Glass: IU, Purdue, Notre Dame, Butler close to double header

To Fred Glass, it wasn’t an idea that seemed to require a lot of imagination.

The basketball-mad state of Indiana has three traditionally strong college programs in major conferences and a fourth that wins like one despite smaller stature. Why wouldn’t all four of them get together in one location to play each other?

“As a pretty big basketball fan, I always wondered why we didn’t have that sort of thing,” the Indiana athletic director said Wednesday.

It did at sporadic years in the 1940s and ‘50s in an event called the Hoosier Classic, and the state’s programs have had various meetings since but never since have Indiana, Purdue, Butler and Notre Dame played in the same venue on the same night.

Glass and Purdue athletic director Morgan Burke have set out to change that and apparently are pretty close. Glass said the four schools are close to coming to an agreement to play a doubleheader at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis in the 2011-2012 season.

“We thought it might make sense to resurrect what had been a pretty cool doubleheader with what I think most people would acknowledge are the four premier programs in the state,” Glass said. “… There’s not really sticking points, Just details we need to work on. We’ve had conversations about operating principles, we’ve got those pretty sorted out. We’ll have to have discussions about pricing and things like that. I’d say it’s pretty far along. I’m hopeful it will happen. I think it will be a really good event and a great showcase for the state of Indiana.”

Because Indiana and Purdue are in the same conference, they wouldn’t be able to play each other in such an event. The Hoosiers and Boilermakers would then likely flip opponents from year to year.

Restarting the tradition of the Hoosier Classic would obviously require the schools’ four coaches to adjust their approaches to scheduling with at least one more premier opponent set every year. However, Glass said IU coach Tom Crean and the other three coaches are on board.

“I think all the coaches have been all for it,” Glass said. “If they weren’t we wouldn’t be doing it. My indirect understanding is they’re all for it. Tom has been all for it.”

Glass said no financial details for the double-header have been finalized, nor has there been much discussion about who might televise such an event.

“This isn’t about the money,” Glass said. “There’s going to be a pay day and we’re going to make some money, but this is more about the exposure, for the recognition for basketball in this state and for doing something for the public.”


  1. “This isn’t about the money,” but how quick was he to sell out on the PSU football game this year??

  2. As recently as the 80’s, there was the Hoosier Classic and also the Indiana Classic. One was played in Indy and the other at Assembly Hall. One featured powder-puffs and the other had legit teams, Louisville often played in it, if I recall correctly (pretty sure that’s when I learned to dislike them, actually). Can’t remember exactly how those were alligned, but I know they were both played in my youth.

  3. This is nothing but positive for all BB in the state of Indiana. The Indiana Classic and the Hoosier classic were great experiences for families and fans. But make no mistake ESPN will pay dearly for this showcase doubleheader.

  4. What does the PSU football game have to do with this? The $3 million payday on that was mentioned up front as a key factor several times.

  5. Chronic,
    The Indiana and Hoosier Classic were both cupcake tournaments in December, one in Btown and one in Indy. The tourney you’re thinking of was called the Big Four and included Notre Dame, Louisville and Kentucky. IU would play one of the Kentucky schools. It was played in the late 80s and was held in the Hoosier Dome. It was always a big event.
    This new Hoosier Classic sounds just as good.

  6. Butler, PU, and ND are going to wish they had done this in the 2010 season…IU for 2011 would roll Butler and ND especially if you have….

    G BJ Young FR
    G VJ3 Sr
    G Mo Creek JR
    F Christian Watford JR
    C Cody Zeller Fr

    Elston, Hulls, Guy, VO, SHeehey…

  7. IU86 is right. Both the Hoosier and Indiana Classics of the Knight era were cupcake holiday tourneys, one in Indy and the other in Btown.

  8. @Gary…… I agree! It’s obviously about money. What isn’t these days, though? Big Ten Football Championship……MONEY! LOL Just like it was when the conference added a Big Ten Basketball Championship too.

    Anyway, if PSU game being sold is what paid for our new huge high def screen and sound system at the stadium then I’m warming up to sale. When up to this point I’ve been adamantly pissed off about! Knowing it was probably my last chance of ever seeing Joe Pa in person (although, I may go to D.C., not sure yet…doubt I can get anyone else to go).

    I can’t wait for my season football tickets to arrive in the mail! I can’t wait for the first game on Sept. 2nd to see some football, tailgate and witness the new screen and sound system! And hopefully a winning season with another bowl game! 🙂

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