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Indiana coach Bill Lynch said his contract status is not affecting him. Associated Press


  • Bill Lynch and Fred Glass continue to insist that Lynch’s contract status (two years left, including this one) is not a problem, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Glass is a thoroughly reasonable man willing to give Lynch time to develop a football program, Chris Korman writes.
  • Jim Delaney did not have a whole lot of answers, but he did say divisions and a conference title game venue would be decided reasonably soon, Dustin writes.




Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You.”


  1. I hope we can hold off on that all Indiana double header until Crean is out of here. Talk about embarrassing, being the worst team in there.

  2. 4 Guards, I must be honest here. I have only posted a few things on this site and everything I read on, well let’s just say you are getting bashed pretty bad. Have you done something or said something to really make these people so mad? I do look at what you post and I really don’t agree with 90% of the stuff you post, but I just have to know if maybe you stepped on some toes one day in your life..

  3. Stick It,
    I tell it like it is, and many of the Crean Apologists become irate because deep down they know it is true. The IU fanbase in general is very frustrated right now and need somebody to take their frustrations with the program out on.
    Even you are probably not being honest with yourself if you claim to disagree with 90% of my comments.

  4. Listening to ESPN 1000 out of Chicago today, they were talking that Ron Zook sang “Take me out to the ballgame” at Wrigley last night. They mentioned that half way through the song he got messed up and had that “same lost look he has on Saturday afternoons during the fall in Champaign”.

    Love it when people pick on the Zooker!

  5. Stick it,

    4brainpiercings owns one drumbeat. His opinions are negative and biased. He is not an IU fan. Plus L.Gwaltney knows his Achilles’ heel, “Steve Alford is not coming here”. Believe me he could not damage the toes of a two year old. His affirmative rate of credibility on here is zero.

  6. 4guards-

    While I understand and respect your opinion, why is it necessary to keep hashing it out, blog post after blog post? Have you nothing better to do? I realize that it can be frustrating, but I’m under the impression that a quick fix (done the right way) doesn’t exist, especially with what Crean had when he got here. I say in one or two years, if there’s no significant improvement, you won’t be alone in your opinion. But why say it, time and time again? Do you just want the attention?

  7. So I was at Cook Hall today for the fourth time this summer. The last 3 times I was fortunate enough to talk to Tom Crean. I was able to speak with Knight, Davis, and Samspon back in th day and I will say Crean is the most easy going and easy to talk to. Crean is a class act.

    I also watched 3 guys walk in to Cook that were 6 foot 8 and taller and ride the elevator up. They looked young and not sure who they were but they are not on the roster.

    I also watched Eric Gordon and DJ White walk out of Assembly Hall. Gordon was sporting a Clippers shirt and got in to a Black Mercedes with AMG stuff all over it. I bet he has 100,000 in to the car. Funny to me in a way. He is still the only IU player I have ever seen multiple times turn an autograph down. As soon as we saw him my wife started telling my mom the story of how we saw him do that…we are all teachers so it stuck with us. DJ looked taller and thinner than I remember. Did not see his ride. I have nothing but postive to say about White. I will never forget how he tried to carry the team that first rd and tried to get Gordon and the rest pumped up. I still say there is no excuse to lose that day to AR-Kansas…

  8. J Pat,

    I can’t find the reference but I think I remember reading that Perea, Objit(sp), Jurkin and Goff (juco) had unofficial visits very recently.

  9. Crean was hired by a desperate committee forced into a rushed decision. It takes no genius to predict with high probability that Crean’s stay in Bloomington will be short-lived. He may preach to the masses to be as squeaky clean the recruiting pontiff, but does he have a choice? If he operated like 90% of the rule-bending coaches, would he be lucky enough to escape the selectively discriminating eye of the NCAA? Should we believe they wouldn’t love to target us again? Have they not already proven their desire to take the easy enforcement avenue by making public example of trivial violators and programs that operate with more integrity than most? And can Crean live up to the grossly unreasonable expectations to win with kids that could likely make some of Knight’s former Hoosiers look like borderline degenerates? Come on, people! We were giving jugs of gasoline to those that were enjoying watching us burn. We got too caught up in the negative national media hype and a community of sportswriters that were licking their chops. Journalists with embedded roots from East and West that still carry resentment toward a program with a coach that loved, right or wrong, spitting in their collective faces and making public embarrassment their idiotic questions. Now was their chance to return some fire, now a chance to set aflame our image, our envied heritage, in one massive sacrificial bonfire game. With Sampson tied to the post attached our proud Hoosier name, and sticks-a-plenty provided by Hollywood, Gene Hackman, Milan, Bobby Plump, Oscar Robertson, Crispus Attucks, Larry Bird, and Hoosier Hysteria staring back in terror from little Bloomington on a March Madness eve, we grabbed our Bobby Knight flamethrowers courtesy the offices of Brand’s NCAA, and with hypocritical judgments took aim with all the rest, our decent Indiana name.

    And now we choose to punish Crean for doing exactly what? 4guards, you’re a joke.

  10. GFDave, that makes total sense. My wife commented that one or 2 of the guys looked African. I bet you hit the nail on the head!

  11. Gordon is a class act. The kid played his guts out while at IU. I don’t understand the resentment. I don’t see the point in pissing on his name. Crean would eagerly put his autograph on a donkey’s ass.

  12. JPat,

    I would say you had a great day of sightseeing at Cook and AH. I still believe the biggest reason for the loss to Arkansas was certainly not the fault of White or Dak but the chemistry of the team culture. With perfect hindsight it is still unreasonable for me to believe that I do not own half of Vegas after that one game.

  13. Although I believe Crean will be here for awhile, 4guards is right. We would be the worst team there. PU, Butler and ND at this point are just better than us. One day they won’t be, but now they are.

  14. Mark, I say this with slight sarcasm but really…the season has not started yet. How can you say Butler or at least ND will be better. I got a look at Guy and he might be the biggest kid I have ever seen in an IU uniform(I am 34) and if, big if, Creek comes back well with last years guys and the new kids…IU could surprise!!!

  15. Big does not mean good. Look at Jobe and Bawa.
    Pritchard will be our starting center. I guess I should say Pritchard should be our starting center. You never really know what Orange Tom will do. He barely played Elston most of the season last year.

  16. If Pritch is starting at center, IU WILL be bad this year. I was with him in late June and he is not an inch over 6 foot 5 with flip flops on and he is not that good..right now. Guy is much bigger and longer than Jobe and Bawa and let’s face it…he is better.

    Downing, please meet my wife and I at Nick’s this bball season. I will buy the strom and either of us can tell you what we witnessed. It is not pissing on a name if it happened in front of you and you know what I post on here…I am as honest as they come and would not hurt anyone or hurt someones character. I know you love Gordon but he snubbed kids multiple times because he would rather clown with Ellis and Holman in the stands at the womens games. Last season I sat next to Creek after the knee surgery and Roth and they signed every auto put in front of them. Downing, I know what we saw does not fit what you see and read of Gordon but tt happened. I wish others in the stands those 2 nights would jump on here and back me up because many people were disgusted. One family got up and left shortly after. I swear what I saw is true on my kids names!

  17. JPat-

    I don’t doubt what you saw. And thanks for the offer. I thoroughly love a good strom with lots of cheese. I haven’t been to Nicks for decades. Can you take kids in their now?

    I went back and forth over the labels and accusations thrown at Gordon’s character far too many times with a blogger on Basketblog that once had more energy than an army of 4guards. I wish I had the energy to now to give EJ the same deserved defense now, but I just don’t have the stamina for it anymore. I want to move on. What I did see was mainly restricted to how he carried himself wearing a Hoosier uniform. I always thought he gave his all on the basketball court. I was mesmerized by EJ’s unbelievable strength and versatile game. I doubt I’ll see another Hoosier with such an arsenal of skills in the game I love to watch. You’re right. I am forever obsessed. His gifts leave me no option a joy to watch him play. And I can’t deny I love the fact he’s a born and bred Hoosier.
    I’m sorry he left you with a sour taste in his public displays on a night he crossed upon your scrutinizing eye. I hear he does a lot of good things in youth programs and I hope it comes from a sincere place in his heart..I doubt it’s always an easy thing to carry loads of admiration and expectations upon the shoulders an 18-year-old mind. I’m not excusing anything you witnessed, but merely using as perspective my own shortcomings of youth, when it seemed such a blessing to be unaware and uncaring what anyone thought of me. I miss having that freedom. I don’t know how much Gordon got to really taste as a kid playing at Indiana under Kelvin Sampson.

  18. Wish the bashing of Coach Crean would stop. He took over a program littlery was on a death bed. Only two scholorship kids back from that team. That is in the past. Move on he is our Coach either you like him or you dont. One he’s players are going to Class and also doing on the Court. Yea the wins loses may not be where it needs to be but he is doing the right way. When this team turns it around which i know they will. Then that is when the story can be writen how this team did it and how they brought back this storied program back to where it belongs. Then I will sit and laugh at all the people who bad mouth not only the Head Coach but also the players. That is rude cause these players never made the problem before them. The players are the ones trying to bring this storied program where we all can remember hanging red banners. So all those that bad mouth anyone their are other teams to root for. I am proud to Be A HOOSIER and will die as a Hoosier fan.. How many Championships do Butler and Purdue have nationaly until they can match IU then stop the Bad mouthing we are still a storied program and in the top 5 nationaly in championships….Go Hoosiers and Go Coach Crean

  19. Pritchard may be too small for the 5, but lets face it, he is the best we have. If you are relying on Michel, you are going to be severely disappointed. He couldn’t even dominate at JUCO in Idaho. 7 pts and 7 rbs? And you think he can start in the Big10? Wow.

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