Patterson commits to IU

Ron Patterson made it two verbal commitments to IU within a week.

The 2012 guard from Broad Ripple verbally committed to Indiana on Sunday, joining Peter Jurkin.

The 6-foot-3 Patterson is most noted for his defensive ability, understanding the intricacies more than many of his peers. He’s improved as a shooter and has the ability to drive and score in the lane. rates Patterson as the 10th best shooting guard in the class of 2011 and the No. 57 player overall. Rivals has him at No. 10 for SG, No. 65 overall.

More on this later.

UPDATE, 6:03 p.m.

Ron Patterson decided he just didn’t want to wait any longer.

“I was really getting tired of recruiting,” Patterson said when asked what made him decide it was time to commit. “And I like IU a lot.”

Patterson had been interested in Indiana for some time and had taken several unofficial visits. He visited again on Sunday and told IU coach Tom Crean about his commitment.

“I love the atmosphere,” Patterson said. “I knew if I came to Indiana, everyone would know who I was.”

Patterson may not be as prolific a scorer as some of the other players IU is recruiting for the 2012 class, but he is known for his versatility. He’s only 6-3, but he has a 6-11 wingspan and therefore plays much bigger. He’s been used at every position from 1-5 in high school and AAU tournaments.

“I think they’re getting the ultimate competitor on both ends of the floor,” said Chris Hawkins, Patterson’s AAU coach with Indiana Elite One. “You can find a lot of offensive players out there, but not a lot of players really work on defense. This is a kid that wants to play defense. He does it all the time in high school and AAU and he excels at it. I think they’re getting an electrifying player on both ends of the floor.”


  1. C’mon, 4TARDS, let’s hear you figure out a way to tell us all about how much this sucks and how Crean can’t recruit and how terrible it all is for your *supposedly* beloved Hoosiers now!

    The future is starting to look VERY bright in Bloomington!!!!

  2. RP will be a GREAT player for the Hoosiers. He is very athletic and can fill it up. I like what I’m seeing from coach Crean and his staff. Go Hoosiers!

  3. Just what I needed for a boring Sunday afternoon!!! I love this momentum, and one can only hope that it will speed things up for Hollowell now too, and maybe even Perea!

  4. Great Pickup for the Hoosiers a Guy that Coach Crean has been after for a long time Now Only if Hanner Paerea and Cody Zeller announce thier coming to IU as well.

  5. I watched Ron Patterson play this summer and I really like the way he plays. My youngest son is very tall for his age with a long wingspan and I told him to watch Ron Patterson because that’s what you will aim for if you’er not going to be 6’8″ (or even if you are 6’8″!)

  6. I got on tonight to read some of the normal BS and I see this…I am all smiles. I even read a positive comment from 4G. I feel one more recruit coming soon.

    Can I hear takes from bloggers on Patterson…anyone seen him in person???

    Chris K, you are leaving too soon to get to enjoy this…

  7. Buss and PJ are the start of making IU a defensive team that will make the Hall rock. We have not had a better stopper at the guard position since the Knight era. Hanner needs to step up now before there are no spots left. This is starting to have a great feel to it!! News like this will help this year’s team as well. We’re on our way!!

  8. This is a great pickup and I’m extremely happy for Tom Crean– this should show many that this guy can recuit given a little time.

  9. Huge pick up to Tom Crean and the Hoosiers! Buss is a All Big Ten caliber player.

    Let’s see if the national media gives Crean the props that he deserves like Izzo received last week.

    Keep up the great work Tom Crean.

  10. Knight brought in a 6 man class in 76. There were some highly rated recruits like glen grunwald, derek holcolm, mike miday, and butch carter. The best one turned out to be another Broad Ripple product, Mike Woodson.

  11. I love it. I’m very excited about Buss. He’s extremely talented and physical and should play exceptionally well in Crean’s system. Yes. Yes. Yes!

  12. I just want to say that I agree with 4-guards 100%: “This is a huge pickup. Nothing but great things to say about Patterson.” I have to go now my family just read what I posted and they are rushing me to the hospital. Something about “delirious” and “doesn’t know what he is saying”…

  13. Curious for opinions:

    Obviously Zeller is still the 2011 prize.

    We add Jurkin and Patterson for 2012. Beyond that, 2012 MUST produce a PG unless J. Davis signs for 2011 and maybe even if he signs (DSR or Ferrell–I prefer Yogi). After that, who do you prefer as a wing, as it doesn’t seem to make sense taking both Perea and Hollowell as a big wing when that other spot could go to Gary Harris or add needed depth inside with Hammons.

  14. just stuff it 4tards. no one cares if you love the commit or not. go back to your never ending crean bashing, its the only thing you are consitent with. glad I wont be seeing you at the games because crean will be here for a long time. hurts that IU will be good again huh? suck it

  15. thinking,

    Keep in mind that Crean specifically told Patterson to start honing his skills as a point guard. With two years left to do that, he may be our man in 2012. Just food for thought.

    I’m actually having trouble deciding which players I’d prefer to have fill out the rest of that class now. A lot of good options. It feels great to have this problem again. It’s been a while.

    I think Crean is very emphatically shutting the mouths of detractors who question his ability to win over quality recruits.

  16. No trouble deciding here. Give me CZ and BJ Young to fill out the ’11 class and then finish the ’12 class with Perea, Yogi and Hollowell.

    If all of these guys sign on then we will need to find out if there is such a thing as a banner hanging class available and if so they all need to sign up for it.

  17. This kid has a great attitude,and smile.
    Thanks Ron Patterson for giving IU fans hope for the future of this program.
    I look forward to seeing you in the cream and crimson !!

  18. We should only sign Zeller for 2011 unless Kentucky burns to the ground in time to get Teague.
    2012 give me Hammons, Yogi, DSR, and Perea and do a little house CREANING.

  19. We already have our 7-footer (Jurkin); Hammons is not coming to IU. Your 2012 roster of Yogi, DSR, Perea, Hammmons, and our two verbals — Jurkin and Patterson — is bloated and the roster doesn’t hold that many scholarships (six!). A four-man class (or possibly five-man class if we don’t land BJY) is more realistic.

  20. Super! RP – can’t wait to see you in pin stripes. Major credit to CTC for his hard work. Another major piece of the puzzle.

  21. No, 4tards, we don’t need to do a little house creaning. You need to go away. There is no reason to be kicking multiple ’09 or ’10 players off the team to make room for more guys. We are past that point now. Those are all solid guys who have the chance to be good. No doubt there will be a transfer or two occasionally, but our situation has evolved and we no longer have guys on the team who are here just to fill out a roster.

    We need to get Zeller. That is goal #1. Then we need to determine if Yogi is coming. If so, just leave the ’11 class at two with AE and hopefully Zeller. That would then put our ’12 class at Yogi, Buss and PJ, with one more spot open plus the oversign. (Which I would expect to use since that is two years away. I’m sure someone will leave between now and 2012.) After that Perea has to be the next piece. That would leave one spot open. Assuming he grows another inch or two, I think Hollowell would be the best fit, simply because he could play any of the 2-4 positions if needed. Think about this potential and realistic roster (minus a potential transfer) for the 2012-13 season:

    Hulls, Yogi, Buss
    Creek, VO, Etherington
    Watford, Hollowell, Sheehey
    Elston, Capo, Perea
    Zeller, Jurkin

    We’d have 4 seniors and a sophomore starting with a talented group of freshmen following them up. The following year (after a long run in the tourney) we’d be restocked and ready to go with a group of sophomores and juniors.

  22. Brad, your plan is possible. I also like Coach Crean’s plan to deny 4brainpiercings from attending games at Assembly Hall.

  23. Get rid of Capo (who should have never been signed) and factor in that some of those kids will not stay in college 4 years and you have no bloated scholarship issue if Roth doesn’t get 5th year and only Zeller is signed for 2011.
    I don’t like the house creaning garbage either, but when you sign marginal talent that doesn’t belong at IU and have superior talent interested, there is no better option. From here on out, hopefully it can be avoided by not recruiting guys who don’t belong.

  24. Capo has definitely been in the weight room..Damn!

    Great to hear the news on some quality kids choosing IU.. With the solid core of players we have returning, a 7-footer that may actually have finesse and a shooting touch, and some additional athleticism and leadership filling in the roster, we have plenty to get excited about this year!

    Go Hoosiers!!

    Note: There’s also a Part 1 to the video.

  25. I like Capo. The kid is smart, unselfish, and has a nose for the ball. He’s the type of player that brings 110% and doesn’t succumb to nerves in big games and pressure moments. These are the type of role players that are often as important to deep tournament runs as the 5-star, highly touted recruits. It would take a damn fool to run this kid out of town. Not only is he a valuable asset to the team’s chemistry, he is a kid that wanted to wear cream and crimson in her darkest hour. I’ll take all the Capos you can send me over the prima donnas that still want to treat the Indiana name like the last scrub you choose in a pick-up game at the HPER building.

  26. Yeah get rid of Capo, one of the leaders of the team and one of your best post defenders. This is where 4tards proves he has ZERO basketball knowledge…then he wants the softest 2012 player in Hammons.

  27. One of the leaders on the team? You must think we have about 8 leaders on the team then.
    Capo is too small and too slow to defend anybody on the post.
    Are you suggesting Capo will be a better college player than Hammons? Wow, that is even beyond your ignorance level.

  28. I think it is pretty sad that Matt Painter or Brad Stevens didn’t land Ron Patterson with all the talent they have at those schools and they lose out to a team that won 10 games last year. To top it off, with his name and connections Alford has been outrecruited again. The alford name means nothing anymore.

    Does anyone agree with me that Painter and Stevens should be fired and are being out recruited by Crean?

    4guards go ahead and defend your three boys….

  29. Why would I defend Porkchop Painter? I can’t stand the guy.
    I don’t understand how Alford or Stevens was outrecruited. To my knowledge, they hadn’t even offered him.

  30. How can stevens not get a kid to commit to his final 4 program and the school is 13 minutes away. I knew he would have trouble recruiting with the big boys. For all the good name Alford HAD in the state he can’t seem to use it anymore. It may be best for Stevens to get out of town in the next couple of years if he continues to lose out on Indiana kids like Teague, Etherington, and now Patterson.

    There is a reason Crean made Jurkin a higher priority than Hammons. Capo will bring far more to a college team than Hammons on and off the court.

    How come Hammons hasn’t committed to Butler or NM. Poor recruiting and facilities by both schools.

  31. So obviously we’re going to get into a scholarship crunch…so without going down the path of guessing who will transfer or “transfer”, let’s try to think more positively.

    Which player is the most likely to make a jump to the NBA prior to playing 4 years?

  32. I much prefer Capo and Jurkin wearing C and C during their careers while playing for CC than Hammons. If Hammons tried to follow Jurkin and Capo up and down the court in Coach crean’s offense he would need oxygen before halftime.

  33. You think Capo gets up and down the court well? Some of the comments you guys make, makes me wonder if you even follow IU.

  34. Still no defense of why Brad Stevens didn’t land a kid who was 13 minutes from his school, coming off a final 4, and a very good good kid and talent. Why did stevens fail at missing out on Teague, Patterson, Etherington? Can he not recruit elite players?

    Still waiting on the defense….4guards. You can do it…..

  35. Improvement doesn’t always show up in stat sheets. I thought Capo’s game showed promise as he garnered more minutes throughout the season last year..He has a good looking shot and seems pretty stable at the line. He also has a no-quit attitude and when he comes off the bench he brings stability and maturity to the floor.

  36. The Troll feeding on this blog is annoying. Can you guys just exchange personal emails and move the battle of wits to another forum already? Or get on with your bromance?

  37. STLHoos,

    I think you are on to something here… It is not just 4 guards stirring the pot as everyone seems to claim, it is the 10 others that sole purpose in life is to tell him to suck it or call him names that I haven’t heard since junior high. This can be seen above.

    I think the HT should start a side blog called 4Guards vs. the Nation, and then all subsequent trouser measuring can happen over there.

  38. I don’t understand why you want me to defend Stevens so bad. I am not a Butler fan. To my knowledge, Stevens was not even actively recruiting Patterson. Honestly, I don’t care what Butler does.
    Patterson was a very nice pickup for IU and am very happy he chose IU. Let’s leave it at that.

  39. Let me add by saying this is huge IU. In-state kids will notice this signing. However I do NOT like Hollowell. He is lazy and is being recruited on potential alone. Most times he seems disinterested in even playing. While on the other hand Patterson is aggressive.

  40. Brad, you list 14 players, you can only have 13 scholarships. Whoever, Etherington and Zeller will both be class of 2011. Sandy, I have not seen Hollowell in person, but no article or recruiting analysis I have seen has called him “lazy”. Why would Patterson want to play with Jeremy if he is not a great team guy? His tremendous potential is obvious.

  41. 4tickturds,
    Like I said Hammons would need oxygen after following Capo up and down the floor for a half. It is apparent you may have seen Hammons play but did not pay attention.

  42. Well–BeatPurdue–I don’t need recruiting analysis. I have seen the kid play 5 times live and person, and not once was I impresses with his game. He is wildly inconsistent(check box scores) and in the games I saw did little to help his team WIN.

  43. Great to check in from Seattle and see this kind of news back home in B-Town. The momentum is back, and the chips will continue to fall as kids see that contrary to “popular” belief the program is in good shape.

    Meanwhile, how does “2-Way 4tards” have any credibility left?

  44. Oh my, we are all wrong and jj, STLHoos and Hoagland are the only ones right. Proving we all like to grade everyone’s tests while grading our own. Where does that leave 4 4 ah eh er 4ihaveforgottenhisnamepleaseforgiveme? I mean the guy with the dump truck load full of credibility.

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