1. After reading Rabjohns article, I get the feeling Crean is losing out on Offutt now as well.

  2. Kinda hard to compete with a school that is offering a scholarship. Can’t blame Crean for this one 4boy.

  3. 4guards…I guess Offutt’s family isn’t flowing with cash like you must certainly be. Surely that’s Crean’s fault, right?

  4. The Wear twins, two McDonalds All Americans, are transferring from North Carolina after only one season. That Roy Williams must be a total loser and a dirt bag. After all, he managed to only win 5 conference games the year after winning a national championship.

  5. Who do I blame? A week ago Offutt was all IU. Obviously the Ohio coaching staff has made better use of this time than Crean.

  6. Peegs is reporting Negedu was not cleared by Indiana admin. He will be looking for another program.

  7. Offutt said things look really good on the financial part of IU. He also said Groce is recruiting good players.
    Looks like Negedu was cleared by the doctors, but not the administration.

  8. coachreportertalentevaluatorfortuneteller4disreguards, those are the most stupid and negatively biased posts you have ever made. Ever. Ever.

  9. Hotel boy is having a hard time handling the facts. I guess that is part of being a Crean Apologist.

  10. All right Hi Flyer, I doubt there is one person who agrees with your first two posts because what are facts to you is simply BS to everyone else.

  11. After reviewing my first post,
    You don’t think anybody else who read that article feels like we are losing Offutt?
    I would say you are wrong once again. Just more mudslinging.

  12. I’ll make it real simple for you. What is the better scenario accept a school’s full ride scholarship to play ball or borrow money to go to school and walk-on to play ball. But that is not how framed it. To you it is simply Coach Crean’s fault he accepts the scholarship over a walk-on invitation. Again nobody will agree with your biased BS.

  13. The Offutt situation certainly sounds more fluid now and it would suck not to get him to IU. But, if IU’s financial aid package includes whatever level of aid + student loans (which has been mentioned as part of the possibilities), then he would ultimately have to re-pay a portion of the “aid”. That said, a full ride scholly to Ohio is a better financial proposition and supplments the fact that their coach is the guy that recruited him at OSU.

    At that point, how is the situation Crean’s fault? He doesn’t work in the financial aid office. Do you want him to start using $100 handshakes and associating with WWW? This is based purely on Big Ten rules, not Crean. If you can’t admit those facts then you are purely a hater.

  14. There you have it coachreportertalentevaluatorfortuneteller4disreguards, no support for your biased BS from fwa. Enjoy your loneliness because you have earned it.

  15. Once again Offutt said things look REALLY GOOD on the financial part of IU.
    “Indiana is struggling and not where they used to be”
    He says Groce is recruiting good players and they will be in the tournament.
    Sounds like more than a financial decision to me.

  16. Offutt situation

    1. Not an even playing field, have to pay or not have to pay.
    2. More playing time at Ohio U.
    3. If he goes to IU, 4guards will be in his ear about how IU should be recruiting 5 star guards and that he should transfer.

  17. You gotta love it when administrators think they know more than multiple doctors. On another note…its been said before but why won’t Rivers give up his scholarship to help out the team? Offut was a slam dunk a week ago! This has been a seriously WEAK recruting season for CTC.

  18. I think everyone would…..but “Walk on” is the key word….he has a scholarship offer at a school that he will most probably get a lot of playing time.

    I’m actually kind of surprised IU is still in it.

  19. Sooner or later we all need to accept the reality that Crean is going to need to have a winning season with the pieces he currently possesses before things pick up.

    The class of 2009 continues to be his most important recruiting class, and my bet is that by the time these guys are upper classmen we will be in really good shape.

    For the moment we should be thankful that we at least got two top-150 guys in Sheehey and Oladipo, and Etherington in the pipeline.

  20. I do find it interesting that Offutt talked about his knees being 100% and wanting to prove himself, then now it sounds like hes going to a lesser program. I understand that they are offering a scholarship, but it does say IU’s package was Really Good.

    For a kid who wants to prove himself, who used to be a high level recruit, and no doubt has to at least have hopes/dreams of playing professionally somewhere I don’t think you can make it as black and white as they are offering a full ride.

    It’s easy for everyone to say now, but no one making that point said as much a week ago when we were talking about him being high on Indiana. He had a full ride from wherever he is transferring from and he is still leaving there and said he wanted to come to IU, so it’s not just about a scholarship.

    One would have to think that after seeing arguably OHIO’s best player in the last 20 years be projected to not get drafted even before he was arrested (Bassett) that even a mediocre IU team has to give you a better shot at getting noticed for the NBA.

    If you think you are 100% and can be a difference maker in the Big 10, then helping turn a program around would get you noticed much more than playing at OHIO. They had to win their conference tourney as a surprise to make it this year, IU could be 5th in the conference and get an at large bid fairly easily.

    Basically, I really hope we can persuade him to come here. We need better bench players. Practicing against Brett “I’ve been going to Sports since my Freshman Year” Finklemeyer can not be making our guys any better. We need players as walk ons.

    I won’t be mad at the kid if he chooses a scholly at OHIO, but I will be disappointed we can’t use him. This isn’t a rant on Crean, I don’t think hes technically allowed to even talk/recruit Offutt, or there’s some strange rules in place I know that have been mentioned. Just saying what I think, and hope he considers as trying to weigh a scholly against his aspirations.

  21. Why do you people give this 4guards the time of day? He should shut his computer off,get a job ,and pay off his student loans. After all he’s been out of school for ten years now.

  22. Seriously….why won’t the Rivers family help out with the scholly situation?? Does that kid really need the scholarship? They would really be doing a good think by helping out someone who is obviously not as fortunate as they are. Or maybe Rivers is afraid of losing PT. Who knows.

  23. You are right Ram, he sure is no IU fan with his negative bias.

    Hoagland, maybe Offutt will realize your theory is correct by Monday.

  24. JB,

    It has nothing to do with having a scholarship or not. IU does have one available. Big Ten rules will not allow IU to take a transfer from another Big Ten school.

  25. So, does anyone know what the REALLY GOOD financial aid package is? Does it include any level of student loan? I suspect the answer from everyone on here is: NO and I DON’T KNOW. As I initially stated, if it does, the financial aspect is better at Ohio and money talks. BTW, the quote in the Rabjohns article says the meeting went well. No where does it say the financial aid package looks really good. Where did you see the package looks really good?

    Anything else the kid says is just talk. They like to be able to justify their decisions in their own minds. Offutt also mentioned that Groce recruited him to OSU and that “player-coach relationships don’t get any better than me and John Groce.” Why is that not the most important of the statements that he made, 4guards? Why did you only choose quotes you did…because you think they support your position best? Clearly, there are no rational discussions with you because you are selective in your use of vs. ommission of facts.

    Hell, I’ll even agree with you…it’s not a good situation for IU. BUT, my point is only that it’s not Crean’s fault.

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