Fanhouse: IU paying $700K to Arkansas State

Indiana will pay Arkansas State $700,000 to come to Memorial Stadium this season, Fanhouse’s Brett McMurphy is reporting.

Arkansas State, interestingly enough, is actually making $1.7 million off two games: it’ll get a cool million to play Auburn.

I am trying to find out how much IU is paying Towson for Thursday’s contest.

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UPDATE, 7:12 p.m.

Hey, Dustin Dopirak here. Just got off the phone with Fred Glass. He says the $700,000 figure for the Arkansas State guarantee is correct and the $750,000 figure he initially provided when the schedule was released in January was something of a misrememberance.


  1. Unbelievable. I am shocked. I mean, this might just be the usual sum that gets thrown around for these kind of deals, and as the average fan, we aren’t used to seeing it on paper.

    But it is shocking nonetheless. Doesn’t quite fit with Right Said Fred’s supposedly astute economic model for turning the Hoosiers around.

    I can’t help thinking – $700,000 would buy us almost a full year of a good, marketable coach.

  2. Arkansas St. isn’t that bad of a team, either. I watched them hang in there against Tennessee a couple years ago. Anytime you play a team from somewhere in the Southeast, they’ll be decent. Now Towson,that’s a different story.

  3. How is this “shocking”? This is pretty typical for when a smaller school plays at a BCS school.

  4. We actually reported this a while ago. I think the number we got from Fred Glass was actually $750,000, so $700,000 is actually discounted.
    The reason it was higher is Arkansas State had leverage. This is the game Indiana had to get to offset moving the Penn State game to Washington D.C. They had to throw this game together late, and it’s obviously a significant jaunt for ASU. Still, the PSU game should net $2.3 million.

  5. Dustin,

    True, sort of re:$2.3million net.

    We would have netted at least $1M keeping it at home.

    Assuming we sell 10K tickets at FedEx.

    Assuming we don’t owe CMU for cancelling that series.

    We could have added a 7th home game and netted ~ $1M.

    Not sure if you’ve heard me harp on this before (tongue planted firmly in cheek), but this was a cluster&*% of a deal by Fred ‘I love seeing myself on TV’ Glass. Kinda like the CIB…

  6. Hugh- 700K on top of the 600K Bill is making. Heck, for a lot less than 1.3 million we could have a borderline marquee coach, in the category of Mike Riley, Chris Peterson,Bill Snyder, or Jim Grobe.

  7. I’ll give anyone the benefit of the doubt when they are among very few who are operating a Div. 1 athletics department in the black. If this football schedule ends up hurting IU financially when the numbers get reported next year then i’ll decide if I want to join in the complaining.

  8. STLHoos,

    You nailed it. As one of the few Athletic Departments in the nation that are in the black, some people need to stop their crying about “assuming” things, you know what happens when people assume.

  9. Also there should be no complaint about ASU as an opponent in MS. They took Iowa into the last couple of heartbeats last year at Iowa.

  10. I should have ended that post with “Cue Bobbie Sue.”
    You’re right that we have to take a more critical view of this, and we will. I have to check these figures, and I will, but I’m pretty sure IU would not have netted $1M from having the game at home and it definitely would not have canceled the Central Michigan series if not for the PSU game, so 7 home games this year was not in the cards.
    But again, we need to look deeper here, and we will.

  11. I don’t know how much a game like this should pay the visitor, but I do know that Fred is doing something right by being one of the few AD’s operating an athletic department in the black. Good job AD Glass.

  12. Good job Fred. It’s well known that businesses like Bank of America operate in the black while having the lowest customer satisfaction rating and worst reputation in the banking world. I hope you aren’t turning IU into Bank of America.

  13. Isn’t IU’s history of decision making while in the red tell us all we need to know. I’ll take AD Glass’s defense every time in that case. Who knows maybe the next home game against PSU will be in the LOS.

  14. Clarence Doninger had us running in the black for years and years as well. Almost forever.

    Are we now holding him up as the bastion of great ADs?

  15. Doninger would be thought of much worse light if his management had produced insecurity verses your stated fact of financial security.

  16. 14. Just 14 schools operate their athletic departments in the black. So strictly as it relates to the budget, Glass is empirically doing a great job.

    He’s also done a great job promoting football and seeing the completion of Greenspan’s capital projects. My final judgment is still outstanding on how he manages the football and basketball coaches. So far I’m satisfied on both counts. My understanding is that others disagree. Old news.

  17. I’d be interested to see the names of the 14 schools operating in the black, to see if there is a correlation between a positive number in the bank account and winning.

    My guess is that it’s arbitrary, or that there even might be a negative correlation: schools that bring in a ton a of cash are constantly putting the money back into upgrades, salaries, etc.

  18. If I remember right part of the gang of 14 included Texas, Ohio State, Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri, Florida. Pretty damn good company to hang with from IU’s standpoint. I believe it shows just how good a manager AD Glass is and in his first full year to boot.

  19. When Purdue and Wisconsin are building 4 touchdown leads over us for yet another season, at least we will be able to say “ha-ha! We’re in the black, and you aren’t!”

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