Live from Sembower Field, Kentucky at Indiana

End of the Tenth Inning.

Michael Earley doubles off the wall, Dylan Swift scores from second, Alex Dickerson from first. Indiana wins 18-17. Wow. There are no words.

Middle of the Tenth Inning

Kentucky is ahead again. Catcher Marcus Nidiffer had a bloop single to left to score first baseman Lance Ray, who had stolen a crucial base with two outs to get in scoring position. The Wildcats had runners at first and third, but Chris Squires got his third strikeout of the inning to keep the deficit at 17-16 going into the bottom of the 10th.

End of Ninth Inning

And the madness that is Indiana’s season continues. After center fielder Micah Johnson led off with a walk, first baseman Jerrud Sabourin struck out. But then, fittingly, Alex Dickerson came through with his Big Ten leading 21st home run of the season. Right fielder Michael Earley grounded out, but then catcher Josh Lyon blastednan offering from Kentucky closer Matt Little to tie it 16-16. Indiana put on two more runners it couldn’t score, but the Hoosiers still sent it to extra innings. Unsurprisingly, Chris Squires is into pitch and Dylan Swift moved behind the plate.

Middle of Ninth Inning

It took a lucky call, but Indiana got out of the top of the ninth unscathed. Kentucky second baseman Chris Bisson grounded to short and Ethan Wilson pounded his glove with the ball one too many times and Bisson appeared to beat it out, but they gave it to Wilson. Indiana down 16-13 going into the ninth. Top of the order coming up.

End of the Eighth Inning

No, this one’s never over. Second baseman Tyler Rogers had a two-run triple, third baseman Brian Ritz had an RBI single (he’s 4-for-5), then shortstop Ethan Wilson had a two-run homer. All the sudden it’s 16-13. Indiana has it’s top of the order coming up in the ninth.

Middle of the Eighth Inning

Dylan Swift got through the eighth facing just four batters, inducing a 5-4-3 double play in the process. Kentucky still leads 16-8.

End of Seventh Inning

Indiana loaded the bases and Kentucky had to make a pitching change to put in Mike Kaczmarek, but Micah Johnson bounced out to end the inning. Kentucky still leads 16-8.

Middle of the Seventh Inning

Swift survives by getting the first batter he faces to ground out to third. Kentucky still up 16-8.

Pitching Change, Top of Seventh Inning

Matt Igel had a tough outing. Casey Smith had it a little tougher. The former Bloomington North star walked the first batter he faced. The next three Kentucky hitters went yard. First baseman Lance Ray hit a two-run shot and he’s now 4-for-4 with two homers, a double and a triple and five RBIs. Designated hitter Braden Kapteyn and catcher Marcus Nidiffer both followed with homers. Smith got two outs but hit a batter and walked another. The Hoosiers bring in Dylan Swift, the every day catcher, and are down 16-8.

End of Sixth Inning

Even with three of its biggest bats, Indiana fails to answer. Kentucky gets by unscathed with a 1-2-3 inning against Jerrud Sabourin, Alex Dickerson and Michael Earley. 12-8 Kentucky.

Middle of the Sixth Inning.

You could say Kentucky broke it open in the sixth if you had any reason to believe a four-run lead means that much in this game. Kentucky first baseman Lance Ray tripled in a run and is now a single a way from the cycle. Center fielder Kenny Wiley drove in a run with a perfectly placed drag bunt and right fielder Neiko Johnson added an RBI single. Kentucky now leads 12-8.

End of the Fifth Inning

Catcher Wes Wilson managed a single, but other wise, Kentucky escaped the inning unscathed. The Wildcats still lead 9-8.

Middle of the Fifth Inning

Matt Igel’s afternoon didn’t start well. The first pitch the IU left-handed reliever threw was pounded over the right field wall by Kentucky first baseman Lance Ray. Center fielder Kenny Wiley and second baseman Chris Bisson added RBI singles and Kentucky leads again,9-8.

End of Fourth Inning

And Indiana takes the lead back. Shorstop Ethan Wilson followed a double by third baseman Brian Ritz with his second RBI double of the game. Center fielder Micah Johnson had an RBI single, left fielder Alex Dickerson drove in a run with a sacrifice fly, and another runs cored when right fielder Michael Earley reached on an error and first baseman Jerrud Sabourin scored from third. IU leads 8-6.

Pitching Change, Bottom of Fourth Inning

After Joe Devine gave up a double to third baseman Brian Ritz to start the inning, Kentucky replaced him with right-hander Walter Wijas. Kentucky still leads 6-4.

Middle of Fourth Inning

Neiko Johnson isn’t in the game for his bat. The man can fly, stealing 23 bases on 24 attempts this season, and he can find a way to get on base (.393 OBP), but hitting, not so much his strong point. He was batting. .156 coming into today.

But he’s the biggest reason Kentucky has the lead back. Johnson ripped a one-out, bases loaded double to score two runs and tie the game at 4. Second baseman Chris Bisson followed with an RBI groundout and left fielder Chad Wright drove home a run with a single to left. Kentucky now leads 6-4.

End of Third Inning

Indiana tacked on another run on an RBI single by Tyler Rogers, but the Hoosiers got too greedy. Rogers strayed too far off first base, then decided to try to draw a throw and create a run down to try to score Josh Lyon. It almost worked, but Lyon was thrown out at home. Indiana leads 4-2, though.

Middle of Third Inning

This game is moving much quicker than I expected, which means it’s probably about to get ridiculous. Regardless, Walker Stadler got through his second 1-2-3 inning in a row, this tie needing just 11 pitches. Kentucky first baseman Lance Ray ripped a hard two-hopper at IU first baseman Jerrud Sabourin, but Sabourin made a nice backhand stab to end the inning. 3-2 Indiana.

End of Second Inning

Indiana got two-out lightning in the second. Third baseman Brian Ritz had an RBI single, followed by an RBI double by shortstop Ethan Wilson, followed by an RBI single by catcher Wes Wilson. Indiana goes up 3-2.

Middle of Second Inning

When Walker Stadler throws strikes, he’s in good shape. Case in point, the second inning. Six pitches. Three outs.  Kentucky still leads 2-0.

End of First Inning

The wind is really blowing out at Sembower tonight, so it’s hard to imagine that this will continue to be the case, but Kentucky right-hander Joe Devine got through his first inning unblemished, getting Micah Johnson and Alex Dickerson to fly out and Jerrud Sabourin to ground to first. 2-0 Kentucky.

Middle of the First Inning

Walker Stadler gave up two first inning runs thanks to control problems and wind issues. The Wildcats scored their first run when first baseman Lance Ray it a twisting fly ball to center field that understandably confused Indiana’s Micah Johnson, playing center field instead of his typical third base. Stadler walked three batters in the inning, and the Wildcats got their second run on an RBI groundout by catcher Marcus Nidiffer. 2-0 Kentucky.


Obviously, this isn’t quite the rivalry it is in basketball, and managers treat non-conference games in May as meaningless as can be, but it’s still Indiana-Kentucky.

The lineups

KENTUCKY (26-21)

1. Chris Bisson 2b (.343 4 HR 27 RBI)

2. Chad Wright, lf (.238, 2 HR, 34 RBI)

3. Gunner Glad, 3b (.258, 11 HR, 41 RBI)

4. Lance Ray, 1b (.345, 6 HR, 20 RBI)

5. Braden Kapteyn, dh (.279, 5 HR, 27 RBI)

6. Marcus Nidiffer, c (.286, 8 HR, 23 RBI)

7. Keenan Wiley, cf (.314, 4 HR, 30 RBI)

8. Taylor Black, ss (.288, 9 HR, 30 RBI)

9. Neiko Johnson, rf (.156, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 23 SB’s)

P-Joe Devine, rhp (0-1, 11.25 ERA, 2 k’s in 4.0 IP)

INDIANA (23-22)

1. Micah Johnson, cf (.310, 9 HR, 33 RBI)

2. Jerrud Sabourin, 1b (.408, 6 HR, 43 RBI0

3. Alex Dickerson, lf (.424, 20 HR, 63 RBI)

4. Michael Earley, rf (.329, 10 HR, 28 RBI)

5. Josh Lyon, dh (.343, 9 HR, 27 RBI)

6. Tyler Rogers, 2b (.339, 3 HR, 24 RBi)

7. Brian Ritz, 3b (.296, 2 HR, 7 RBI)

8. Ethan Wilson ss (.258, 4 HR, 11 RBI)

9. Wes Wilson, c (.276, 1 HR, 3 RBI)

P-Walker Stadler, rhp (3-4, 5.98 ERA, 35 K’s in 49 2/3 IP)