Goff’s advisor: Visit went well

Robert Goff has been to Bloomington before, but there was a lot more for the former Broad Ripple star to see this time around.

Goff, a 6-foot-9, 240-pound forward now going into his sophomore year at Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College, made an unofficial visit to IU on Monday.

“We were down there for a few hours,” said Jason Knight, Goff’s former AAU coach and recruiting advisor. “He got a chance to meet the coaching staff and become more familiar with them, See the campus. He’s seen all that before,, but he got to see the new facilities, the new practice facilities. Cook Hall is very nice. And he got an opportunity to sit down with some of the academic advisors. He was impressed. Obviously, again, it’s not like he’s totally unfamiliar with IU, but he was impressed with a lot of different aspects.”

Goff was supposed to visit Xavier the next day, but that wasn’t possible because of a family emergency in the Xavier program.

Knight said Goff will try to narrow down his college choices within the week, though he said interest is increasing daily. Knight said Goff now does have a formal offer from Indiana as well as offers from Xavier, Oklahoma Houston, Oklahoma State, Wichita State, Cincinnati, Auburn, and Iowa State among others. In recent days, he’s picked up interest from Kansas, Oregon, Washington State, and Texas.

“More teams are coming to the table,” Knight said. “We’re really going to sit down and try to get it to a manageable number. I don’t know what that number will be. It might be 5-7 teams, but if he’s interested and wants to learn more about some of these teams that are jumping on board, it might be a longer list than that.”


  1. By offering Goff a free ride should one then think Cody is going somewhere else and IU knows it?

  2. I’m so tired of all this Zeller talk. No true 5-star one-and-done pro prospect, yet a lanky one-dimensional dork, should ever be given so much undeserved attention to hold an Indiana basketball program hostage. It’s all a ridiculous game that damages the integrity our name. Just give me humble kids that have their full heart attached to the Cream and Crimson. Give me kids that want to beat the living tar out of Butler and Purdue. Give me kids that would put on a Hoosier uniform if it had lost every glory known its colors. Give me kids that make me love again to sing the fight song during every game. I’m so tired of these prima donnas. They suck the life out of a sport where once teamwork, camaraderie, and chemistry were the true “stars” to path a road to banners and success. Can we someday begin to appreciate the Hoosier kids that play above their hype for a hope of achieving something more their own accolades?

  3. good point Hammer. or could be one of those situations where the scholarship situation will have to “work itself out.”

  4. If he’s going into his soph year, how in the world does that affect Zeller?

    I thought he was going into his senior year.

  5. Ahhhhhhhh, I just read “community college.”

    Well, take him and Zeller. We’re trying to get 3 players anyway, right?

    Is Zeller a power forward?

  6. Just to put this issue to rest, here is how it goes in recruiting. The conversation with Goff probably went like this, we are looking at one other guy (zeller) who we are looking for his commitment in October. If he does not commit we would like yours by December. We are going to keep recruiting you, have you come down etc.

    He WILL NOT and CANNOT commit before Zeller, just like Davis will not commit to iu before they find out what is up with BJ Young.

    This is how not to get Kyrie irvinged again and puts some heat on some kids, unfortunately Davis took too long and that ship may have sailed.

  7. Is Dawson still deciding between IU, Purdue and MSU? What are our chances of signing him? Wouldn’t that be something if both he and Zeller came to IU! Is MSU or Purdue after Zeller? Gosh, this is so exciting.

  8. Actually not all that surprised when I read earlier of Dawson’s choice. Izzo is tuff to beat even off the court. But I bet it will make John Purdue PUke in his boilermaker.

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