Noreen still visiting, but next week

Jerry Noreen, the father of Minneapolis Transitions forward Kevin Noreen, said his son is still scheduled to visit Indiana despite Guy Marc-Michel’s signing. However, he said there was a misunderstanding between the two parties and that Noreen will be in Bloomington next weekend instead of this weekend.


  1. Well, you know, how it’s early in the week and you tell your friend next weekend but you really mean this coming weekend but your friend thinks you mean the weekend after this coming weekend because, you know, that would be the “next” weekend, not the weekend a few days away but…you meant…er…uhhh….

    geez, look at a calendar, guys.

    My feeling is he won’t visit, let alone commit. NU bound.

  2. What up wit dat? He ain’t coming, now or ever. Why would he want to come in and compete with that Michel dude? He’ll get no pt cause we go Michel who will parlay his 7pt production into top minutes at IU. Go Hoosiers!!!!!!!

  3. Pure Incompetence….. Doesn’t keep in touch with Plumlee or Ferrell, can’t even figure out which day Noreen is supposed to be here… then to top it all off signs JobeIII.

  4. I’m not sure which is worse:

    A) Signing a guy that can’t score at the community college level
    B) Coming to grips that Bawa is not as good as Michel
    3) Michel will take a slot away from a 2011 Indiana kid

  5. Seriously, do some of you mental giants actually think you know more about basketball than Tom Crean? Do you really think that? Look around you. What do you see in your environment that would indicate that you know more about basketball than he does?

  6. 4guards—

    Please do us all a favor, including yourself, and slit your wrists.

    And just to be sure, drink a bunch of anti-freeze beforehand.

  7. Be funny to see Michel walking down the streets of Btown and accidently step on 4guards face on the way to cook hall.

  8. Laffy, he likes being a lonely troll with no credibility. He is no more an IU fan than I am a martian neurosurgeon.

  9. Chet-

    You’re an IU fan living in Duke and Tar Heel country? I know what you see in your morning sports page environmnet. Make me puke every sunny day I roll out of bed.

  10. Here’s to the Hoosiers having a Goran Dragić coming out party next year!…Wow. Did anyone else catch the Suns vs. Spurs game?…Wow. The game of basketball never ceases to amaze…10 of l4 in fifteen minutes….26 points all in the second half….Goran who? Wow.

    A pot of hot water can look so quiet on the brink of boil.

  11. I doubt we’ll ever be able to steal the show from 4goats…Looks like he’s gonna be the center ring act at the Scoop circus for some time to come. Even with Clarion monkeying around on his back, I still think they come to watch 4goats walk the “hate Crean” and “love my Hoosiers” tight rope. Ringmaster Korman is doing a hell of a job.

  12. 4 guards:

    Steve Alford is not coming here. Accept that, and you’ll be much happier.

  13. Hell he doesn’t want to be happy. He actually thinks showing his personal and outrageous disdain for Coach Crean will help get him fired sooner than later. He has taken surveys that verifies more people agree with him than do not. He also has a relationship with a major donor that holds the same goofy thoughts. He certainly has a swelled up feeling about himself. He enjoys being a lonely troll.

  14. Doesn’t keep in touch with Plumlee or Ferrell…

    Mmm that is strange..

    March 30th….yogi ferrell on twitter…The New IU building is legit…

    April 20th….yogi ferrell on twitter…Open gym was cool, coach weber and coach buckley were there today….

    May 4th…yogi ferrell…Just got off the phone with Coach Crean

    4guards I know you as a Purdue fan would love to have Crean go Sampson style while your team up I65 continues to fail in recruiting in the state, but please don’t let the facts get in the way of the truth!

  15. You obviously missed the quote from Ferrell’s dad.
    Hutch is reporting that Noreen cancelled this visit due to the signing of Michel and that recruitment is over. Not sure which report is correct.

  16. Ferrell dad might want to talk to his son, they are giving conflicting reports! Not to mention, I think Crean is recruiting Yogi, not dad….

    Noreen takes up another scholly and takes it out of the pot for 2011 and 2012, if we get him great, if not I am fine with that too….

  17. You idiots that think just because Crean is the head coach he is some sort of basketball genius really need to take off your crimson colored glasses. Yeah if we had a good squad and we wanted to sign a project to develop I’d be all for it. But pretending this Gee is somehow a good sign is literally insane. We wouldn’t even wait to have Noreen visit! You have to be kidding me. Crean is whiffing hard this off-season. He is signing the kid just to sign someone. Why?? Because he is feeling the heat. Even Crean knows he has about 2 more seasons to show up at the NCAAs or he is done. Probably why he wanted the tournament expansion so badly. A lot easier to be the 96th team than the 64th. Get real Chet.

  18. IU used to have a size problem. Now we have two 7′ players and four 6’9 players plus a gym full of 6’5 guys! I like both Bawa and Michel, but you have to put them IN THE GAME! No more excuses, win 20! Go IU!

  19. Who is the IU Basketball “Big Man Coach”??? We have talent. We need to develop that talent!!

  20. Hard to realistically evaluate Ferrell when he doesn’t see a lot of competition against larger high schools..Park Tudor was defeated by Wheeler 41-38 in the 2A title game. I grew up in a very small town in northwest Indiana and went to a high school with graduating classes that averaged about 300 students…We used to completely annihilate Wheeler(132 graduates in 2009) in basketball games. Just watched a YouTube clip of Ferrell at the Spiece Run-n-Slam and saw a whole bunch of dribbling and a good amount of less than crisp passing..The jump shot is suspect and added strength is needed to be legitimate threat to score when getting in the lane.

    The Upside: He could catch a rabbit in a field of winter wheat..He looks very quick and can stop on the dime..He moves on his toes and fronts the basket with total court vision..Can change gears and get to the basket to draw defenders. At times he stirs up memories of a great point guard from our Hoosier past..I saw flashes of 1981…He moves with a confident bounce in his step…a snapshot of Isiah Thomas sparked across the synapses of a long ago championship banner day. I guess that’s a pretty good upside.

  21. I decided to actually post something relevant to basketball…just wanted to let Korman have a nice Mother’s Day.

  22. Crean is signing a kid just to sign someone…
    Why didn’t he offer Offut a scholly….
    That statement made NO sense. Crean has 8 more years IU will NOT fire Crean since they are still paying knight, davis, sampson….not to mention…that would be stupid to fire him.

    You want Noreen but you still have NO defensive presence in the middle if you add him…NONE. I am sure Wisconsin would love that or maybe MSU. In his second season Crean had a top 8 recruiting class in the country…how soon we forget. He added depth at the wing and a solid perimeter defender…oh wait defense doesnt show up on you tube…never mind!

  23. TheRegion:

    Crean didn’t offer Offutt a “scholly” because the Big 10 doesn’t allow transfers within the conference.

  24. TheRegion obviously has no clue what he is talking about just by saying why didn’t he offer Offutt a scholly. You just make yourself look bad.

  25. Ferrell’s coach at Park Tudor is top shelf. He’s coached in the NBA, good all around teacher and guy. Ferrell’s development because of his coach, should have Yogi at a high level by the time he enters college. Aside from his size he should be a safe bet to be one of the best guards in the country.

  26. What’s going on at Kentucky seems like some guy robbing a fur store in July and then walking around town later that day in a fur coat. The NCAA rules group has just got to be sharpening their knives before they gut that program.

  27. Nate “The Skate”-

    Thanks for the added info on Ferrell. Future Archibald?

  28. I am sad that there are “fans” who have given up on coach Crean. The program was left in shambles because of the win before character attitude of the previous coaching staff. The program will not be rebuilt in a matter of two or three years these kids need time to grow and mature, coach Crean will bring us back, but he will do it the right way and in time! He is a top notch coach and time will show fair weather “fans” that he is the right fit!

  29. I agree w/ you nmag4,It seems some posters just like to complain period. I hope they are not that negative in all areas of their sad lives. I would find a new hobby.

  30. 4guards, do you really have such a boring life, that all you can do is post idiotic comments on here? Grow up, these threads are for big boys. It must be a really nice life being so pessimistic all the time, im sure glad you arent my friend!

  31. NMAG4 if even 1/3rd of the idiots on here would take the time to read and think about what you said, they would increase their IQ by twofold. I agree 100%

  32. 4 guards you can have any kool aide you want if you become and illini fan and give weber the same sort of grief, because your attitude is not helping IU’s situation.

  33. Yeah 4guards your attitude really isn’t helping build the program LMAO! If you would just clap really hard three times while screaming “It’s Indiana” the program will be turned around in no time. These guys will look for any excuse to tell themselves signing Gee is a good thing…who knows maybe next we can beat out Indiana State for a highly touted recruit.

  34. JB your missing the point we can’t judge the guy before he even steps on to the court, because of the damage sampson did, top 50 player would rather play else where, we need to build then win, and after that those kids will come back to indiana, instant gratification isn’t going to happen, example being calipari who has always had great classes but yet never has won a title!

  35. The job of recruiters and coaches is to absolutely judge the guy before they offer him a scholarship. Now granted I am neither a coach or recruiter but it seems to me like our scholarship situation was already limited and if they are talking about this guy starting then yes I am worried. I was excited about Crean and the 09 class and I’m still looking forward to November but I just think at this point we should’ve waited untill after the Noreen visit, I mean what was the rush. Yeah we might still get him but I highly doubt it. I just feel like we’re out there swingin at any pitch that gets thrown at us instead of waiting for the right one.

  36. Have we heard from the staff that he is projected to start? I think that’s premature. I am not a coach, but I am guessing there might be a transfer of a big man an guy is insurance. Either way we will be better, creek alone will help! Syracuse had no top 150 players on there roster this year. My point is give these guys a chance to do there jobs before we all declare this a loss.

  37. Syracuse has a great coach. That is not a good comparison. The only good year Crean has ever had, he had D Wade on his team. I think a good coach could have won the national championship with Wade, Diener, Novak, and Jackson on the team…not get blown out by 33 points in the final 4. Boeheim won it that year with a FRESHMAN Carmello Anthony leading the way.

  38. First post. Former Bloomington resident. Grew up going to every home game, watching the others on Channel 4 or listening to Don Fisher when there was no TV broadcast. Still watch every game now that the Big10 channel exists. Which is fantastic for a non-Indiana resident to follow the hoosiers. And Dave Revsine is excellent.

    Most of the negative posters here and elsewhere have not followed IU very long. And it shows in their comments. Nearly all of the negative posters fail to see the forest for the trees.

    When Crean came in, his first job was to clean up the program and get good kids who go to school and graduate. He has earned an A+ in that regard. At the same time, he brought in a great recruiting class with some kids who can play. A+ in that regard.

    I’ll enjoy watching IU play and grow this year. I’ll expect to see IU win games in two years when Jones is a senior and Creek, Watford, Hulls, Capo and Elston have significantly more experience and are stronger and battle-tested in the Big 10. I’ll expect a run for the NCAA tournament. It will be nice if some of the younger (incoming) kids develop between now and then. And I think Roth will be a solid contributor as well.

    Yes, Pritchard took three steps backward this year. We have not seen much of Bawa, and Tijan was not up to IU’s normal standards. But Crean’s job was to clean up a mess. He did that in a way that I respect and I am proud of the way the players have represented IU. I am far happier that he took care of that business first (rather than bringing in better players of questionable character to get a couple of extra wins). I can live with the losing for three years if that is what it takes. I could not live with even one year of poor students who get into trouble and think they are above the rules and the coaches. VJIII has developed into one hell of a player. If he improves this much next year, he will dominate. Hulls improved in all aspects over the course of the year. Elston also developed significantly, as did Capobianco.

    Everything I read and hear is that Coach Crean is building and repairing bridges to the IU high school and AAU programs. The list of players he is contacting and who have IU high on their list is undeniable proof that he is working hard in that area. Posters who complain that he has not scored big yet are being short-sighted. If we whiff on the class of 2011 AND 2012, then the complaints will be justified. Until then, the complaints are unjustified. Hulls, Elston and Etherington are good Indiana players to build on.

    I expect to see improvement next year. .500 overall, 6 wins in Big Ten. More is a bonus. significantly less is a disappointment.

    In 2011-12 season, we should be good. If things go well, we could be very good and be in the top 20 most of the season. 10 wins in the Big 10 should be the over/under.

  39. The Indy Star-Hutch, did report that Michel would be given the opportunity to earn the starting 5-spot, and not be a 10 min/game guy. I feel that Bawa deserves the same opportunity. IU is now a very talented and very deep team! Creek will be tremendous; Watford and Elston will be very good; Jones keeps getting better each year; Hulls was very solid as a freshman and you KNOW that he will get better every year; Roth can shoot and knows what the coaches want to do; Sheehey and Oladipo are the best athletes on the squad; Rivers really improved his free throw shooting the last 6-7 games and will be motivated to show in his last year that he can be a difference maker on the court; both Capo and Pritchard are big and strong and have some experience; now we have two talented 7′ players; if Offutt comes to play, he and Danny Moore give us two excellent walk-ons. We need a “Big Man” coach to really develop what we have now. Let’s win 20! Go IU!

  40. 4guards,

    Do you think that offering a JUCO like Michel rather than continuing to pursue Noreen is a result of the scholarship logjam everyone has been worried about the past few weeks?

    Given those constraints and perhap a love for Zeller (or Hammons, etc.) coming down the pipe, which you seem to share, might this decision not seem rational (especially if physically the JUCO is more able to help us immediately, and if we get a Zeller or Hammons we don’t need that help in the middle down the road)?

    I’m not always 100% sold on Crean, but I also don’t subscribe to the notion that he has no plan/doesn’t understand basketball after years of coaching (and learning from the likes of Tom Izzo, etc.).

  41. Spanky-

    First post? Thank you. An honest and well thought out breath of fresh spring air. Most on this blog either want to push Crean off a bridge or handcuff themselves to his wrist.

    The injury to Creek was a storm even a more experienced roster would have difficulty weathering…Look what happened to Purdue after the loss of Robbie Hummel. We will be a Hoosier team with more depth…more athleticism around the rim…more inside presence for second shot opportunities..more experience at the point guard position….more outside shooting coming off the bench…more learning curve adjustments for our coaching staff to develop a style of game to win in the Big 10.

    Our team will grow stronger and the clouds shall break.

  42. nmag you wasting your time trying to talk to JB and 4guards. They are morons that just want to whine about everything. It wouldn’t matter who we had at IU they would probably complain. They probably want Bobby Knight back.

  43. thinking,
    Noreen could come in and play right away much better than this kid can. Noreen has a very high basketball IQ while this kid has only been playing a few years and is clueless to what is going on. He is a project we don’t have time to develop since he only has 2 years left.
    We now have no room for Zeller or Davis. If they want to sign, Crean either has to say no or run some people off….

  44. I know you’re just trolling for attention because your mommy never hugged you, but how can you say he’s “clueless” when he was considered one of the top prospects in Europe and led the league in blocked shots?

  45. Seems like others have their doubts as to whether Noreen is physically (what I was asking about) ready for the post in the B10 right away. See, e.g. Tubby Smith.

    I myself was a little surpised to see that we went forward with signing Michel, but I guess it seems reasonable that a rational, competent staff could find Michel more likely to help immediately in the post for 2 years, which is what we clearly need (and again, with the prospects coming up, may not need so much in 3-4 years once Noreen gets his man body).

    Whatever your concerns about Michel, signing Noreen would lock up the scholarship you are upset about losing for 4 rather than 2 years. At a minimum taking the gamble on Michel keeps open a spot for Perea or Hammons in 2012 (he’s even from Indiana…presumably a plus for you).

    Transfers will need to happen to make spots for Davis and Zeller if they pick IU (who in that order would be my priorities for 2011…although maybe a developing Hulls is our rebuilding PG).

    Time will tell if Michel is in fact able to help now, but I remain convinced that there is a plan in place.

  46. You think there aren’t coaches that believe Michel is not ready for the Big10? Come on now. Noreen would have been our best recruit in this class, and most ready to play right away. This is our worst recruiting class I can remember.
    Everything I see, all signs point to Michel as being raw and a project, not ready to play right away. The kid averaged 7 pts and 7 rbs in JUCO out in Idaho. How do you think that will translate to the Big 10?
    Yes, I would love to land Zeller, Davis, or Hammons. Perea I am not sold on yet, but would be better than most our players I guess. Also, I am yet to see anything worthwhile come out of AHOPE.

  47. Ok, has everyone forgotten about George Leach? Granted, the guy couldn’t dribble a basketball to save his life, but he did two things very well, rebound and block shots. He made us a MUCH better defensive basketball team, and was a force in the middle. Teams had to think twice before taking it to the rim when Leach was back there, and he changed the opponets whole approach offensively. Leach was by no means a dominant player, but he was a game changer. I think this kid can do the same for us. With Jones, Creek, Watford and others we have enough guys who can score, what we need is a space eater in the middle. A guy who can go up and get the rebound and block the big shot. I hope this kid is him. You guys have to understand that every kid we sign is not going to be a 5 star McDonalds All-American kind of guy. You need role players, guys that can contribute without being the center of attention. Most college teams rotation is at most 8 deep, with the starters playing 30 plus minutes every game. Just look at Duke, they won a championship with 3 big time players surrounded by role players. Crean’s just trying to add pieces to the puzzle, surround our best players with solid contributors. So shut up and let the guy do his job. What pisses me off the most is all you people who are bashing him now will be the same ones singing his praises when he starts to win. Stop being a bunch of fair weather douche bags and stand behind your team, or go root for Kentucky.

  48. Never suggested that coaches won’t find Michel is not yet ready for the B10, only that it may not be beyond the pale for ours to find him more physically prepared (relatively) to help right now (as a 5) than Noreen, who by all accounts doesn’t have much beef on him yet and may not be of much need to us by the time he gets his body to the level of a B10 post man (if he ends up at NW, for instance, I suspect he won’t see too much of the post, at least not right away). We apparently found the gamble worthwhile in the context of our scholarship situation and with Hammons or Perea, et al coming down the pipe in 2012.

    So returning to my first inquiry, I was just curious to see if, in that context, you would grant that there could be a reasoned basis for the offer. As one who generally reads this blog to pick up tidbits of info and rarely writes or engages in the back and forth with with fellow armchair warriors, I suppose I grow tired of your hyperbole and wanted to know if you would even concede that much. (although I realize in many ways you probably just enjoy getting some of the more vociferous Crean fans worked into a lather).

  49. I should add, to be fair, that 4guards isn’t this only one prone to hyperbole (see e.g. Mattsi4, et al)…his/hers is just the most consistent.

    I’ve said my piece. I’ll now go back to reading/lurking and less writing.

  50. Pop the smug cork. Out the voice comes the stopped-up hyper bolecrap.

  51. Everything I have seen/read , Noreen is much more ready to perform right away. Michel has only been playing the game for a few years. Raw and project seem to be the top 2 words to describe him. Noreen is arguably the best player to ever come out of MN at the high school level.

  52. Although everyone deserves their own opinion, the amount of negativity on this site is ridiculous. As an IU alum who was in college the last time IU won the National Championship, I am as disappointed as anyone with where the program currently is, but that has nothing to do with TC. Crean did a remarkable job recruiting in his first couple of seasons, and is doing as well as one can expect considering the mess he was left with. I think with the addition of the new facilities and a couple of classes under his belt, 2011-13 will be a great transition time for IU basketball. If Crean doesn’t have IU back at the top of the big ten by then I will be the first to criticize, but to take a program from scratch (which is what he did) and expect to be a national contender in 3 years just doesn’t happen without cheating. If thats what you want we should have just kept Sampson, or offered Cal more money than UK to come to IU. Let TC work his plan and rebuild the program the right way.

  53. Hoopsfan – IMO, I don’t think you have to be a national contender in 3 years. I think you have to be invited to the NCAAs by the end of the 4th season. To me that is a realistic goal given the state of the program after Crean took over. I might seem negative in my posts but it is only out of frustration. I’m tired of missing out on the Big Dance, I had to sit though that with Davis and now have to sit through it with Crean. It isn’t a “fair weather fan” situation because I will alway cheer on the Hoosiers no matter what.

  54. 4guards,

    The “great coach” at Syracuse of whom you speak coached there for 27 years before he was able to win a national championship.

    And I agree that he’s a great coach.

    Tom Crean has coached at IU for 2 years. Slight discrepancy.

  55. To add to that Casey, Boeheim’s team of course lost in a championship game and they lost in a Final Four if I recall correctly. But this is info that does not support a negative bias.

  56. And to add to THAT…

    He didn’t reach his first Final Four until his 11th season as head coach.

    I make no predictions about how Crean’s career will unfold, but I think it’s ludicrous and inconsistent to relentlessly bash Crean for not being able to restore our program (in the midst of one of its lowest points in history) in TWO seasons, and then turn around commend a coach who needed almost three decades at the same school to win a championship.

    It’s proof that building a powerhouse takes time — even for coaches 4guards deems “great.”

    It’s fine to not like Crean. It’s annoying to be completely unreasonable about it.

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