Tharpe said he has not heard from IU

Naadir Tharpe has new scholarship offers from Minnesota, St. John’s and George Mason, plus interest from North Carolina State.

But the 5-foot-11 senior point guard said there has been little communication with Indiana lately.

“I haven’t spoken to them,” Tharpe said. “I really have no idea.”

Tharpe does not have a scholarship offer from Indiana. He was told heading into July by assistant coach Tim Buckley that Tom Crean would be evaluating his play.

Crean watched Tharpe’s first game for the New England Playaz during the adidas Invitational in Indianapolis.

“I feel like I played well,” Tharpe said. “I had a lot of games where I showed more scoring than I usually do. Coaches are used to seeing me be what I am, a point guard.”

Tharpe also offers from Marquette, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Boston College, UNC-Charlotte, UNLV and Providence.

Tharpe said he will decide when he gets back to Brewster Academy what official visits to take.

“I am still just open to everybody,” Tharpe said.


  1. I would say Coach Crean is narrowing his focus onto his real targets for IU. I also think many of the recruiting endeavors over the last two months show how valuable Coach Crean new McClain would be.

  2. HC I know CTC has only so many hours in each day, but it is hard to shake the ghosts of Mike Davis–swing for the fences and if you miss then what? Davis would get so tunnel-visioned with dreams of grandeur in recruiting that when a high profile recruit took a pass that we had little to work with. I know Crean is a more experienced recruiter, so you just have to hope that we’re keeping the right avenues open for those times when a high profile recruit does go another direction.

  3. These kids really amaze me. Lets just see how many scholarships we can pick up. They have a decent idea where they want to go, through July they figure maybe one of the big boys gets involved and offers. I really doubt IU is a “Big Boy School” in Tharpe’s mind, just seems funny that he’s floored that IU is showing no interest, even though he showed IU very little love when they were recruiting him. IU figured they had bigger fish to fry, so he gets left off the train. Its that time of year where kids will begin to pick schools, if they have been playing hard to get, they may find themselves thinking exactly that about the schools on their “long, very long” lists……

  4. Even though RMK hired Davis to help recruit athletes to the BB program, as a HC with no one telling him how to handle each individual recruiting situation clearly displayed he was flat footed and never really had a clue. His time as HC at IU was nothing more than on the job training. Coach Crean has already built one successful program. I encourage you to research to what Izzo has quoted when asked about the recruiting skills of his former assistant.

  5. He did not build it. That would be Al McGuire. But, Crean did rebuild it. I don’t know how you could refute that.

  6. He sure as hell built Marquette with the culmination being the Beg East inviting them to join. And during that time the “Diviner of Albuquerque” was preparing his surrender at Iowa.

    Blindness is a major symptom of negative bias.

  7. Marquette had 20 or more wins each of the last 6 years before Crean’s arrival. What exactly was there to rebuild? You act as though they were in shambles.

  8. Six wins in the Great Midwest and CUSA conferewnces, WHOOPIE, YAHOO BUCKEROO. Sounds like Alford’s preferred feeding grounds.

    Three of Coach Crean’s 20+ win seasons were his last three at Milwaukee while in the Big East. His coaching accomplishments got them invited into the Big East.

  9. so in Orange Tom’s first 6 years in the lowly conference he could only reach 20 wins twice? Wow!
    Previous coaches there had done it the last 6 years in a row.

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