ESPN releases Big Ten schedule, IU has at least five ESPN games

Indiana is still likely a day away from releasing it’s entire 2010-11 basketball schedule, but ESPN put part of it out Wednesday by releasing its 2010-11 Big Ten lineup.

The Hoosiers will have at least five of their conference games televised on ESPN with the possibility for three more. Their first will be New Year’s Eve with a 6 p.m. home game against Ohio State on ESPN2. Next, they will play at Minnesota at 7 p.m. on Jan. 4, also on ESPN2.

The Hoosiers’ 9 p.m. game at Wisconsin on Jan. 20 will be on either ESPN or ESPN2. Their 4 p.m. home game on Feb. 5 against Iowa will also get either-or treatment. The 7 p.m. game at archrival Purdue will be on ESPN.

ESPN is keeping its options open for games at the end of the season, and the Hoosiers have three games that are part of “wildcard” selections. Those include games at Ohio State on Feb. 27, at home against Wisconsin on March 3 and at Illinois on March 5.


  1. The fact we don’t have every game on ESPN means Crean sucks and has ruined our reputation.

    Fire him now.

  2. We didn’t need ESPN broadcasts to become aware of this Laffy. I have been singing this song for almost 3 years now. We need to start the season on an 0-10 losing streak so that we can rid ourselves of this loser.

  3. I would never wish for us to lose, nice try. It would also be impossible to go 0-10 with all the cupcakes on our schedule.

  4. Easter New Mexico, Longwood, Detroit, Manchester, Dayton, San Diego…oh, wait. That’s New Mexico’s schedule.

  5. Hotel Boy, You may want to read what I said once again, since you couldn’t comprehend it the first time.

  6. The drift you missed 4tickturds is you called the non-conference teams cupcakes before the schedule was released. In other words more negative bias by you. The other point is “The Diviner of Albuquerque” has a non-conference schedule with more cake batter in it and icing on it than IU’s. It is easy to understand how he got 30 W’s when you figure he has such a pathetic non-con schedule to go along with a 2nd rate conference schedule. Some accomplishment. Much like his achievements at Manchester and SWMS.
    Maybe some day you will grow up and be an IU fan. But I doubt it.

  7. Chet,
    Since you are so concerned about NM,
    Eastern New Mexico and Manchester are Exhibition games.

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