Today’s plan of attack

First of all, thanks for being here. There are tons of places for adidas May Classic coverage, and we appreciate you clicking your browser on over to our part of the sandbox.

Secondly, let’s go.

Here is the Herald-Times schedule for today. As you can see, last night’s games were updated with scores and links to Hoosier Scoop stories about the prospects. That will continue throughout the weekend.

We will continue to blog in the same fashion as we did last night, but we will also be utilizing Twitter.

Dustin Dopirak will be stationed at Assembly Hall.

I will be at Cook Hall for much of the day.

And Ryan Winn is going to be bouncing between Twin Lakes and Bloomington North.

Everyone got the plan? OK, hands in … break.


  1. Basil Smotherman? I want this kid to be a Hoosier, if for nothing else, the delightful fun his name. “It’s time for Basilball”… “Smotherman playing a smothering man-to-man”….”His name is Basil”?….”No sh**, Sherlock“.

  2. That king of coaches Steve Alford does it again. What a great situation – an administration which looks the other way on a kid with a damaged heart. “Only in New Mexico” as they say (who says that?). Guess 4nads has been right all along about the Coach with a Halo.

  3. Basil Smotherman sounds like somebody who shot at peach baskets and jumped ball after each made basket.

  4. Hey, Rob. Lay off Alford. His 3 seasons of 20+wins and popularity at N. Mexico may not be good enough for IU to hire him, but some of us still feel it is detined some day.

  5. Esurb – you’ve turned blue in the face from holding your breath so long. Word of advice – give it up and inhale something other than 4nads stale air.

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