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Peter Jurkin committed to Indiana on Monday. Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times


  • In Peter Jurkin, Indiana got a commitment from a player who can rebound, block shots and is improving on the offensive end, Dustin writes.
  • The development of Leon Beckum and Jeff Thomas allowed Indiana to keep Tyler Replogle at his strongside linebacker position, Dustin writes.




Was there any other option? Toto’s “Africa.”


  1. Ok, let’s get him to bulk up over the next two years, so he comes to Bloomington at around 245 lbs. so he can bang MSU and MN big guys off the block.

  2. Husky’s doctored video tapes? Will we ever get any explanation what was meant by that extremely strange accusation coming from Korman?

  3. Shamwow,

    I was making a comparison to the recent scandal over a video posted by Andrew Breitbart. It had been selective edited to make a black staffer in the U.S. Agricultural Department appear as though she were saying racist things during a speech.

    She was forced to resign. Until her bosses watched the entire video and saw the comments in full context. They apologized and offered her a new position.

    More here: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/plum-line/2010/07/did_white_house_get_woman_fire.html

    And here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resignation_of_Shirley_Sherrod

  4. I don’t think Faux News reported the resolution and apology. They did show the doctored video 50+ times.

  5. Chet, They did report the entire 360 degree journey of the story, as it unwound from the government.

  6. That’s seems only fair as they created the whole affair. The discovery phase of the Breitbart defamation lawsuit should be quite entertaining. I’m sure Faux is already throwing money at Ms. Sherrod hoping she will drop the suit. If there is a single meeting between Breitbart and Faux producers prior to the release of the video Faux is toast. Actually, I was only kidding as I caught O’Reilly back peddling at the speed of sound, hoping to be spared. Funny stuff.

  7. 4tickturds, Understand this, even that I may not agree with Chet does not mean I will ever agree with your negative bias.

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