Scoreboard is almost up, and other football notes

The Indiana football team held it’s annual Boys & Girls Club event on the Memorial Stadium turf on Thursday. Our intern Ryan Winn will have a story on it in tomorrow’s paper and I wrote a piece on redshirting, but there were a few notes — some of them not especially serious — that won’t see the paper.

  • The Hoosiers will head into camp with an almost completely healthy roster. Though IU coach Bill Lynch said a few players may be listed as questionable, but he doesn’t have anyone listed as out for the beginning of preseason practice. Freshman linebacker Ryan Phillis, however, will be held out from practice and will not be “listed as part of the 105,” players on the camp roster because of a foot injury, Lynch said, and will join the team when school starts.
  • Several players sported mohawks at the Boys & Girls Club event. Among them were linebacker Tyler Replogle, defensive end Kevin Bush, punter Chris Hagerup, linebacker Jamie Lukaszewski, running back Darius Willis, and wide receiver Dre Muhammad. Lynch said he wasn’t sure who started the movement. “When I came out after a meeting, I ran into (tight ends coach) Kyle Conner,” Lynch said. “It happens every year, so I said, ‘What’s the haircut of the year?’ He said, ‘I think it’s the mohawk.’ And I came out and saw the kids with the mohawks. We’ll find out eventually, but someone had to lead it.” Bush, the Iraq war veteran, looked particularly intimidating with the new look, rolling up his sleeves to show off his tatoo-covered arms.
  • IU’s new scoreboard seems relatively close to being finished. The board itself is up and there are four advertisements below it. During the Boys & Girls Club event on Thursday, a crane lifted what seemed like it could be a booth for operations above the scoreboard. It was red with an IU logo.
  • There were a few other changes within Memorial Stadium. There are new murals on the walls that lead down to the field, which mostly reference “The Rock” and “The Quarry.” There are also red diamonds at the top of each section.
  • Lynch said the Hoosiers have to go two days in helmets only, then two more days in just shoulder pads before they are in full pads. They will hold two major scrimmages in the preseason, one on Aug. 14 and one on Aug. 21.


  1. that’d be the camera perch going up on top of the board. I can’t wait to see what that thing looks like when all those lovely pixels are fired up. Indiana Football: Everything Around The Field is Awesome!

  2. can’t wait to see that scoreboard. So glad we have a even bigger one to show us kicking the crap out of some DivII school or getting our heads handed to us in the Big 10

  3. I heard it was state of the art and has contingencies for every occasion. It even has 3 digit capabilities on the visitor’s score.


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