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Indiana coach Tom Crean spent the weekend in Las Vegas. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • In Vegas, Tom Crean focused on the one player that he has been recruiting since day one at Indiana: Cody Zeller, Chris Korman writes.





Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”


  1. The silence is deafening from all of you Aaron Thomas groupies. A month ago he was being idolized on here. What happened?

  2. Well, 4guards, we can always count on you to break any silence (even welcome silence). And I still wouldn’t mind seeing AT in candy stripes, so I guess I’m not going to be quiet. Sorry.

  3. I am headed to The Baltimore Sun to oversee the Sunday sports section, enterprise reporting and a general interest sports blog.

    I’ll be here until Aug. 13.

  4. Congrats on the new opportunity. It is a shame you won’t be here to report on Crean’s firing after the season and the pursuing coaching search (Alford or Stevens).

  5. Good luck Korman — You’ve consistently provided us with thoughtful and thorough coverage in your time here. I’m sure you’ll do the same in Maryland.

    I’d leave too, after dealing with the IU fanbase for any period exceeding three hours — especially with some of the regulars on this blog.

  6. Hey Chris, What happened to all the “disloyalty” outrage from the H-T when Carlino bolted from likely IU basketball hell under St. Crean. Under that same argument, aren’t you being disloyal to the H-T in pursuit of what you understand as being in your best interests? Sounds like a little liberal hypocrisy to me.

  7. Casey,

    Thanks. Have always enjoyed talking with you.


    I don’t remember calling Carlino disloyal, nor did I ever feel as though he owed something to IU. It was a verbal commitment. Nothing more.

    Like Carlino, I’m also going back to the part of the country from whence I came and getting closer to family.

  8. CK,

    Getting to go back home on your own terms is always a good thing. Whatever you might have learned about BB while in the Hoosier state I hope you will put to good use.

  9. Are you secretly taking the Colts back with you? Did you break HT’s zero tolerance policy and grab a frosty mug too aggressively? Is it Dopirak’s “Das Boot” cologne? Did you tell Hugh you downloaded an Adam Lambert song?

    Thanks for putting up with me, Chris. All kidding aside, I’m willing to bet the Sun will shine brighter with Chris Korman. Good luck.

    Downing’s 5th

  10. Chris, You can’t leave dude!!! don’t let 4guards run you off…LOL
    But seriously, good luck to you, I will miss reading your colmuns and the live game chats with you.

  11. Does aaron thomas fill any need at IU in 2011 or 2012. He is a very good talent, but the priority need positions are penetrating PG and post.

  12. 4guards,

    By your initial comment I’m guess you did not like the recruitment of Aaron Thomas? So, then wouldn’t you have to say Crean is doing a good job by cooling off on him and focusing on positions on need (pg & pf) with the remaining two (1 + the oversign) ’11 scholarships?

  13. Region and BGleas both make good points…

    Another question: Does this mean the Chats during the games are going away…hopefully DD can keep that going.

  14. Congrats, Chris, and good luck…thanks for all of your info, thoughts and articles along the way!

  15. Hey Jubilee, we’re definitely going to try to maintain everything Chris started here, because he’s obviously accomplished a lot in Bloomington. Once we get a new sports editor in, he’ll obviously put his signature on the place, but the plan is to keep what’s worked and the game chats have obviously been popular. I don’t think those are going anywhere.

  16. Korman is leaving to get away from the biggest retard on the net: 4guards

    Good luck to you.

  17. Good luck in Chocolate City Mr. Korman. Rewatch all the episodes of The Wire before you go … that’ll get you in the right mood for action at the Sun.

  18. BGleas,
    No, I did not like the recruitment of Aaron Thomas. I am glad we have cooled on him. Most of the people on here disagreed with me though and they are silent now. They would rather blindly follow Crean’s every move than stick to their own beliefs.

  19. Good luck to C.K. I don’t think this is anything close to a final goodbye, though. There is internet in B-more last time I checked, and if anything, C.K.’s departure from the Herald Times will give him greater liberty on the Scoop to clown around with Engel and Eline using their various pen names.

  20. You mean like the way you blindly follow Steve Alford even though he has accomplished less than Crean has as a head coach?

  21. Hey Korman,

    I am a Baltimore native and post on the Baltimore Sun talk forum all the time. I’m the only poster with an IU reference for a username so wont be hard to find.

  22. Most of the Wire takes place in the ghettos of West Baltimore.. Stay on the East side of the city (Fells Point, Canton, Federal Hill) or in the county and you’ll be good.

  23. Korman, I really enjoyed reading your chats with the fans and I hope you have continued success in Baltimore. Going back East to be with family and friends sounds like a real perk in your journey through life. I have always been a big fan of the Sports Editors at the Herald and you carried on the solid tradition with great style. Also, I really liked the other journalists that you worked with and it seemed that had a great time together.

  24. Why are you leaving Korman? Were there any irregularities in the recruiting of Hugh, Dustin and (especially) James Brosher? Were you too busy winning to notice that the three mentioned above were quite high most of the time (especially Brosher)? Will there still be a Herald Times in Bloomington? Did you in fact realize that everything will be falling apart once Kyle Taber left?

    Seriously — we will all miss you.

  25. Chris, you did a very good job in Bloomington. The crew that you assembled, Dustin and Hugh, complimented your style and added their own. Congratulations on the promotion and good luck. I’ll see you at the IU v PN St football game, I’ll be in red/white will you be in blue/white?

  26. Thanks, BeatPurdue.

    I do hope to make it to that game. I doubt I will wear blue and white. I’m proud of Penn State and my degree. But I had to deal with covering the football team there, and it became a professional relationship. That’s still how I approach JoePa and his team.

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