A :( edition of our Thursday chat, 11 a.m.

Every week I post a link for our Thursday chat, and usually throw in a quick line about the usual place and usual time. All very regular, like we would go on this way forever. Like Thursdays would always be there for us to come back to, no matter what was happening. Like we knew that, in a chaotic and uncertain world, one thing was true.

Well, this is my last one. So it is with heavy heart that I will try to answer for the 13,798th time since arriving here four years ago a question about whether a couple of teenage boys will opt to play basketball at Indiana.

I hope you will be there. These have been such an enjoyable part of my work here.

(And, who the hell am I kidding? You know I’ll show up at these things in the future.)


  1. Korman,

    Thanks so much for years of great coverage. Always enjoyed reading your columns. I commend you for navigating the demands of the Hoosier Nation with relative grace. As you know, we’re a rather…passionate fanbase.

    You’ve always managed to provide honest answers to some tough questions, even when the answers weren’t as rosy and simple as we’d hoped they’d be. I know you’ll carry that same approach to Baltimore.

    My pre-chat question is, after having covered Indiana athletics for several years, will you still pay attention to what’s going on in the world of the Hoosiers?

    Oh, and a funny tidbit – I roomed with a former intern of yours from the Doug era: Brian Buckey. He spoke highly of you both.

    Thanks again, and best of luck at the new gig.

  2. Chris
    FWIW: I grew up in Bloomington, went to IU (twice) and still consider it my home. I think you have acquitted yourself well during your time at the Herald-Times (or as it was known, the Herald-Telephone). Hope you continue to drop by this place from time-to-time (both the great city of Bloomington and the cyberspace of the H-T)
    PS- I hear Ro*Tel goes great with crab cakes

  3. Casey,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I’ll definitely continue paying attention to Indiana sports. Not just because some of my best friends cover them, but because I know the stories so well. I want to see how they move forward.


    Thank you. Crab cakes ala Ro*Tel on me if you ever get to town.


    I’m headed to The Baltimore Sun as an editor. I’ll have a blog there, so you will still be able to read whatever it is I choose to write about. Likely first post: Did you know the Ravens coach has a brother-in-law who is a college basketball coach? Let me tell you about him.

    FYI, I will surely write some sappy, overwraught goodbye on the Scoop in the coming days. So you may save your parting shots until then if you’d like.

  4. Chris,
    Best of luck in Baltimore. Having spent a little time there, it will be quite a change for you. Don’t bring up the Colts, some folks are still a little touchy about that. Enjoy the adventure.


  5. Korman, please know that I have really enjoyed the work you have done on this blog. I went through some health issues at the time I started on the HT blog and I am not quite sure what I would have done without you and the blog. Good luck in all you do and yes…come and visit once in a while. If you want to meet one last time at Nick’s, let me know and I will buy the first round…

  6. About time you took your fat liberal snooty Lord Baltimore butt back East.
    May a severe case of the runs await you from spoiled dollop of 4tardersauce served atop your crab cakes.

    A goodbye gift:
    Take a trip down to DC one early Sunday morning..Go to Dupont Circle(near Georgetown) and experience the best jumbo lump crab cake you’ll ever taste…And what could make it even better? The vendor’s name is Chris!..This is my goodbye gift to you. Keep a place in your heart for the Indiana Hoosiers.

    Good luck Korman.

  7. Chris what are you going to do in Baltimore? Whatever, congratulations. We will miss you. Thanks for all you have done in letting us know about these pimply faced kids. Sorry you are leaving when we are on threshold of something very special I think. When we hang the next banner at Assembly Hall I hope you will be able to be there or watch on TV. Best of Luck!

  8. Good luck Chris, maybe we’ll run into each other at the PSU v IU game at Fed Ex.

    Remember, its not Louisville, its Lu-a-vull and its not Baltimore, its Bal’mer.

  9. Chris,
    Best of luck with the new poition. you’ve done a great job and I miss the great observations. I’m sure you will keep tabs on the Hoosiers. Feel that there’s a big turn around on the horizon. Baltimore is a great place with alot of sports fans. They produce some great basketball talent too!

    All the best; Luke72

  10. Chris: Got to say, I never felt you’d be hanging around B-Town for long–when somebody’s really good at what they do, word gets out.

    I’ll say it again: we need a pipeline to DeMatha, and I’m counting on you to be The Man.

    Slainte, as they say in County Cork.

    Dennis J. Reardon

  11. Good Luck and God Speed to you, Chris. I have enjoyed your work here. Will look forward to your blog at the Sun (hope its free for us tight a$$es). I fly thru Baltimore with some regularity and will raise my glass to you while relaxing between flights…

  12. Thanks for the effort CK.

    It’s always fun. Best of Luck in Baltimore.

    Be sure to wish all our best to the Ravens’ fans from all of us every year the Colts come to town!


  13. Chris:

    You will definitely be missed; however, congratulations on your new gig!

    I have had the privilege of working with you with the IU Men’s Soccer team a few years back, and of course, when I was with the IU Athletic Marketing Dept. You are definitely a class act. Keep in touch, man!

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