Negedu commits to New Mexico

This was first reported Friday by and we didn’t really chase it with Indiana already out of the picture, but here’s the Associated Press story on Emmanuel Negedu’s commitment to New Mexico by way of

Just to refresh the memories, Negedu came to the United States through Mark Adams’ A-Hope program and played with the Indiana Elite AAU program. He chose Tennessee over Indiana, but his career was halted last September when he suffered cardiac arrest following a workout. After having a device surgically implanted in his heart, Negedu was cleared by Tennessee’s doctors to play but not by the school’s administration. Negedu met with Indiana’s doctors and officials when considering a transfer and again, he was not cleared to play by the administration.


  1. Good luck to the young man and to UNM.

    Hopefully he will remain healthy and do well. Who can blame him for chasing a dream if the doctors give an ok? I am fairly sure they will be watching him extra closely. Nobody needs another tragic death in college sports.

    All that said, I can see why some administrators would be hesitant to allow him to play.

    Does anyone out there know if there is a precedent for an athlete playing with the device this young man is using? I haven’t followed his story that closely.

  2. it cracks me up that this sites favorite poster said 100 times that it was too risky to take him and how IU would never come back from the kid passing away on the court and blah blah blah and now Negedu goes to our favorite poster 4G’s Coach Alford…ironic as Hell!!!

  3. Kevin, a Belgian footballer had one installed and then had a heart attack during a match. There’s a YouTube video of the defib shocking him back to life on the pitch:

    He survived, but I understand the administration’s position–it’s a really scary thing to watch, and it could happen anytime. I was happy to have Negedu so interested in us, but you can’t fault the administration.

  4. Interesting to say the least J Pat. Agree with your assessment. Glad that IU did not take a chance on this kid. In and older post I laid out the last instance of a kid playing with a pacemaker. That didn’t end up too well. The player (Rhett from South Carolina) lasted about a year and a half. A scary collapse during a game forced the school and doctors to pull him permanently. We will see how this plays out.


  5. J PAT, amazing how truth is always stranger than fiction and it usually bites you in the butt.

  6. Funny HC! PB…in the end it is the best because I would have been nervous watching him play every game. Wish him the best!

  7. Now after the fact , all the Crean Apologists are happy because he didn’t come here. So predictable.
    I am happy he didn’t get accepted here too, but I said so all along.

  8. So far as I can tell, no “Crean Apologist” said anywhere on this thread that they were happy he didn’t come here. What people are commenting on is the irony that your hair gel hero signed him after you have been so adamant about the danger this kid could possibly pose to a program’s reputation. Per the usual, when you had no good answer you tried to be slick and turn it around in an attempt to dodge the issue… And made yourself look like you have the reading comprehension of a ten year old child. Congrats…

  9. anyone else find it weird/scary that a kid with a heart condition is going to play at altitude?

  10. Alford is rummaging for scraps; even after a 30 win season, he could only pull 1 top-150 player in his 2010 class.

  11. It is hilarious that you are dogging on Alford for getting a stud in Kirk out in New Mexico, but what about Crean for not being able to land a player near Kirk’s caliber at a school as rich in tradition as Indiana?
    As far as Negedu, some of you seem to be under the false impression that I really care what goes on out in New Mexico. I just like the coach, couldn’t care less about that team. Also, glad to see Negedu is getting his chance somewhere, just glad it wasn’t here.

  12. “nervous watching him play” JPAT
    “glad that IU did not take a chance on this kid” PB
    “I can see why the administrators would be hesitant” Kevin

    This is the stuff I was saying from the beginning, after the fact all the Crean Apologists are agreeing since we didn’t accept him.

  13. Alex Kirk is a big white oaf who plays high school ball in the formidable and top-tier state of New Mexico (LOL). 4tards really has a thing for these types.

    It will be fun to see him get stuffed by Guy this year.

  14. 4G, wait a minute. I wish he signed with IU, I still do but what I am saying is that I would have been on edge watching him play. 2 very different things!!

  15. Since when is being big a bad thing? Why does it matter what race he is? You say white like it is bad.

  16. In a way I’m glad this kid is getting a chance to live his dream and play college ball. But, you have to wonder if you’re doing the kid a favor by enabling him to take this risk. And I have to wonder if a coach with an ethical foundation, other than a desire to win at all costs, would have taken this chance. If I hear Alford talk about “God’s will” in relation to Negedu’s health, it’s going to be God’s will that I throw up.

  17. kurk,
    You must wonder if Crean has an ethical foundation then, because Crean wanted him at IU.

  18. I’m glad the guy’s getting the chance to play ball again. If enough doctors clear you then teams should be able to give you a chance. Alford clearly has control over his program and can sign who we wants. Bottom line Negedu is better than Michele.

  19. JB- How is that the bottom line? Is that the end-all, be-all, final argument for all basketball related discussion?

    Negedu is better than Michel. There it is. Thanks for the heavenly wisdom, pal. By the way, you and 4tards are getting pretty close. Be careful- L’accent will get jealous.

  20. 4guards,

    Wasn’t a real fan of the possible Negedu transfer from the beginning and spoke up about it in previous posts. The heart thing is just too much of a risk.


  21. 4centers — Negedu was a top recruit. He was picked up by a major program. He wanted to play for IU. We took a guy from Idaho that no one has ever heard of.

  22. JB- we needed size in the middle more than a cardiac kid from the scrap heap.

    Elston and Watty are our forwards and they will eventually be the best front line in the conference. Capo and Pritchard are capable backups. Negedu would be behind them all.

  23. How is New Mexico of the Mountain West = to a Major program by accepting Negedu(with a heart condition)after he was rejected to play by two programs previous?
    The MW is not the ACC-B10-SEC-BigE-B12-Pac10-cUSA.

  24. Ranked top 10 in the country and conference received 3 bids to the tournament. That is how.

  25. …and then in the big dance promptly folded like a freshly bathed newspaper…major program, maybe in a pigs butt…

  26. Fabulous metaphor there with the newspaper, Clarion. The MW’s best could barely stay within 3 touchdowns against a #11 seed from the Pac 10 in a down year.

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