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Indiana coach Tom Crean will have the services of Matt Roth next season. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Matt Roth said he is good to go and will be at Indiana, Dustin writes.
  • Ten players are fighting for four secondary spots, but the depth is such IU could use more nickel and dime packages, Dustin writes.
  • Justin Pagan lost 27 pounds during the offseason, the latest change in an offseason of it for the offensive line, Ryan Winn writes.
  • The family of Anthony Davis threatening to sue the Chicago Sun-Times is a good thing — the Sun-Times can prove its correct or the Davis family can prove its innocence, Chris writes.





Gaslight Anthem’s “Great Expectations.”


  1. Jurkin’s an athletic 7-footer who can actually run the floor. He’s a shot blocker and a rebounder already, and those attributes are only bound to become stronger assets for him.

    If he commits this evening, you can bet Crean will spend the next two years ensuring he bulks up and continues to work on his mid-range shot and footwork.

    I like it. He also happens to be very close with some guy named Parea, who is currently considering IU and Baylor. You have to think this will at least sway him a little.

  2. Per Peegs, last night Jurkin had 8 points, 10 boards and several blocked shots in the adidas Nations against team USA. Given that he has two years of HS and one year of AAU left before he arrives on campus (if he does choose IU) I would say he’s not going to be the college project that Jobe and Tijan were. We still don’t know about G-MM.

  3. 8 points is actually good for him. That is the problem. Much better prospects out there in 2012. This would be a bad use of scholarship.

  4. Every recruit can’t be a 5 Star.

    Kaintuck gets a loaded class each year but they all go pro after the first year. No way to build a team.

  5. It should also be noted that Jurkin apparently took an elbow to the face during the first quarter of that game. I believe it limited his time early on.

    Like I said…10 boards and multiple blocked shots. He’s already good at those two things. He has plenty of time and capability to become an even stronger offensive player. I already like his ability to get quality put-backs and finish strongly on dunks when given the opportunity.

  6. 4guards once again disqualifies himself for serious consideration. The giveaway was his immediate comparison to Jobe and Muniru (both of which would not have been taken under normal circumstances). That doesn’t show a whole lot of perception on his part.

    But perhaps 4guards can be forgiven. Steve and Sam Alford were at Cook Hall today, and 4guards bowing and praying towards Bloomington no doubt obscured his judgment.

  7. Great, would be very happy to see him come here. I agree with GFDave he’s not going to be the college project that Jobe and Tijan were–not close. He is a young man with much talent and as Casey says he gets quality put-backs and finish strongly on dunks when given the opportunity plus he has a couple of years to work on other things.

  8. One can watch these guy tonight! The CBS College Sports channel, known to many as CSTV, will broadcast tonight’s 3rd place game and the championship game. At 6 p.m. ET will be the two-part preview special and then at 7 p.m. the third place game between Latin America and Africa will be played. Then at approximately 8:45 p.m. ET the championship game featuring both USA teams will tip-off. Those two teams met in pool play and the younger 2012 squad surprised the older group, 102-91, riding a 17-point second half outburst by Indianapolis native Kevin Ferrell.

    Fans with the right sports packages can find the CBS channel at 613 on DirecTV, 152 on the Dish Network and 1643 on U-Verse. Here’s a quick recap of players that have recently listed Indiana that will be playing:

    USA 2011: Cody Zeller, Michael Chandler
    USA 2012: Kevin Ferrell, Wanaah Bail
    Africa: Peter Jurkin, Obij Aget
    Latin America: Hanner Perea

  9. Hoping that Peter J. committs. Great timing in that he get playing time as a frosh. If this leads to Hanner coming to IU we are on our way back to where we belong!

  10. 4brainpiercings just got his manhood handed to him on the peegs board this morning for his negative and biased comments he was posting. One other positive thing I did read this morning was that a game featuring a team with Fab Melo and the other team with Jurkin, PJ got the better of Melo. Fab Melo as a Senior and Jurkin was a Sophomore. If PJ is a project then we need more like him.

  11. How many basketballs are we going to play with?

    We’re talking about the JuCo playing in the middle . . . Pritchard/Elston/Copacabana playing PF . . . Watford at WF . . .

    You have Hulls & Muddy Rivers at PG.

    So where do . . . Creek, Roth, Jones, Oladipo, and Sheehey play? That’s FIVE players for 1.4 positions inasmuch as it appears they have Watford penciled in for at least 24 mpg at WF, right?

    Seems to me, those five can’t play ANYWHERE other than big guard and SF. What many don’t comprehend is part of the reason that Creek was so successful against the teams he played against were (1) he was a freshman, so many teams didn’t have a good handle on him, (2) six to eight of the teams he played against were pretty weak teams, and he was our #1 option, taking more shots than anyone else while he was on the floor (3) any coach with any brains should have been perfectly happy letting Creek sit 22 feet away firing bombs for as long as he wanted. Erect a wall inside, stop Indiana from getting inside, and DARE them to beat you from deep.

    We couldn’t do it. we beat a Pitt team who clearly played its worst game of the year.

  12. So with Harris, Yogi, Perea, Tacrzewski, DSR, Hollowell, Hammons , and Patterson still on the board for 2012, We only have approx 4 scholarships depending how it plays out, and You are happy with another raw, unpolished , uncoordinated African kid who Crean has proven he can’t develop?

  13. 4guards, if you think Jurkin is in the same state of development as Jobe and Muniru then there is no hope for you.

  14. Larry,
    I had to listen to guys like you praise Bawa for 2 years. I said we should never sign this guy and got blasted for it. Turns out i was right.
    Now that he is gone, people say how they really feel about him, but he was the next Olajuwon up until he transferred.

  15. Hey, 4tickturds, That raw,unpolished, uncoordinated African project put up 15pts., 9 rebounds and 4 blocks against Melo’s team.
    How did you like getting butchered over at peegs? They are still talking about their enjoyment of your last visit.

  16. 4guards, this is what bothers me about your comments. It doesn’t sound like it is his skill level you are mad about, it is that he is African and so you group all frontcourt African kids as being equal which is shallow. It is like saying all frontcourt American players are the same. I am not saying that Jurkin is way ahead of the others we have had on our team recently, but it is so ignorant to put them all in the same category, but you sound prejudice against him for something that isn’t even a negative by labeling him as African.NOT NECESSARY!

  17. 4guards –

    What does Bawa have to do with Jurkin?

    Yours is an argument by association. Jurkin is from Africa, Bawa is from Africa, therefore Jurkin = Bawa. That’s a silly argument.

    It’s the argument a frustrated person makes when he didn’t get Steve Alford for a coach, and now feels he has to denigrate the current coach at every opportunity.

  18. Hotel Boy, I wouldn’t call some idiot referring to the ESPN rankings called getting butchered. Also saw a comment from someone who has seen Jurkin play AAU MANY times and said he has a LONG WAY TO GO. But no need to talk about that site here.
    Bjr, It is his skill level that bothers me. I mention he is African because Crean is building a reputation here of foreign kids who don’t work out.

  19. 4guards, I understand that they are all African but the fact is that each of them are their own person, so I do not believe it is fair to anyone to label them off of where they are born. It is a good way to miss out on something worth it.

  20. What makes you think that this guy is “raw, unpolished, and uncoordinated” as you put it? He is at a pretty prestigious camp and his team is in the finals, so saying that he is just on the African team doesn’t fly. Let the coaches do the coaching/recruiting, and you do whatever it is you do.

  21. I find it interesting 4guards comes out hardest against kids from Africa and will lump kids in there like Guy who is NOT from Africa. I wonder why he does that? He even did the same thing about Perea which clearly shows he has some issues he isn’t willing to admit too…

  22. Jobe was a supplementary piece in a last-minute recruiting class under most unusual circumstances. There were never any promises of forecasts of greatness for him.

    Bawa was the only 1 of 5 players in a top-10 recruiting class who didn’t work out. Par for the course.

    Michel is not even African, he hasn’t played a game for IU yet, and all anyone can say about him so far is that he is waaaay better than his numbers indicate.

    There is no connection between these three guys; no “legacy of foreign failures” to speak of. And more importantly, none of these guys are connected to Jurkin. Ghana and Sudan are farther apart than the US and Brazil.

  23. 4guards biggest issue isn’t kids from Africa so much as it is Steve Alford isn’t the coach at Indiana.

    If Jurkin had chosen New Mexico 4guards would be here telling us how Crean had missed out on the most fantastic talent in the history of basketball. That’s just the way he rolls.

  24. I have no problem with someone giving their opinion about a player based on their ability, but when you have preconcieved notions based on their background (which makes this seem even more ignorant since some of these players are from different contintents, let alone countries) then I have a problem.

  25. 4tickturds, You were butchered with precision and specifically by some idiot who does hold ESPN rankings in high regard. Even someone you identify as an idiot figured you out in short order. They are still laughing at your posts on peegs today. I would gladly gamble “the long way to go” over the next 2 or 3 seasons.

  26. Jurkin is a top recruit and will be a top player. It is so nice that 4 Guards no longer posts here!

  27. If the announcement comes tonight as hyped then I welcome Peter Jurkin to Hoosier nation. This could be the momentum builder Crean needs.

  28. It is almost as if you guys don’t mind being stuck in mediocrity forever. 2012 is Crean’s 5th recruiting class and we are still only bringing in mediocre talent. This is Indiana, We need to be bringing in TOP talent.

  29. To get to greatness, one must first pass through mediocrity, much in the same way that an airplane must fly at 10,000 feet before it reaches 20,000.

    You, and only you can’t grasp this concept, 4tards. This is why we call you 4tards (although some have argued for calling you 1tard or 2tards, because clearly you don’t have the combined intelligence of 4 tards).

  30. Crean won’t ever reach 7,000 let alone 10,000 and 20,000. He’s going to fly us at 6,000 for at least 5 years.

    Running a start-up semi-anonymous basketball program like UW’s may bear some resemblance with piloting an airplane. Kentucky flies constantly at or around 10,000 although they hardly keep any players. Cheating or not it’s the quality of the recruits and that of the coach that determines the height, not some physical machinery bound by macroscopic Netwonian laws.

    Perhaps 4guards has a more quantic model in mind something Husky never even heard of.

    4guards I think Husky is right though in one regard: the program is now regarded as mediocre and lacks credibility. It’s Crean’s trademark. He came and started proclaiming “This is Indiana!” from Day One. But he can’t fool anyone: it’s no more Indiana. It’s Tom Crean’s Used Car Dealership now and it’s going to take time to re-establish the program’s reputation with Tom Crean here. Plus: no guarantees.

    So you and Husky very much agree, as a matter of fact.

  31. Can you read, coach, recruit, play basketball in High School, College or the NBA?? I wonder how guys like you and your son 4tards come off with all these skills to know what players are good or bad? If you can’t play, coach or recruit then your opinions do not hold water. If your skills are so great then why are you not on the bench next to your idol coaching in New Mexico? If we followed the rule my grandma told me” if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything” you guys would never post. I have yet to hear 4guards say anything nice about our Coaches, Players or Fans. Did he even go to IU because I can’t imagine him getting any sort of degree from our great school? Since he talk’s about coach Knight and Alford I would say he never got a degree from College like Bob and Steve did at Ohio St. and IU. CC why would you want to back up this guy or maybe you are the same guy? You are in bad Company and getting worse. I think when Coach gets CZ to go to IU next year and he is just an average freshman center it will be of Crean’s bad coaching. I can see Mr. Negative working on that already.

  32. Why does anyone respond to 4turds postings? Just ignore him, and he will eventually go away, which is what we all want in the end.

  33. Of course Rob you are right about 4turds postings. I was trying to find out who cc is or was and I found my answer. Thanks and no more non-sense from me.

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