fourth Inning

Drew Leininger put two runners on in the fourth but picked one of them off and stranded the other at third. He also has four strikeouts, which is pretty high for him. Indiana leads 2-1.

End of the Third Inning

Indiana first baseman Jerrud Sabourin reached with a single but was caught stealing and Illinois right-hander Lee Zerrusen retired the other two batters he faced in the innings. Indiana still leads 2-1.

Middle of the Third Inning

Indiana gave up a run but avoided disaster. Illinois shortstop Josh Parr, center fielder Willie Argo and first baseman Craig Lutes opened the game with three straight singles, Lutes being a perfect bunt down the first base line. Left fielder Craig McMurray grounded to a 6-4-3 double play, which allowed Parr to score, but Indiana pitcher Drew Leininger sruck out Illinois designated hitter Aaron Johnson with a wicked breaking ball to escape without any more damage. Indiana leads 2-1.

End of Second Inning

Indiana center fielder Tyler Rogers and third baseman Brian Ritz led off the inning with bunt singles, but shortstop Ethan Wilson grounded into a 5-4-3 double play, then catcher Dylan Swift grounded out to end the inning. Indiana still leads 2-0.


So they bumped this one up to 2 p.m. I learned about this at approximately 2:05. But we’re here now.

So here’s an update. Michael Earley hit a two-run bomb to left field in the bottom of the first to make it 2-0 Indiana. Drew Leininger’s pitched two shutout innings so far. I’ll post the lineups as soon as I get a chance.More as it comes.


1. Willie Argo, cf

2. Craig Lutes, 1b

3. Casey McMurray, lf

4. Aaron Johnson, dh

5. Pete Capetta, rf

6. Adam Davis, c

7. Brandon Hohl, 3b

8. Christian Cummins, 2b

9. Josh Parr, ss

P-Lee Zerrusen, rhp


1. Micah Johnson, 3b

2. Jerrud Sabourin, 1b

3. Alex Dickerson, lf

4. Michael Earley, rf

5. Josh Lyon, dh

6. Tyler Rogers, cf

7. Brian Ritz, 3b

8. Ethan Wilson, ss

9. Dylan Swift, c

P-Drew Leininger, LHP