Live discussion: The Jurkin Decision

Jim Gray is headed to Chicago. Cleveland is concerned this will somehow affect them. Yes, Peter Jurkin will announce tonight, in Chicago, what college he plans on attending. We’ll discuss his decision and the adidas Nations final games (Jurkin’s Africa team vs. Hanner Perea’s Latin America; then, Cody Zeller’s USA 2011 vs. Yogi Ferrell’s USA 2012). Join us.


  1. Don’t want to sound too negative, but I can’t get too pumped about a verbal commitment from a soon-to-be junior. Still, I guess it could send a message that the program is healthy.

  2. GFDave,

    Another player, Isiah Austin, is also announcing his decision at the games. He is scheduled for halftime. I imagine Jurkin will be around that time as well.
    The games (and the decisions) are on CBS College Sports.

  3. Well im excited, knowing Jurkin and Perrea are very good friends, it cant hurt! I can hear Assembly already…Pet-er Jur-kin clap clap…clap clap clap

  4. The Indy Star is already announcing that he is going to choose IU. I like the fact that he chose IU over the likes of TN and UNC.

  5. GFDave, after seeing his pic…this is the kid I saw in Cook Hall recently. I am happy to have him and he should be as good or better than CZ by his senior year!!!

  6. Can I just say that the title of this “Cover It Live” called “The Jurkin Decision” sounds like a Robert Ludlum novel.

    Wither Moses Abraham….

  7. J Pat: I was thinking along those lines. I trust ESPN more than Scout, and ESPN has him at a 96 after only 2 years in high school. He could end up being the highest-rated IU recruit since Ebanks.

  8. J Pat, hope you are right, cause I’d really like to see CZ and PJ play next to each other. Don’t see CZ playing the 5 spot and I don’t see Jurkin playing anywhere else.

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