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Ron Patterson verbally committed to Indiana on Sunday. Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times





Kanye West’s “Power.”


  1. Despite playing for Purdue, you have to respect Chris Kramer for what he brought to that team. Many people have commented that Patterson could be that type of player for IU. If so, I can’t wait for him to hit the court.

  2. I am really glad that we don’t have to face him anymore.You knew that when Chris took the floor that he is giving 110% no matter what type of injury that he was battling..I think that’s what we will be getting in RP..

  3. When you are thinking of comparisons for Patterson think Quinn Buckner, “The Captain”, not Chris “Hustle” Kramer. Patterson is an All-American, NBA draft type of quality player. He has yet to do it, but he has all of the tools and drive to do it.

  4. Here are some highlights of the BS that we have had forced down our throats over the last year from JBtards and co. I invite all to slowly savor how wrong they have been:

    1) All the in-state recruits are laughing at Crean behind his back, because he tells every one of them that they are the next Dwayne Wade

    2) Crean is turning his nose up at in-state recruits and choosing instead to hang out in DC

    3) In-state recruits are down on the program and are instead falling in love with Painter and Stevens

  5. Do you understand that we have 2 scholarship kids from Indiana on the entire roster? 2!
    If Etherington and Zeller sign on the dotted line and we finish 2012 strong with the IN kids, I will admit Crean has learned his lesson. As it stands now we only have 1 IN kid committed to each class in 11 and 12.

  6. Crean is doing fine. His situation was god-awful when he took the job. Loss of scholarships, a great five player recruiting year, etc. All of which complicates his recruiting strategies for the 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons. Then there are folks like you who want him to sign every 3 star+ player in Indiana. Why? He’s already halfway to where we need to be in the recruiting race for 2012, with a highly rated Center and Guard. Perea would be an ideal recruit for for that year. it would be great if Crean can get another Guard to commit for 2012 too.

    As far as I am concerned, Etherington was a fantastic pick for 2011. However, I would rather have Young than any Guard from Indiana. Crean needs to pick up another big man for 2011; and I, like most other Hoosier fans, want that to be Zeller. However, it won’t be the end of the world if neither player commits. The fact is that Crean is recruiting very well, in and out of Indiana, and we really should let him do it without becoming a pain in the butt.

  7. …”Crean has learned his lesson” as if 4tickturds is the professor…fantasy land from the Alford in the sky(MW)worshiper…really just more of the same negative bias from 4brainpiercings…enjoy the Coach Crean imposed banishment from AH…

  8. “Learned his lesson,” 4guards?

    Crean offered Patterson when he was a freshman.

    Cody Zeller was the first player Crean offered when he got here.

    Jeremiah Davis was one of the first players Crean started heavily recruiting.

    He’s been recruiting in-state since the moment he arrived. The fact that we’re only starting to see the fruits of his labor (in the form of the majority of in-state players listing IU in their final schools) doesn’t detract from the fact that Crean’s been doing things the right way since he’s been here.

    It’s called persistence. It’s called mending relationships with coaches that had been damaged since long before he arrived. It’s called rebuilding a program.

    …things you refuse to accept because Crean isn’t the reincarnation of Bob Knight. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, 4guards. Crean is putting his stamp on the program, and when he does have it cruising, I highly doubt anyone on this site will care to hear your reformed opinion. The real fans are the ones who support their team in times of struggle, not the ones kicking it while it’s down.

  9. Casey,
    There were better players available in Indiana for the 2010 class than what we ended up with.
    Hopkins is a game changer and he would have came to IU, but Crean didn’t offer. It had nothing to do with mending relationships.
    I think Crean has felt the heat and hence has “learned his lesson” on shunning Indiana. I hope so at least.
    Zeller is a huge recruit in so many ways.

  10. Nearly everyone on this blog thinks if a recruit’s name isn’t mentioned by 4guards he might as well be off our radar. The most successful Big 10 coach in the NCAA tournament the last decade went after the kid from Gary Wallace..But what the hell does the guy that mentored Tom Crean know? You people on here need to wake up. When you make claims to want talented kids from Indiana, it means all parts of the state that would vote for Sarah Palin in the next election. And that my friends is why you can’t get enough of 4guards. You pretend to despise the guy but you buy into his tunnel vision and antiquated thinking.

  11. That is right Casey…. He is a lost cause and nothing any of us post, say or do can fix him. So why do we try??? It’s the hoosier fan in us coming out wanting our School mended. Coach is doing it the right way from ground zero up. A quick fix would not do it. Soon folks like 4guards will be all alone and forgotten which is sad because he does know a few things about basketball but his ego won’t let him stop until he is totally beaten and has no where to go.I have seen guys like him in the work place who could do so much to help but chose to be negative sticks in the mud until nobody cares about them and they wake up broken and alone. Sad but when you burn your bridges like he is no one will care.

  12. “There were better players available in Indiana for the 2010 class than what we ended up with.
    Hopkins is a game changer and he would have came to IU, but Crean didn’t offer.”

    So – Crean doesn’t offer ONE player you think he should have – and that constitutes “shunning” the state of Indiana?

    You have no way of knowing Hopkins “would have came” [sic] and your assertion that he is a “game changer” is just that, an assertion.

    Every coach who has ever existed (even Knight!) has neglected to offer a kid that someone else thinks he should have. Crean is no more culpable in that area than anyone else.

    You’re just so blinded by your love for Steve Alford that you have to keep making these ridiculous arguments.

  13. He’s hilarious. When the correct answer is, “OK, I was wrong.” Old $hit for brains says, “He learned his lesson.” Again, what an idiot.

  14. Larry,
    It is more than one kid. I was a big proponent of SVT over Bawa for example. Bawa could only last one year here not surprisingly. We could have used somebody his size last year who actually understands basketball, but Crean shunned him and the LN program and Pitino reeled him in and built a pipeline to LN.

  15. 4guards you are not smart at all. When a coach comes into a program that hasn’t recruited instate talent, he won’t get the top in state talent within a year of being there. The reason being is this isn’t the same IU from the mid 90’s that every kid from Indiana would have given their right arm to play for. This is an IU program that has recruited “Street ballers” trying to compete with the big boys instead of 25 wins a year and not leaving the first round. Remember 4guards, because from your opinion you are about 30 – 50 in age, not 17 who may never have seen an IU team do much, but go through drama… They haven’t seen us go from damon bailey to players like eric gordon. Kids that sign on to the program in middle school, to kids that commit to Illinois, only to back out last minute and go to IU. So 4guards, what I am saying if you haven’t understood anything everyone is telling you, we all love IU, but CTC is building tradition, but tradition takes time… He has been recruiting the top instate talent, but we are not IU of the 80’s or early 90’s.

  16. SVT, reeled in by Pitino, hell nobody really wanted him and his slim list proves it. What a joke, in fact two jokes, SVT and 4tickturds, LOL hysterically.

  17. 4guards….I was a big proponant of SVT over Bawa.

    SVT – 9 total rebounds last season, 8 fouls, 44 minutes total for the entire season. His stats are worse than Bawa….

    yep we could have used him big time. 4guards you should be in charge of recruiting at IU or better yet at Butler or Purdue.

    Crean recruited SVT…he asked him to walk on given his summer was so so horrible. That kid was so overrated and was the 5th best player on his h.s. team.

  18. TheRegion, At IU he would have received much more playing time than at Louisville. Surely even you can understand that. Much harder to play as a freshman at Louisville than at IU.

  19. I am pleased to say if SVT would have been a Freshman last year at IU he would by now be Creaned.

  20. “At IU he would have received much more playing time than at Louisville.”

    You’re condemning Crean based on hypothetical scenarios that exist entirely within your own imagination. Someone asserting that SVT would have had LESS pt than Bawa would have equal validity if we’re restricted to imaginary scenarios.

    It’s silly to say “Crean learned his lesson.” I guess by saying this you are laying the groundwork for the possibility that Crean gets Zeller, Yogi, Hollowell, etc.

    “Lesson,” nothing. If that happens it’s because he started building relationships with those kids the very day he started at IU.

  21. Nobody would be happier if we can land Zeller and Yogi. Hollowell I could take or leave.
    Hotel Boy, That was a good one.

  22. A few years back I went to a very popular restaurant known for their exquisite desserts. After completing dinner, I was just far too full to eat anything else. I ordered a piece of luscious Oreo cheesecake to take home. The next day I yanked it from the frig and dug in. First bite..second bite…third bite..I was thoroughly enjoying this wonderful blend of cookie and sweet cream cheese..Fourth bite..? Wait. I notice something strange barely protruding from the freshly cut piece. It looked at first to be an errant strand of coconut that ended up in the wrong cream pie. Nope. Fingernail…a long nasty fingernail that now remains the image burned onto my memory cells whenever I think of stopping again at the establishment that prides itself on knowing cheesecake dessert.

    I wish 4guards would stop obsessing with recruits. I wouldn’t mind it so much if he just stuck to his total distaste for Tom Crean. But when he still insists to serve me his total love for Indiana and endlessly talk of guys he wants to blend into the batter of our roster, I can’t help but think of him standing with chef’s hat over the bowl my Oreo and Crean cheese and spitting his fingernails of sabotage into every favorite slice my Hoosier team.

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