Indiana’s release on the schedule

The schedule came with a release from the IU sports information department and quotes from Tom Crean. They follow.

Bloomington, Indiana–The Indiana University men’s basketball program will participate in the 2010 IBN Las Vegas Classic (December 22-23) and will play 20 times in historic Assembly Hall during the 2010-11 season.  In addition, the Hoosiers will play two home games to open Big Ten play in between Christmas and New Years with the Hoosiers hosting Penn State (December 27) and Ohio State (December 31).  Twenty-eight of the Hoosiers games will be on television with three others available on-line.

Last year, the Hoosiers ranked 11th in the nation in attendance and will begin the season at home with Florida Gulf Coast (November 12), Wright State (November 14), Mississippi Valley State (November 16), Evansville (November 21), North Carolina Central (November 23) and Northwestern State (November 26).

IU hits the road for the Big Ten/ACC Challenge at Boston College (December 1) and then is back to play Savannah State (December 4) before heading to face long-time rival Kentucky (December 11) in Lexington.  After a break for exams, IU will host the first two games of the IBN Las Vegas Classic facing SIU-Edwardsville (December 17) and South Carolina State (December 19).  The Hoosiers then head to Las Vegas where they will face Northern Iowa (December 22) and New Mexico or Colorado (December 23) before returning home to start Big Ten Play.

In the conference, IU will play a home and home series with each school with the exception of Penn State at home and Michigan State on the road. IU is still finalizing its two-game exhibition schedule at Assembly Hall.

IU Men’s Basketball Coach Tom Crean
“This schedule will present us with a lot of unique challenges.  Twice, we have stretches early in the season where we will play six games in 14 days so our depth and health will be a critical factor.”

“I think we will learn a lot about our team during the four non-conference games we play away from Assembly Hall.  Boston College has one of the most experienced teams with 11 seniors or juniors, the Kentucky game is one of the most intense rivalries in college basketball and in Las Vegas we will see a very good Northern Iowa team and then a day later have to take on a team like New Mexico or Colorado.”

“The Big Ten schedule is a grind that you have to be mentally and physically prepared to handle.  This year, the league should be as good as any in the country.”

BTN–Florida Gulf Coast, Mississippi Valley State, Evansville, North Carolina Central, SIU-Edwardsville, South Carolina State, Penn State, at Northwestern, Michigan, at Iowa, Illinois, at Michigan State, Minnesota, at Michigan, Purdue.

ESPNU–Wright State, at Boston College, Savannah State.

ESPN or ESPN 2–Kentucky, Ohio State, at Minnesota, at Wisconsin, Iowa, at Purdue.–Alma, Northwestern State.

IBN–Northern Iowa, Colorado/New Mexico.

TBA (BTN,ESPN or ESPN2, CBS)–Northwestern, at Ohio State, Wisconsin, at Illinois.


  1. Evansville, Wright State, Boston College, Kentucky and Northern Iowa = cupcakes? Hell those five right there would scare Alford out of the MW.

  2. No exhibition games? Do we not have them or have they not been announced yet?

    Dustin or Hugh any insight into this

  3. exhibition games are with Dolly Madison Tech and Sam Houston Institue of Technology (great T-shirts)

  4. As I’ve pointed out before, most teams schedule lots of cupcake games in non-conference play. It’s fine if that’s not your style, but it’s dumb to act as if IU is any different in this regard than any of the power conference programs.

    Go look at Duke’s early season schedule. Same deal.

    We’ll have more than enough challenges in conference play and a handful of non-conference games, and I for one am fine with allowing the team to ease its way into conference play.

  5. I swear some people look for the negative. What do you want? …to play tough teams and get beaten down so more recruits see IU as rebuilding for even longer. Good LORD!!! I am not a huge fan of Lynch on the field but if he goes 4 and 0 and knocks off Michigan I will sing his praises and change my tune all the way. I am convinced that some people on here would rather lose games just to get rid of a coach…

  6. What do you think kids like Cody Zeller think when they see us playing this type of schedule? It is not a positive.
    Take a look at Kentucky’s schedule. The best want to compete against the best.

  7. It’s a little weaker then it needed to be, but I am ok with it overall. The ACC/Big Ten challenge opponent hurts the schedule a little as we usually play a top 2 or 3 ACC team when we are up as a program. That’ll come in due time. In the meantime, lets make it as easy as possible to get to a postseason tournament and get some recognition.

    Hey 4Guards – what do you think kids like Cody Zeller will think when IU is 12-1 going into the conference season? They’ll feel like committing son.

  8. I doubt Cody Zeller cares about our non-conference schedule.

    He can look at IU’s schedule and know that any given year, he’ll be playing 18 games against good competition in the Big Ten.

    Zeller is considering Butler — a team that battles it out with Wright State, Cleveland State and a slew of other no-name programs throughout their entire conference season. I think we’ll be fine.

    Also — let’s analyze you’re statement regarding Kentucky: “The best want to compete against the best.”

    FLAWED. Here’s your logic:

    – Indiana schedules cupcakes. The best want to compete against the best. Since Indiana doesn’t want to compete against the best, Indiana isn’t the best.

    – Kentucky plays a tougher schedule. They’re the best, because they want to compete against the best.

    But…HEY WAIT A MINUTE — they scheduled Indiana. We’ve already established that Indiana isn’t a good team, given their laughable non-conference schedule. Why would Kentucky schedule such a cupcake game??

  9. Last time I checked we won 6 and 10 games the last two years. We’re not the best. Playing a difficult schedule right now would be suicide and nonsensical.

    The goal of this season is to build continuity and confidence. You do that partly by winning. If IU can win 18 games and make the NIT, then win 2 games in the NIT, that’s a 20 wins season folks.

    I don’t care how easy the schedule is, recruits aren’t going to be looking at the schedule, but they will be hearing CTC tell them he took the program from a cesspool to 20 wins in just three seasons. They will hear CTC tell them he doubled the win total in ONE year.

    Building a schedule that is too difficult at this point in the “re-build” would be plain stupid.

  10. Go watch the Kentucky games then. They love trolls on their message boards….please go join them!
    Since we couldn’t play in Maui, pre-season NIT, or Coaches vs. Cancer this is probably about as competitive as it could get. Having a chance to play a Northern Iowa team that made a significant run in the tourney should not be overlooked, along with a chance to take on New Mexico. We had no choice in the Big Ten/ACC challenge draw.
    What a great opportunity to build some confident in a young team and get over the days of sub .500 seasons. It’s idiotic to think recruits care about the names on our schedule this year just as long as we wax the floor with the one’s we should.

  11. 4guards = IGNORE CITY!

    4G is not an Indiana fan. He’s also not much of a basketball fan (or is, but has to twist everything around twisted logic to fit into his everything-about-IU-sucks worldview). Everything he does is a wind-up. Best to ignore. Or, second best, do what I’m doing here and expose and mock him. 🙂

  12. After their non conference schedule Kaintuck then plays in the SEC. Florida had a couple good years. Tennessee is a legit program and the rest are bait and tackle shops.

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  14. Take a look at the possible pre-season #1 Purdue Boilermakers’ non-conference schedule… Apparently, Painter likes cupcakes too. The difference is: they have no excuse for it.

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