Offutt commits to Ohio

Former Warren Central star Walter Offutt confirmed Sunday afternoon that committed to Ohio University over a walk-on offer at Indiana.

Offutt, a transfer from Ohio State and Wright State, said earlier that he would commit to Indiana if he got a favorable financial aid package. Because he’s a former Big Ten player, conference rules do not allow him to receive an athletic scholarship if he transfers within the conference. Ohio recently offered him a scholarship, and during his visit to the MAC school in Athens, Ohio this weekend, he committed to the Bobcats.

The biggest factor in his decision to go to Ohio, he said, was his relationship with coach John Groce. Groce recruited Offutt to Ohio State when Groce was an assistant coach with the Buckeyes.

“That pretty much sealed the deal,” Offutt said. “Obviously coach Groce told me ‘Don’t just pick Ohio because of me,’ but that was obviously a big factor. But they have some other things going for them. They have good players there and and they’re continuing to recruit. Also, they have a sports management major that I’m looking forward to majoring in and that’s going to be a great part of my future.”

Offutt said that he tried to ignore the fact that he would be a scholarship player at Ohio and a walk-on at Indiana. He said his parents told him to make the best decision for him regardless of what it would cost them. However, he admitted it probably did play a role.

“I couldn’t really say how much of a factor it was,” he said. “In the back of my head, it probably helped me more than I would say. I guess it’s kind of an X factor. Being a walk-on or a scholarship player, that’s a tremendous difference. I don’t know how much it factored in, but I was just trying to make the decision that was best for me.”

In the end, though, Offutt said his decision was primarily based on the opportunity to play for Groce again.

” This is no offense to coach (Tom) Crean,” he said. “I think he’s a good coach for IU and it seems like they’re going to be getting better each and every year he’s there. But if I went there, I’d be a walk-on and not on scholarship player. He has a lot of scholarship guards and a lot of scholarship players on the team and as much as he says it won’t be a factor, you never know. I’m going somewhere to play for the coach that recruited me that knows the best of my game all the way to the worst of my game.”


  1. Huge surprise. When he started talking a week or so back that Ohio offered to same opportunities I knew it was over.

  2. I will root for Walter. Seems like an honest kid. Its hard to turn down a scholarship and a chance to start right away at Ohio with Bassett leaving early for the draft.

  3. this kid verbaled to Ohio State very early. He has passed on IU more than once. He has had some tough luck with injuries. He could have helped us this year but the lure of the MAC was just too strong.

  4. He wouldnt have helped us that much Jam. He was an athletic talent in HS, but after two rebuilt knees he’s no longer that kid. Would have been an upgrade over Moore, but thats it.

    I’ve probably spent more time typing this here then this matters either way.

  5. This is a top-100 player with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. He would’ve been relatively low on the depth chart to begin the season, and forced to play very hard to crack the regular rotation. He would’ve pushed our starters every day in practice to achieve that, and that would make our other players better. He absolutely would’ve helped us. I think it’s silly to say he wouldn’t have.

    That being said, it’s not the end of the world. Like most recruits, there’s more where that came from.

  6. Anybody who says he wouldn’t have helped us is just sour grapes. He probably would have been the best pickup out of our entire 2010 class, especially the way our scholarships have been mismanaged.

  7. he didnt come because iu couldnt give him a free ride. ohio gave him an athletic scholly so thats the end of the story. why go thousands into debt to play at iu? dont blame him.

  8. This is a no brainer. You can’t have hard feelings toward this kid. I hope he does well at Ohio. They have at least one guard position open now, anyway.

    Thanks for considering us…we’re used to being in the weddings, but never wearing the gown.

  9. Very short-sighted on his part. Over the course of a lifetime, what he would have spent to attned IU and play in the Big Ten is peanuts.
    I doubt it is much of a loss – I feared he would end up as another Dumas anyway. Good luck to him.

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