Roberts keeping IU in top 3

As D’Angelo Roberts’ recruitment continues to gain momentum, the North running back continues to hold in high esteem the school that offered him his first scholarship.

Indiana remains in Roberts’ top three, the junior wrote in a text message Monday afternoon.

Roberts declined to name the other two schools.

Indiana offered Roberts on Oct. 13. He was the first junior that the Hoosiers extended a scholarship invitation to.

Since then, he has kept Indiana high on his list, even as schools with grander traditions became interested in the record-setting back.

Eight Big Ten schools (the lone exceptions being Ohio State, Northwestern and Illinois), Florida, Ball State, Western Michigan and Western Kentucky have all been on North’s campus in recent weeks.

Ohio State and Illinois have expressed interest in Roberts previously (he went on an unofficial visit to Champaign, Ill. last fall).

I will link to the rest of this story in tomorrow’s Hoosier Morning.


  1. This is another positive sign as to what instate HS FB talent thinks of the IU staff.

  2. Let’s hope this isn’t some type of smoke and mirrors. This kid dominated the state of Indiana in the state tournament, he just ran all over teams, including my alma mater Decatur Central. In the three games he played he ran for almost a thousand yards. This kid could be something special, lets just hope it’s at IU.

  3. I wouldn’t mention what instate HS FB talent thinks of the IU staff unless they sign. Could care less if we make a top recruit’s final 3 if he goes somewhere else. For all I care, he could have us 15th instead of 3rd if it doesn’t end up being 1st. Let’s hope it is 1st, though.

  4. It makes a big difference as to what those young players think. It shows this staff has set priorities for the state and is working that plan. That is how you get the talent you want to sign. Much like the(early)eight verbals we have now for 2011. Unlike the old days when IU got what was left over after the inventory was picked clean. This staff is aggressive in their recruiting plans.

  5. Coming to IU will be a great sign for Lynch and his crew. We dont need another Finch episode, so Im hoping Roberts signs with IU

  6. But you have to “get” them. Let’s hope we do. Otherwise its just a failed plan.

    HC, when exactly were the old days? Hep? DiNardo? Cameron? Mallory? Before that?

    Aggressive? I would certainly hope so. They need to be. They get paid to be. Their future probably depends on it.

  7. Kevin,

    Your criticism is easily debunked. The recruiting plan has been working well and steadily improving. The recruiting classes of 05-06-07 brought us 14 recruits ranked 3 stars or higher. The recruiting classes of 08-09-10 total 49 recruits ranked 3 stars or higher. We signed all the verbals for 2010 but one. Lost three verbals the year before that. That is progress and improvement very easy for someone with an open mind to recognize and comprehend. No matter who the past coaches have been, low ranked recruits were abundant on their rosters and we still have too many to this day. Even Mallory had a hard time filling the full compliment of scholarships his last three seasons. That was part of the reason Cameron was brought in was for the recruiting reputation he had at Michigan. I congratulate this staff for successfully executing what you list as something they get paid to do.

  8. Clarion,

    You have debunked nothing, because my post was not critical, if you read it that way that’s your take. All I said was that I hoped we signed the good players that we were recruiting. And I was wondering where you were going with your ‘old days’ comment. Thank you for clarifying.

    As for your data, the numbers at do indicate that we are getting more 3 stars the past 2 seasons, but no 4’s or 5’s. Prior to that (2002-2008)it appears that recruiting was fairly constant. What is the source for your ratings, and who are the 4’s and 5’s that you have found?

    Here are the results:

    Year 3 stars Total
    2010 11 25
    2009 13 19
    2008 5 20
    2007 5 20
    2006 5 21
    2005 3 25
    2004 5 26
    2003 7 25
    2002 3 21

    Interestingly, Tracy Porter had no ranking next to his name in 2004.

    I have been in attendance for every home game the last 6 years, and several road games as well, have followed the team closely, and like to think that I do have an open mind to the IU football situation.

    I’m open to the possibility that IU may be headed toward another poor season, or maybe this will be the year we will see some solid improvement as measured in the W-L columns.

    I have seen and do continue to see some things that concern me as a FAN and alumnus. I am not a coach or an expert. Just a fan entitled to an opinion thankful for a blog to read others’.

  9. Your asking about 4 and 5 star recruits is bewildering as I made no mention of them. You have debunked yourself by using rivals as it is not a source of accurate info, being mediocre at best. I being a newcomer to the blog in the last year, have been following and supporting IU since the 50’s. I see the organization(staff)of this football program along with the AD’s efforts to be in the best position for W/L improvement than in anytime in 41/2 decades. I do commend you for being a supporting fan.

  10. “total 49 recruits ranked 3 stars or higher.”

    Did you just mean 3 stars? 3 stars from whom? Just curious. You don’t like as a source…ok. What’s better in Clarion’s opinion?

    Not looking for commendation or denigration, just clarification.

  11. Sorry, one more question if I may. Best position for W/L improvement this year? You expect it this year? (4.5 decades back does include the Rose Bowl year.)

    I hope your right.

  12. Again you are the only one mentioning 4 and 5 stars. I do not understand your issue on this. My posts clearly do not have those two numbers in them. I cannot be of help on your issue.

    Rivaals for years has lowered a recruits rating after the player commits to IU. Simply shows their bias against IU football. They may have developed bias from years of our BB reputation under RMK. If that is their problem, then apparently their only method of dealing with it is to form a bias. But they are no longer reliable to use for accurate info by me. But if you have faith in them, have at it. So I read many other info offerings and depend on my memory. Old people have much better memory retention and capacity than we are given credence for.

    As far as the Rose Bowl team, those players were recruited and assembled during 64-65 and 66. Which by my finger count gets in shotgun distance of 41/2 decades ago.

    How do you like the look of the updated stadium? It has a WOW factor few others have unless they are huge, have storied tradition or blue turf. The image displays optimism about the priorities given to the FB program by the administration. It is no longer neutral or a negative to recruiting. That investment along with some marketing and the schedule put a lot of new and old fans in seats last year.

  13. Final post on this thread.

    The new stadium is nice. I sat in it all last year.

    Congratulations on a good memory. I go back a ways too. Not as far as you apparently, but almost.

    Your post on 5/12 mentioned “3 stars or higher” twice. By “or higher” I thought you meant numbers higher than 3 which would be 4 or 5 on anybody’s finger count. I was just curious about your facts and where you got them. It would be great if we had a bunch of “higher than 3” star players.

    You don’t name a source you like better than Rivals, and I am not an authority on these sites, I thought you would name one for me.

    You can’t commit to your expectations for W/L for next year? I thought you were going to, and I hope you are right. It would be great to watch a winner in our wonderful new stadium.

    You have really ripped on some people in the past on the blog for not being substantive in their posts, and I just wanted to understand where you are at. Since we are not getting anywhere, I’ll just wish you well and move on.

  14. As to your comment about my ripping, I do so when posted facts and info are not accurate. When it comes to predictions we are all on equal footing(slippery)and I normally refrain from posting the fortune telling that I do mentally. Hang on while we are gathering 3 star commits, because this staff is evaluating and offering rides to those higher caliber players you and I both want for the success of this program. I am certain it is only a matter of time.

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