Jurkin commits to Indiana

Peter Jurkin has verbally committed to Indiana.

Jurkin, a 6-foot-11.5 center in the class of 2012, announced his decision during the broadcast of adidas Nation’s championship game.

“I have decided to commit to Indiana University,” Jurkin said. “It’s a good college. Good coach. I like it.

“I try to play hard and do everything I can do. Play hard in practice and in games to try to go on to the next level.”

Jurkin, a product of Mark Adams’ A-HOPE Program, is the first verbal commitment in the class of 2012 and could be a domino recruit because of his close relationship with fellow IU targets Hanner Perea and D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera.


  1. Just thought I’d post something positive on here before 4guards comes in for his nightly whine.

    If you look at Jurkin and don’t think his shot blocking, rebounding, and overall size will help IU, I don’t think you’re eyes are open.

    Welcome to IU, Jurk.

  2. What do you mean, unfortuntely? IU will have the greatest name in college bball starting 2012-2013 season. Hopefully, Peter’s play is as great!!

  3. Seriously 4guards, this was just the first of MANY impact players the Hoosiers will grab for the 2012 class

  4. Peter, thanks for coming to IU. Coach Crean will have many more joining you for 2012. We look forward to watching you help bring IU another banner. Now go get your buddy Hanner Perea to sign up! You guys will make a dynamic duo!

  5. 4guards,

    I admit that there are better recruits in the 2012 class but I don’t like to pass too much judgement on someone that is two years away from entering college. Things can change pretty quickly (I think back to Carlino’s ranking his sophomore year and then this past year)and from the scouting reports I’ve seen on recruiting sites, Jurkin and “upside” are synonymous with each other.

    Now “upside” with an incoming college recruit is not always the best compliment, especially when it is paired with the phrase “He’s raw….but he has upside.” One could interpret that IU went down that road with Jobe and Bawa.

    Jurkin I would think is in a completely different category and place. He’s younger, he’s going to play more ball in HS and he’ll pair with the Indiana Elite squad a few more times. So that being said, right now it’s not too bad of a signing. That and the fact that this might be the first domino to fall in what could lead to an attractive class.


  6. Peter Jurkin is one of the top centers in his class. The 2012 class will be loaded for Indiana. If you want any better pickups you should become a fan of the Miami Heat

  7. Peter Jurkin is one of the top centers in his class. The 2012 class will be loaded for Indiana. If you want any better pickups you should become a fan of the Miami Heat.

  8. I don’t see Jurkin as one of the top centers in his class. Now AJ Hammons on the other hand…
    We could do worse but I think with all the options we have available for 2012, we should use our scholarships more wisely on top talent. DSR, Harris, Patterson, Perea, Hammons,etc.
    Isn’t Jurkin old for his class? I thought I had heard that somewhere.

  9. If you don’t like this addition to the program you don’t understand where IU is as a basketball program. They are getting a kid that right now has amazing physical ability at 7’0 and he still has two years to improve and get better. Do you know what that means to future recruiting? It’s huge. Peter Jurkin is a great addition to any team and I’m glad he’s coming to Bloomington, IN.

  10. AJ Hammons?? Have you seen him play? He’s definitely big and has the potential to be good but he’s lazy. Not what IU needs at all.

  11. PJ is a very, very nice beginning to the 2012 class.

    Two years from now he could be a lot more than very, very nice.

    Complaining about a commit like this is just silly.

    You know what else is silly? Pining away, waiting for Steve Alford to be the coach at Indiana.

  12. I remember seeing highlights from the game that PJ played against Will Sheehey team last year and PJ had a very very good game.

    4guards, I will just tell you this, PJ outplayed an SU commit who happens to be rated the 3 best center in the 2010 class and PJ did this as a sophomore.

    This kid has a chance to be a TOP 50 player or better, great pick up for the Hoosiers no doubt about it.

  13. DF, I agree about Hammons, who until last year I did have high hopes for. But he looks so not interested in being motivated. I now regard his recruitment like I do that of J. Davis. Neither would be much of an asset to the program.

  14. This is a huge pick up for Indiana. I am an avid IU hoops fan and also a college basketball official and have had the opportunity to officiate PJ a number of times. He has a ton of ablility and major upside…incredible shot blocker…good rebounder (will get better)…and he will most likely bring along a few additional guys with him whom he plays with on the AAU scene…ie Hanner Perea, DSR, etc.

  15. DF,
    Yes, I have seen Hammons play. He is a beast.
    There were times in high school when I outplayed the best players in the state, but I ended up in NAIA. It didn’t mean I was good enough for IU.
    This is Tijan Jobe V.4 since Crean’s IU days.

  16. Having been on the court officiating him numerous times doesn’t mean nearly as much as 4tards collection of rumors and gut feelings.

  17. When somebody is labeled as raw and having major upside, it means they are not very good right now. Hopefully he develops into a good player. Right now he is not and there are a lot of kids in 2012 that are.

  18. Those comparing Jurkin to Jobe are quickly invalidating their own opinions about anything. The comparison simply isn’t there.

    From what I’ve read, Hammons is a solid player — but someone who’s slower and less mobile, who would be suited to play on a slower moving, half-court offense team.

    That doesn’t really seem to align with what we’re trying to do.

  19. If this kid thinks IU has a good coach, his mama must not allow him to watch any TV. If he has seen IU play, and has seen Crean running up and down the court, clapping his hands like some circus clown, then with his decision to enter this fiasco of a BB program, one has to question his ability to even pass a basket weaving class. <My bet is we'll never see him at IU. (Hopefully, we won't have to see Crean for much longer.)

  20. Get over the hand clapping.

    I have never in my life heard a weaker or more ridiculous argument against a coach than, “he claps too much.”


  21. I’ve only seen that he’s raw OFFENSIVELY. He is descrbied as a beast defensively. At least get the “quotes” straight.

    Plus, I find it funny that 4g complained about all of the guards Crean was recruiting. Now he gets a committment from a 7 footer and it’s a bad thing because he wants a bunch of guards to commit…

    And of course he wants Hammons because he knows AJ doesn’t fit Crean’s style of play and is not at all likely to be a target…makes Crean easier to hate for him. You’re just to easy, dude. Why do you keep bringing that crap?

    Sorry, I know we should feed the troll.

  22. fwa,
    Zeller, Hammons, and Perea are not guards.
    We need bigs, but bigs who can actually play the game.

  23. …when somebody is labeled as raw and having major upside, it means they won’t disappoint nearly as much as Van Treese and J. Davis. 4brainpiecings you finally have said something that is correct, Hammons is a physical beast and among boys he should dominate, but instead plays disinterested, only achieves what his size easily allows and has a propensity to loaf and loaf a lot. Somebody will have to put a boot to his butt before he is considered high caliber. Until then he is a typical Mountain West candidate.

  24. 4guards, DSR, Harris and Patterson are guards. Jurkin is a center, while Zeller and Perea are forwards. Jurkins fills a need in 2012.

  25. 4guards,

    I’ll give you this: If Jurkin (as he is now) is the best player in our 2012 recruiting class, there’ll be reason for concern.

    But if Jurkin is a piece of a 2012 class that features even higher level talent, he’ll really be able to carve out a spot as a dominant defender who doesn’t have to overexert himself offensively to greatly help the team.

    If a few of the other names you’ve thrown around end up in an IU uniform, we won’t need Jurkin to score 15 ppg.

  26. I’ve never seen Hammons play, nor Jurkin, but most bigs are projects. Jurkin could work out great and I hope he does, but you can’t dismiss Hammons because he seems disinterested right now. I’m sure he probably is, he hasn’t been challenged to where he has to respond.

    The comparison I could make here is Sean May. Sean May was always bigger, had great hands, and obvious talent, but in high school he could dominate without trying and was lazy and ‘had the propensity to loaf and loaf a lot’. Then he went to UNC lost weight, got his act together, and was a huge part of winning a national championship.

    No one knows how either will turn out, so heres to hoping Jurkin keeps on getting bigger and stronger and finds that D.J. White jump flick/hook (it wasn’t really a hook) so we can just drop it to him in a couple of years and let him go to work.

  27. The difference between May to Hammons is May can play in a full court offense, Hammons(even in good shape)is half court offense only. By the way Hoagland, May rested a lot because of weight, Hammons(even after losing weight)just loafs.

  28. As a member of the local pro-masturbation group, BLIND (Bloomington Lovers of Individualized Naked Debauchery), I am thrilled by this future addition to our team and community. Already, I can almost hear the Assembly Hall chants of excitement and acceptance:

    Pee-ter Juur-kiin, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. Pee-ter, Juur-kiin, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap

  29. The name joke is already old, and he won’t be here for two years. Oh boy.

    Honestly though, who calls it a “peter” anymore?

  30. Please stop with the comparisons to Jobe or even Bawa, just shows how little you know about what is actually happening.

    This is a tremendous pickup, PJ will be a TOP 5 center in his class once he arrives in B-town, its been a long long time since we had one of those.

    I too see 2-4 more TOP guys at their positions coming in, once that happens I wonder how the non CTC crew are going to attack HIS program.

    PS: Steve Alford visited Cook Hall the other day, CTC enjoyed showing him and his father around the newest addition to IU bball.

  31. Hammons & Jurkin are a toss up at the moment & to be honest, Jurkin fits our offense a lot better.

    If we were running a motion offense at a slower pace, Hammons might be a better fit.

    In the end, we got who we needed.

  32. I watched Hammons play at Kokomo last year. I was pumped to watch him. When he came out on the court it was like a giant amongst little ants. I was very, very disappointed. Very lazy, couldn’t hardly get off the ground. Only had about 6 or 7 points. He did have a bunch of blocks but that was about it. Now for everyone who doesnt know already…..if Hammons was the one committing and not Jurkin, 4Guards would say, “Hammons is horrible and slow, we would have been better off with Jurkin but we cant even get him to sign.” It doesnt matter who signs, he will have a problem with it. Thats why I question his loyalty to Indiana anyways. Fans that enjoy and like their teams USUALLY, USUALLy try to support them every once and awhile. He love and loyalty is to Steve Alford not Indiana University, too bad there isnt a Steve Aford University cause 4Guars would enroll.

  33. I can not believe that some continue to repeat the same LIE that somehow TJ and Bawa have had “twin” careers at IU. Nothing could be further from the truth. You said: “he (meaning Jurkin)is far advanced from where former IU centers Tijan Jobe and Bawa Muniru were at this stage of their careers.” TJ had finished his second JUCO year at an obscure school in IL when Coach Crean was hired. TJ was not recruited by anyone and no one thought that he was or could be a real basketball player. But he was a great person, citizen, teammate and he was big and strong, 7′ tall. No one that you know even knew TJ as a rising Jr in HS. Bawa was a very athletic 7′ player who had only been in the US a short while when he was recruited by IU, OK St and a few others based on his potential. He will be a basketball player, but he is a project (i.e. he will need lots of coaching with a red-shirt year to reach his potential). Again, you don’t know anyone who watched Bawa as a sophomore in HS. Peter Jurkin has played high level basketball in the Indiana Elite AAU circuit for at least 3 summers, many have watched him in both his freshman and sophomore years. Many big time programs are recruiting him. We have seen his tremendous improvement, and he has 2 more full years of HS basketball to grow and to improve. Report the actual facts instead of pretending that these three kids have had similar “careers”.

  34. I would embrace a Hammons signing. I would really embrace a Zeller signing.
    I don’t change my tune on any recruit because of where they sign. Have been saying Jurkin sucks for a long time.

  35. And 4guards, many have been saying you suck for a long time as well. Only difference, is you have already proven yourself.
    Please go find yourself a new hole to occupy.

  36. I doubt that Jurkin or any recruit is reading the Scoop, I hope not. A question for 4guards. How would you feel if your daughter’s tennis playing skills were referred to as sucking?

  37. AJ Hammons could not hold Jurkins jock. He barely plays on his AAU team, and plays the most uninspired game for a big man you would ever see….maybe he can go to purdue with you 4g

  38. Of course, if Jurkin were going to New Mexico to play for Alford 4guards would be touting him as the greatest prospect of all time.

  39. Hammons will have to wear an oxygen pack in a full court offense. Jurkin is all ready conditioned for it.

  40. I call New Mexico’s recruits the way I see them too. Alex Kirk is a flat out stud and would love to have him here, their other 2 recruits in 2010 are not very talented.

  41. So it is ok for you guys to put down recruits IU is on that you don’t like, but not ok for me? Funny how that works.

  42. No it works like this. You put down damn near all Coach Crean’s recruits and commits. You are no fan.

  43. Most of his recruits have not been very talented. It is just a brutal fact. You did not hear me put down Hulls, Elston, Creek, or Watford. Quite the opposite, I have much praise for these 4. I don’t put down AE. Do you ever hear me put down Pritchard or Roth, or do you hear me talk about their good qualities? You have selective memory.

  44. As I’ve mentioned before, the more you pay attention to the pipsqueaks, the larger they become. He or she’s comments are in response to yours. Thus, I believe you want to hear from the squeaky wheel and that you enjoy the responses particularly since you anticipate what will be said and comment on them before anything is posted. I’m really tired of this drama taking up so much of the space in every story and blog.

  45. 4guards,

    Just can’t ignore ya on this one. Please define “most.”

    If you’re counting Crean’s first “recruiting class” in this argument, then your anti-Crean bias is undeniable, and the discussion is pointless.

    That said, let’s look at Crean’s recruiting classes so far, leading up to Jurkin – full “mostly” of kids who are allegedly “not very talented.”

    Jordan Hulls = talented
    Maurice Creek = talented
    Christian Watford = talented
    Derek Elston = talented
    Bawa Muniru = because he transferred, we’ll go with “not very talented”
    Bobby Capobianco = the jury’s still out on his future impact, so for the sake of argument, we’ll say “not talented,” even though he may end up contributing heavily.

    Victor Oladipo = talented (if you want to dispute that, watch the video someone just posted on ITH in one of the past few threads)
    Will Sheehy = talented
    Guy Marc-Michel = not determinable, since we’ve yet to see him play AND video of his game is more scarce than the hair on George Costanza’s head.

    Austin Etherington = talented

    Peter Jurkin = defensively talented, with two years remaining to gain weight and continue to improve offensively, which he’s already done.

    So, not counting Marc-Michel, whom no one can yet judge, eight out of Crean’s ten recruits to date can be considered talented.

    In regards to Crean’s recruits, how does two out of ten players being “non-talented” constitute “most?”

  46. 2010 class I would consider all 3 not talented for IU standards. Would also consider Jurkin not talented at this time.
    08 class I have to give him some leeway, but Jobe?
    Story was a huge reach as well even considering the circumstances.

  47. More bubble blowing from 4tickturds. Alford inherited talent and recruited talent at Iowa and was a weakling coach in the B10 before surrendering to the big stage of competition then retreating to the MW conference, becoming your hero. Blow, Blow and Blow! I’ll bet you are a hit at a kindergarten birthday party.

  48. What are you basing your opinion on, 4tards? What you’ve read on recruiting websites? If that’s the case, check out espn.com’s rankings. Jurkin is rated as the #37 overall recruit for 2012 and #7 center.

    But in reality, you should go watch the guy play! He’s got a ton of energy, blocks shots all day, will put back misses and finish around the basket. He has good hands and catches the ball well. He also will finish with authority given his somewhat lanky upper body.

    2 years from now, the guy is a stud. GREAT job by Crean and Co… Now just give us Perea, Smith-Rivera, and Yogi, and we are competing for a National Championship in a couple years.

  49. I would never base anything off ESPN’s rankings. They are a complete joke.
    I haven’t seen good hands on Jurkin.
    I will agree with you on DSR, Yogi, and Perea… although Yogi and DSR won’t attend the same college.

  50. 4guards rankings are based on one criterion, and one only:

    “How will this bring Steve Alford to Indiana?”

  51. Always the same from 4brainpiercings, if the evaluation information does not fit his agenda then he as “The Number 1 World Class Evaluator of Talent” deems it junk, stupid or wrongheaded. While he feels privileged enough to cherry pick any word/s to suit his line of BS.
    Now he is creating cherry picked info from his crystal ball(no doubt wore out by RMK)to fit his declaration that Ferrell and Smith-Rivera will not play together in college. Next he will be pointing to the sky hollering “de plane, de plane”.

  52. RHF,
    I totally agree about your comments on posters, one specifcally. I seldom follow this post just from time to time but it is posters like this that keep me away. True IU fans will give constructive critizism and praise where and when credit is do.

    Many of us knew it would take Coach time to rebuild and understand that this process takes time. For a coach to totally clean house and rebuild from the ground up will take a minimium of four years for any coach at any program. He did not have a base to work with. Then to get a top 10 class his second year was a feat. I would also go as far to say that he still didn’t have his feet firmly on the ground with his 2010 class but still turned out pretty good, kids that can compliment the team. 2011 & 2012 are looking very promising and still not completed. Pluse he is working already on 2013 & 2014.

    But for a poster to continue to make the same ole comments day in and day out, is not worth the time to read. Either he is not a true IU fan or does not see the full picture or really just can’t stand coach Crean. That’s it. Just look at his posting name…says it all.
    This is why I spend most of my time on another blog that is truly for die hard IU fans and does not come with the anit-BS day in day out.
    Bleeding Crimson

  53. Some people need to develope some perspective. Jurkin is a 7’0″ with two years left in HS to get bigger, stronger, better. Anyone remember Kent Bensen in High School or as a freshman at IU? That “project” turned out pretty good for Hoosier fans. Besides, if Jurkin was the second coming of Abdul Jabar, he’d be one-and-done anyway. Did Kentucky win the NCAA Championship last year with their four first round NBA draft picks on the team? As any real Hoosier BB fan should know, to win an NCAA banner, it’s about how the talent plays together, not which team has the most NBA first round draft picks on the floor(see IU’s teams of 75,76, 81, and 88).

    Any Hoosier basketball fan should be encouraged and optimistic about Jerkin becoming a Hoosier. You can’t coach height! He should be a major upgrade over any center IU has had in a long time and his early committment will help Crean sign a very strong 2012 class.

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