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First-year head soccer coach Todd Yeagley, right, talks with his father Jerry, a college coaching legend, at a practice. David Snodgress | Herald-Times




  • Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son.”


  1. Sounds like Coach Alford was happy to be “home”.
    Brennan obviously has not looked at our preconference schedule. How could we not finish above .500? Do a little research for crying out loud.

  2. 4-g you probably got a tingling feeling that ran down your leg when you heard that he(Steve Alford) was in town.

  3. While he may be right in that a .500 record would be a decent improvement, Brennan’s analysis — if you can call it that — is extremely lazy.

    I don’t really see the point in publishing a best/worse case scenario for each team if you’re going to spend five minutes writing each, as opposed to really diving into it.

  4. Lynch catches a lot of crap about tossing his gum from the national media.

    That is one of the few times I’ve liked Bill Lynch as the coach. He needs to be more annimated on those sidelines, from the start of the game. Intensity from coaches rub off on players!

  5. Who cares who he wrote for Aruss?

    He is now writing for ESPN and this article was generic at best.

  6. Eamonn seems to have forgoten his Hoosier connection from what I’ve been seeing. He’s been taken in my the ACC favoring staff at ESPN. ESPN’s
    magic castle of big bucks tossed to the Dukies and Tar Heels of the world sure could use a more balanced approach. Maybe Dan D. could put in a good word for the Big Ten every once in awhile. You never know what a couple years in the big time might not having him favorinng Carolina Blue too!

  7. ESPN “favors” the teams that bring in the ratings. How can you even compare the blackhole that has been IU basketball to Duke and UNC? I’m an IU grad and could barely stomach watching IU the last couple years. We should be thanking Eamonn for giving IU national exposure since we don’t deserve it based on the performance of the last two years.

  8. Aruss,

    I couldn’t care less where he wrote. Todd Leary used to play for IU — doesn’t mean I must refrain from questioning his decision-making either.

    The fact is, Brennan composed a lazy piece that anyone with Google and half an hour could’ve put together. Someone writing on behalf of the largest sports outlet in the world, with the ability to give IU “national exposure” should be held to a high standard in my opinion.

    There was no sort of original thought or in-depth analysis to be found in his Big Ten “preview.” As a fan of IU, and someone who thinks the best case scenario for this team could actually be a record slightly over .500, I don’t appreciate that. If you’re going to throw that kind of claim out there, then convince the readers. He didn’t.

    As far as thanking him for giving us national exposure — excuse me if I don’t. All he did was declare that even as an improved team, the absolute best we could muster is a .500 record. That’s not exactly flattering.

  9. Aruss,

    It is a BIG TEN PREVIEW! He has to write about IU, they are still part of the Big Ten.

    If he would have done ANY research before posting that, then maybe we should thank him, but what he wrote about IU, any 5 year old born in the Hoosier state already new.

    Give me a break.

  10. It is very rare when you actually learn anything that you did not already know, especially about IU basketball, by reading sports articles. The article on Richard Council today was an exception to that rule. The only usual exceptions are reading the sports headlines: “Doss will not play”. I knew that that was a possibility before today, but now I know it is fact.

  11. Since Hugh is the only journalist here, he should have the final say on whether Eamonn’s piece is lazy and unoriginal.

    Hugh – give us your professional opinion!

  12. it was a quick study in a paragraph so I won’t rip him too bad but what he said about the same team as last year was crazy. Experience is back and that is priceless, a Juco tested big man that can play D, and Creek among other things…

  13. Eamonn’s analysis was not just lazy it was w/o breath and life. It could put you to sleep with its generally known info. Casey said the same substance could be accomplished in 30 minutes using Google. I would like to add it could have only required 30 minutes total if you also included proof reading it over the phone to someone who only speaks Portuguese. Aruss states ESPN will write with vigor only about teams who draw ratings. During a 10 win season IU was 11th in attendance. The is no argument available for us not to pitch a bitch.

  14. I guess my question is, J Pat, if it’s just going to be a compilation of quickly written paragraphs, then what’s the point of even publishing such a “preview?”

    And your points are exactly reflective of my sentiment — he quickly summed up IU on paper. No analysis of mitigating factors, team chemistry, the role Sheehy and Oladipo will play in providing solid backup minutes, etc. If you’re going to write a preview, why half-ass it?

    That’s my problem. And Aruss — it doesn’t take a journalist to be able to identify lazy writing. In this case, all it takes is an IU fan with a better perception of the program than the person writing about it.

    Just as it doesn’t take a college basketball player to identify lazy play on the court, it doesn’t take a journalist to recognize lazy writing.

    But hey, I’m done ripping him. I just don’t appreciate a hastily composed, diminutive article about a team I root for and follow closely, from someone who doesn’t seem to have a grasp on the intangible factors that will play a part in our success this season.

  15. Hugh is the only journalist here? I have a feeling that Dustin, amongst many others would take offense to that statement.

    Whining to Korman didn’t help when you were outnumbered before, and crying to Hugh won’t help you this time.

  16. It is what it is. I’ve done these type of things before. Our very notion as a journalist is to do what you guys want, to dive in and go in-depth on everything. But, alas, there are things such as word counts and deadlines. It prevents you from doing so on every piece. Dustin wrote our season outlook in the football preview. Is it the definitive piece on Ohio State? No. But did it give you a bit of information in the space provided? yes.
    Eamonn has a difficult job — he’s the college basketball blogger. Not the Big Ten blogger, like Adam Rittenberg. He has to know everything at any given moment. And Eamonn has to write for that audience, which is national and looking to kill 15 minutes at work and could not possibly be entertained by a breakdown of Indiana’s chances against Wright State and Evansville.
    So, yeah, Eamonn was not writing for you guys. The same way the folks on a Michigan State blog probably thought his analysis of the loss of Chris Allen was shallow. There’s only one guy at ESPN, from what I know, that is allowed to write whatever he wants, however long he wants, and has no deadline. He likes to write about Karate Kid.

  17. Great writer? He obviously didn’t even bother looking at our schedule before writing this or he is an idiot? Our worst case scenario is .500.

  18. I nearly had a desire to gnaw on my own arm when I read Brennan’s blog piece. The criticism of Rivers was a strangely placed hit below the belt amongst all the uninspiring drabness. Thus it gives the impression there was a bit of intention his Hoosier doldrums. Anyway, considering there were very few comments(a lot of zeros) on almost every story in the ESPN blog, I doubt even zombies on a 15-minute arm break at work would care to munch on a bony meatless topic lacking any sophisticated attempt the subject.


    More rapids in the Rivers:

    Rivers is a great athlete…maybe the best on the team. The addition of Guy and Victor is going to make for some opening up of the paint…more honest defense and less cheating away from the post with more Hoosiers that can play above the rim. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jeremiah have a great year. There’s going to be a lot of action around the cylinder and we have more troops to keep the pace fast.

  19. The guy is a blogger folks. I give him credit for keeping an open mind on IU. You see these homers all the time……most of them on ESPN are OSU and UM homers with some USC guys mixed in. So I give him credit there. It’s very important to be objective if you are ever gonna be anything in that business on a national level.

    And for those who are saying “he didnt even look at our pre-con sked”. WE LOST TO BOSTON LAST YEAR. WE LOST TO LOYOLA. WE LOST TO GEORGE MASON.

    The guy took the schedule into account and said .500. Most IU fans AT BEST are saying a few games over .500. So you are lambasting him over a few games? ITS A PREDICTION!!!!!

    Stop getting your feelings hurt so easily. Geez.

    Not saying he is great, but he’s objective and that is commendable if nothing else. More than we can say for most of us thats for sure.

  20. D-5 – You wouldnt be surprised to see Rivers have a great year? Did you watch any games last year? Just asking honestly. He got it together a little better towards the end of the year with his free throw shooting and mid-range, but have a great year?

    I could see that if your definition of great is 3rd string backup who comes in to play some situational defense here and there. Yes, he’d be great in that roll. Unfortunately, we have a more talented kid in Oladipo to fill that roll this year. I’d love to see JR prove me wrong.

  21. Mike P., he didn’t mean the preview as a whole. Between the Chappell feature and the position by position stuff we did, yeah, that was a ton of work. But the team-by-team previews at the bottom of the inside wrap which were a paragraph each? Sporting News, Phil Steele, and Google. The other stuff was of higher priority, so I put more into that.
    I’ll echo most of what Hugh said. This isn’t going to be Brennan’s definitive Big Ten preview. It’s just something to get people reading and talking in August when it’s hard to find anything new to say. You’ll see a lot more depth closer to the season.

  22. Here are the choices; read Eamonn’s writing, watch Rivers playing or visit your dentist.

  23. HC, they have TVs at the dentist these days so I say going to the dentist is by far the best option. While in the chair you can ask for the remote and switch to ESPN and maybe there they discuss Eamonn’s piece (or see Rivers playing?)

  24. Clarion: specify. Am I watching Rivers shoot free throws, or just run the point? And at the dentist, am I having flouride put in my mouth, a root canal, or just a teeth clean?

  25. I’m not going to pay to read Dustin’s article, but until I see anything to prove otherwise, Council is the worst CB in the history of college football. His horribleness cannot be understated.

  26. I think Rivers will prove many wrong. I think he’ll be more than “situational”. He made some spectacular moves around the glass last year. He has good size and is strong going to the rim. As I said above, I think the changing dynamics of the paint(especially if Guy has skills/hands to accompany his size) could allow a stronger role than anticipated. Also, the penetrate and kick-out option took a big hit when Creek went down early last year. You can’t fully assess Rivers boost to the team when two strong perimeter shooters were absent(Roth and Creek). That’s the main reason I think some of the criticism is unfair..(I’m sure I dumped some negative comments aimed his direction last year). Looking back, I think the forced attempts and turnover issues were exaggerated by a lack of options on the floor. I have a hunch he’s put in a lot of hours to improve his shooting touch as well. We’ll see. I like his positive attitude and the high energy he brings to the floor.

  27. Dustin,

    I havn’t read the team by team break down yet. Don’t worry though, if deserving of it, I’ll gig you just as well. 🙂


    Eamonn usually does a decent job, but between this piece, Rivers or the dentist, dentist wins hands down.


    I couldn’t agree with you more. The way Council played last season, I would rank him as the all time worst starter in IU football history. He has to prove himself BIG this year.

  28. We have all already heard about him putting in a lot of hours to improve his shooting touch….while he was sitting out a year.
    How did that work out?

  29. Aruss,

    The criticism is warranted. Why compose something if it shares no new or breaking information, sheds no sort of unique light on a situation, and/or doesn’t go in depth to back up the claim it makes?

    Apply it to another topic and you’ll see what I mean…

    Here’s my preview of Transformers 3:

    “Transformers 3 is Michael Bay’s last film of the Transformers trilogy. The best case for this film is that it’ll be mediocre, given that it probably won’t be much different from the first two. With a returning core of slightly more matured actors, led by Shia LaBeouf, we may see a slight improvement in acting technique. The group lost key star Megan Fox, but added Patrick (McDreamy) Dempsey, so it should even out. With the addition of an established actor in Dempsey, the film may see a slight lift from last year’s movie. However, remember that this is a movie series that featured alien robot-cars in its first two flicks, so the worst case scenario is that the movie doesn’t improve from the last installment.”

    Now, explain to me how that provides any sort of insight, or aptly prepares you for what you’re going to see beyond the information that’s already accessible. Excuse me if I don’t enjoy reading a regurgitation of what I already know. At least give me SOMETHING I haven’t thought about before.

    I think the reason it bugs me is because I’m used to the balance of frequency of coverage and depth of overall coverage that Dustin and Hugh provide.

  30. I’m greatly disappointed to not have 4corners4guards in my Milan cornfield on this topic.

    I’ve changed my mind..I want the 3 Hulls, 2 Zellers, and 1 Alford on the bench dental procedure. Read Brennan as a means to put me totally under while Dr. Steve Green and his assistant, Dr. Finkelmeier, perform the root canal. I’ll catch up on sleep and dream of tight shorts on dorks.

  31. Ha — fair enough. I’m done complaining. I get the coverage I need here, anyway.

    On another note, I’m excited to watch some football this week, even if we’re playing Towson. Even more excited to stop speculating about the basketball team and just see them on the court. Fall’s a great time of year.

  32. I am willing to give Council another opportunity, but Rivers inability to protect the ball consistently and displaying a poor attitude as an upperclassman leaves no room for optimism.

  33. Take a look at last years stats. Jones turned the ball over just as many times as Rivers (87 and 86 disrespectfully respectively). There assist totals were also identical.

    Highs and Lows from 3-Pt. Land:

    Jones shot a whopping .273 from the 3-pt line. Bobby Capobianco hit on 5 of 16 attempts(.313). I doubt Cody Zeller would shoot any better from distance than Capo..Creek shot .448 beyond the arc in his 12 games. After looking at that last statistic, it’s pretty simple to see why things got ugly quickly after Creek’s injury.

    Here’s a little game..Match the following shooting percentages from the field with the names of Dumes, Watford, Jones, Hulls, Creek, and Rivers.

    .4 0 4
    .4 0 6
    .3 3 3
    .3 7 5
    .3 9 9
    .5 2 7

    Final thought: Turnovers were atrociously high from more than one player. IU has had a tradition of great shooters. I don’t think .273 from downtown is anything worth sicking tongues out writing home about. There was plenty of ugliness to go around if you want to join in the popular pastime of throwing Hoosier names under buses(it works pretty well for 4guards).

  34. Jones is a turnover nightmare as well. What is your point? That is why Hulls should be the starting PG. Everything runs so much smoother with him in the lineup.

  35. Many points have been proven though it was not the intent of my original post. I wasn’t attempting to dig into facts…I was only trying to be positive for a change..I saw a possibility and hope for improvements in Rivers game based on the changing makeup of our team..a prediction of sorts that Rivers could have a better than expected year. Some people took aim at that prediction..After a closer examination of the Rivers’ criticisms, maybe now we can make a few points. A good student of the game could still uncover the trickery of any stat sheet..There will always be misleading elements that one can take liberty to support a position. Stat sheets don’t lie, but they can certainly hide.

  36. Have a bit of fun with some of these points:

    1. Brennan made Rivers a target of criticism unwarranted. Worst shooter in college basketball? The facts don’t support what he said. Rivers was not even the worst percentage shooter on our team last year.

    2. Brennan also failed to recognize how the changing roster and new dynamics at the post could facilitate a style of play more complimentary to Rivers’ game(mainly going to the basket). You can’t look at a basketball team as a set of five non-intersecting parts. That’s often why Rivals and Scouts lists mean Jack Squat.

    3. After I made a statement that I believed Rivers could have a much better season this year, some bloggers attempted to throw him under the bus on the turnover issue. After discovering Jones had just as many turnover as Rivers, a final point is proven. What was my final point?..Hmm? Now I remember..It has become very popular on this blog to make assertions as if they were undeniable facts. These unsubstantiated assertions are then used to piss on coaches and players that wear the cream and crimson. So I guess the final point takes a bit of your claim to fame away. You can’t solely wear the disloyal crown for being the only brilliant blowhard making flippant remarks and unsubstantiated claims that facts cannot support. 4guards garbage has gone in their ears and now 4guards garbage sings out their mouths. Soon Scoop will have a starting “Tard” five.

  37. D-5, Here are some more facts for you. The only time JR should touch the ball during a game is rebounding, a steal, passing or a loose ball. Jones is a scorer not a shooter. Rivers is a train wreck. There is no doubt if he were sitting on the opponents bench in a different colored uniform it would be advantage IU.

  38. I’ll leave the study of “train wrecks” to the experts boarding the straight track of Hoosier “Choo-Choo” Clarion. I’m perfectly content with my weak basketball opinions. Maybe they’re not so weak…?… Either way, I’ll proudly nurture them though they often suffer of a heart clouding mind.

    Final Thought: When a no-name journalist finds room in his bland piece of writing to take vicious aim at a college kid doing his best in the sport he loves, I don’t understand why the wagons circle around to protect from unfair and narrow-minded attacks the same. Their is a good share of hypocrisy to strongly defend Brennan’s unseen skills in writing without defense some of the overlooked qualities the Hoosier basketball player ridiculed.

  39. I have already given Eamonn’s article the raspberries for it being so shallow. But he was right about JR. Hell even 4brainpiercings is right about Rivers and he never thinks right. Rivers past performance and corresponding poor attitude has placed himself directly in bus traffic. Now he can get smart and do the things he is capable of doing successfully, or suffer in a bad situation of his own making. I personally think he is so egotistical that he will elect to wear tread marks.

  40. Sell it to the mirror and loosen-up with an early afternoon beer. I’ve said enough my reasons to cheer, and it does no favors to your ear…Now look for an insult, maybe call me queer, then I’ll know you’ve sniffed a dingleberry from 4guards’ rear.

    You and “4brainpiercings” have much in common that has nothing to do with expertise the subject of basketball.

  41. The question is: can Rivers still find it in himself to be a humble and hungry warrior?

    Maybe he will. Maybe he won’t. It remains to be seen.

  42. I’ve watched enough basketball to know JR’s relevance to IU BB last season was negative and his play will be irrelevant this season. For clearer thinking you should have observed some games last season.

  43. And I have watched enough basketball to know Tom Crean’s relevance to IU BB last season was negative and his coaching will be irrelevant this season. For clearer thinking you should have observed some games last season.

  44. ^^^ Sadly that’s the truth. Don’t blame Rivers for poor attitude! Blame Doc and Crean if you want to blame someone. Doc for not knowing how to raise his son and Crean for being the despicable ass-kisser that he is. Out of this combination (high-profile, but mostly absent father plus fawning, servile bootlicker Tom Crean) the young Jeremiah, who is a superior athlete after all — is the only one that stands to lose. And IU.

  45. So we agree if Crean keeps preferring Rivers’ senior leadership this year (at the point) we’re screwed and he’s screwed and he deserves to go!

    Go away, Tom Crean, nobody loves you here!

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