James Blackmon Jr. takes unofficial to IU

Tom Crean has been making a point to get to in-state players early. That was made especially evident on Saturday morning when the Indiana coach stopped in at IU’s football practice with James Blackmon Jr, a 2014 recruit, and his family, on Blackmon’s unofficial visit.

Blackmon is a 6-foot-2, 170-pound guard who is entering his freshman year at Bishop Luers in Fort Wayne. He will be coached by his father, James Blackmon Sr., a former Kentucky star and NBA draft pick.


  1. Great job CTC. Keep up the good work. Maybe this could be a segway for getting Gary Harris for dual sports. CTC is the man. Remember it takes a minimum of four years to build a program from scratch.

  2. Bleeding Crimson: Four years at least and that’s if everything pretty much goes as planned, there are no big or badly timed injuries, and there are no recruiting restrictions and Crean has had to contend with all three and all three were not a direct result of anything Crean did or did not do. This season and next will pretty much be the indicator as to how we will be in the long run though. IMHO

  3. Getting in early on kids is important. Would have to think his dad may have some influence on where he goes, especially if KY calls. On another recruiting note has anyone else heard the rumor that Perea is a near lock for Baylor and transferred to LaLumiere in Laporte, IN. to be close to the Scott Drew’s dad in Valparaiso which is only 30 minutes from Laporte?

  4. Bones,

    Regarding Parea, I’ve heard that theory thrown around, but by absolutely no one who has any sort of inside information. I think it’s just another case of hopeful speculation on the behalf of Baylor fans.

    Here’s why I highly doubt Perea is a Baylor “lock”:

    1.) He took an unofficial visit to IU this past week. I don’t know why he’d be taking any more visits if he’s picked a school.

    2.) If he’s so devoted to Baylor that his reason for transferring to LaLumiere is to be closer to the Drew family, why hasn’t he gone ahead and announced a commitment? It just seems like if he’s taking that big of a leap for the purposes of preparing for a career at Baylor, he’d go ahead and make that known, instead of stringing along any other programs.

    On top of that, why not just transfer to Texas and be closer to the Baylor program then?

    I believe strongly that both programs are very well in the hunt. One of Perea’s AAU coaches recently stated that Perea and Jurkin “couldn’t be any closer,” or something to that effect. I imagine Jurkin’s decision will at least be a factor in what Perea eventually decides.

  5. Bones,

    That theory has been asked about on Hoosier Nation as well, never with any inside knowledge behind it, just asked about.

    But, everyone on Hoosier Nation that usually has inside info is 99% sure that it has nothing to do with the Drew’s/Baylor and everything to do with Mark Adams and A-Hope.

    Apparently the new coach at LaLumiere is a coach that Mark Adams has placed other players with in the past at his previous stops. So it does seem like an A-Hope and Adams thing, which would be really good for IU.

  6. Thanks for the info. I didn’t know about the connection at LaLumiere with Adams and A-Hope. This recruiting stuff is like a soap opera with all its twists and turns.

  7. The Perea moving closer to Valpo thing makes no sense ….. what his dad who is coaching at Valpo is going to recruit for his son? Why would he do that? I keep saying…Perea has NEVER EVER visited Baylor and has been to IU dozens of times. Jurkin committing to IU has given IU and Perea about a 80% chance now.

  8. Bringing a kid just entering his freshman year of high school down to campus? The NCAA needs to stop the ridiculousness of college coaches whoring stardom in front of the face a child. This turns sports into a gross pictorial dreamy lure of nothing-else-matters and self-adulation. And we wonder why academics takes a backseat? Can’t we just let a kid be a kid? Can’t teachers have a delusional segment of the day to think a few minds not confused by the incidental importance of learning compared to pop culture and pipe dreams? Can’t a teacher be the star for one hour? When a thirteen-year-old enters the classroom for morning bell with a “you aint got nothin’ on me teacher” strut, it spotlights a false reality for the entirety. Can a mature-minded parent maintain balance, step up to the plate, and say no to coaches and other adults that become participants in this delusional scheme? When we turn the textbook into envious eye the prima donna child athlete, it’s far uglier any form of recruiting violation. This is molestation of the truth and pornography the sport.

  9. Perea, Zeller and Jurkin would alone bring IU to be considered again as a top rated program, but with out a true point to deliver the ball I can’t see another banner in the hall. Thomas, Smart, and the list goes on have been the difference in winning championships. If Yogi gets away it will be the biggest recruiting loss, next to seeing Cody wearing Carolina Blue. Coach Crean has always been touted for having great guards. Can he deliver at IU?

  10. I’ve heard Perea’s brother resides in Texas. I have heard no concrete confirmation on that, nor have I heard where his brother resides in Texas and what he is doing there.

    Anybody else know anything about this?

  11. Luke72,

    I have a strong feeling that if both Zeller and Etherington are playing at IU, Yogi will come too.

  12. How about some of these teams we scheduled this year? Homes games = Florida Gulf Coast? Wright St, Evansville, SIU-Edwardsville? Citadel?
    Wow, I guess at least we should win some non-conference games this year. I am glad I didn’t spend top money on season tickets for these cupcakes though. It is almost embarrassing.

  13. I agree with 4guards..This schedule is almost embarrassing as the best player in the state, Branden Dawson, going to Crean’s mentor.
    All the 5-star recruits available to Izzo and he chooses to undermine a friend and former assistant by fueling the already unreasonable assessments and ridicule from those that want to ride Crean out of town for failures to land a top recruit from Indiana. Hard to believe Crean got so distracted by the kid labeled as the next savior our program that Izzo made a call to Northwest Indiana and claimed a true talent and multifaceted future superstar the game….maybe even the next Dwyane Wade. EMBARRASSING!

  14. Just stop already, 4guards. Your refusal to support a team you allegedly love should be more of an embarrassment than our out-of-conference schedule.

    Last year, National Champion Duke played Pfeiffer, Findlay, UNC Greensboro, Coastal Carolina, Charlotte, Radford, Gardner-Web and Long Beach State. Every team schedules several cupcakes at the beginning of the season. Stop acting like it’s unique to IU.

    By the way, Butler plays Wright State in-conference twice every single season.

  15. I understand teams schedule some cupcake games, but my point is that every single home game we know about so far is a cupcake. You would think season ticket holders would be a little upset that there is no team even remotely close to good on the schedule so far.
    At least Duke scheduled St. Johns and Arizona St for home.

  16. just wait till the other top recruits fall in line, rumor has it this week. 4tards can sucksome more on that. i love it

  17. PJ + Buss . . . who’s next? Zeller, Hollowell, BJ, Harris?

    Oh, and of course, as always: EAT IT, 4-TARDS. The only thing embarrassing about the Indiana program right now is that you CLAIM to be a fan.

  18. IU fans support their team win or lose so give us a break you had no intention of buying a season ticket unless it was a purdue ticket. Do you not remember those IU tournaments that your boy Bob Knight won every year? Come up with something new or keep quiet. We all know you hate our Coaches, players and team.
    I bet you have never had season tickets for IU…. maybe Iowa or New Mexico? Notice I did not address this to anyone because we all
    know who the hater is!

  19. I love the Patterson commit. Great pickup. I go to numerous IU games per year…well used to and will again once Crean is gone.

  20. just stuff it 4tards. no one cares if you love the commit or not. go back to your never ending crean bashing, its the only thing you are consitent with. glad I wont be seeing you at the games because crean will be here for a long time. hurts that IU will be good again huh? suck it

  21. 4guards: Why do you have such hard feelings towards TC? Has the man just crapped all over your face and then spit on you or what? In today’s society, coaches do what they can to bring in these top names for their programs. IU and TC do what they think is best for THEIR program. Yes, TC is all about IU and as you can tell he is starting to show it. Do YOU think that YOU could do a better job coaching is that the case? Please tell me no! Do we really think that if they brought in Steve Alford that he could turn the program around in two years? Don’t think so. I am not trying to take anything away from him, but sometimes ex good basketball players sometimes don’t really make all that great head coaches. If you look to see what Steve did in the Big 10, well lets say TC can catch up to that status real quick as soon as he gets his kids where he wants them. I know you are going to bash this post, but I just post things to get them off my chest, not to stir the pot like most people do.

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