1. WoW!!! That’s saying a LOT! But still don’t like those dare things. Rather see it on the tee shirt or shaved in a head of hair.

  2. …and it’s there for the rest of his life. Though an IU fan from Junior High on (including graduating from IU) I guess I’m just too old to understand why anyone would do that.

    I’d say he did it because he is proud to play for IU and always will be proud for being a part of our University. I wish we had more players with that kind of commitment.. Way do go Tandon!!

  4. Got mine 3 1/2 years ago. I have a red IU fork with black outline in the same area of his. I think it shows how proud he is to be a part of IU, I love it. It is my only tat…funny feeling it is not his last. I thought mine was well done, his rocks!!! A couple of you sound like my dad, haha. I am joking ya know!!!

  5. So far none of my kids has gone that route, though it has crossed their minds. What I have offered up is this, when you go in for that high paying job interview the first impression that the 50-year-old guy interviewing you is, you have (in his 50-year-old opinion) bad judgment. That may not be fair, and it is certainly a stereotype, but it is also a fact. There is nothing cool about a tat down at the corporate office. Sure, there are lots of jobs where nobody cares, but they don’t pay in the six figures. If your gonna be a fishing guide, pro athlete, or have such immense talents that the opinion of the boss doesn’t matter, you’re good. Otherwise, wear a cool tee shirt.

  6. Not a big tatoo person myself, but that one is pretty dope and high up enough on his arm not to affect his future employement. The tat on his left arm is actually in english and is his initials but good try at humor Andy.

  7. The artwork in that tat on Doss’ arm is amazing.



    I have one on my right arm just below the shoulder. I have one on my left arm from just above my elbow all the way to my shoulder. They both have very special meanings to me.

    The only reason my boss has seen them is because I was in a motorcycle wreck very close to my office about a month ago.

    I picked up the bike and made my way into the building. One of the ladies in the building cleaned my road rash and bandaged me up which resulted in me having to expose them.

    That is the beauty of the placement of mine (like the Doss IU tattoo) is that I can where normal shirts that hide them so I can present myself in a fully professional light.

  8. That is the one thing about wrecks, tattoos or not, no one who has been in one looks professional. I do not sport tattoos, but if had a choice between scars from a wreck or tattoos, it would be a simple decision.

  9. I’m simply going to say that it’s nice to have our players actually showing off their pride in being a Hoosier football player rather than hiding their heads in shame and keeping it quiet hoping that nobody would ask. None of us has any idea what these guys are going to do after graduation, but I’m d*mn sure that it’s their business, not our’s.

  10. Clarion,

    Nice thing about road rash, it heals. Only scars I will have from my accident is on my foot, where the blacktop ground through my shoe and tore up my foot and on my knee where it got me through my jeans. Still trying to figure out the knee as there was no hole in the jeans.

    The nice thing about those scars, they will be covered by clothing.

  11. The longer I ride (close to 40 years, now) the more gear I wear. That being said, I’ve busted up way more body parts mountain biking than motorcycling.

  12. That is a crazy tat man! I love it. I’m willing to bet that a suit and tie would cover it pretty well. Ridiculous commitment…anyone can put on a t-shirt.

  13. I’ve been pretty fortunate the last 30 or so years on the MC. The first few years were more eventful. My lovely wife bought me a new Triumph for my last birthday, replacing a bike I’d had for 12 years, or so. I promptly broke my collar bone mountain biking in Moab thereby missing out on a good part of summer. Just got back on the motorcycle last week. The Blue Ridge Parkway is 4 miles from the end of my driveway. Deal’s Gap is about an hour. Heal quickly my friend and be careful out there.

  14. Thanks Chet, I was scheduled to make my first trip to ride the Gap this year, but I was out of commission during the trip and now that football season starts on Saturday (youth) my weekends are full on out. Maybe we will have a warm November and I can go then.

  15. That is sometimes lovely down here. Certainly the last week in October. I know everyone likes to check off Deal’s Gap but there are lots of better roads with way fewer cops (the ‘Tail’ is crawling with them) and no Winnebagos.

  16. We had a 3 day trip planned that was going to include a ride on the tail while there. I was in Gatlinburg 2 weeks before Thanksgiving last year and it was mid 70’s and sunny the whole time I was there.

    Unfortuantly I was planning for cooler and wet weather (thanks weather.com) so I didn’t bother to bring the MC with me.

  17. My lovely life…my lovely wife….my lovely six figures….my lovely sailboat..my lovely mountain bike…my lovely Triumph…my lovely house made of lovely gumdrops and gingerbread men baked by my lovely grandma to look like my lovely children..my lovely “I love you Mom” heart-shaped tattoo on my lovely pimpled ass…my lovely Deal’s Gap in October…my lovely compassion for not smashing the lovely dumb face of the lovely retard that rear-ended my lovely motorsickle…And finally, my lovely twin brother, Bret.

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