The first chat of the post-Korman era

So I guess I’m doing these chats by myself for a while. Or at least that’s what the unnecessarily large house-ad in Wednesday’s H-T (which nobody told me about until it ran and in which I’m dressed like, well, like its 95 out and I’m at football practice and wearing a tie is suicide) suggests. I think I’ll be recruiting Hugh for this pretty soon, and by that I mean next week.

Anyway, I’ll be here. We’ll see if we can still make this work without our departed friend (tear).


  1. I won’t be able to submit a question during the chat as I will be helping my daughter move into college today. So here is my question: What are you thinking? 🙂

    Seriously,I was watching the B10 preseason preview show and Dinardo said (I know, I know) that he didn’t think we were hitting enough in practice. Your thoughts?

  2. GFDave, where is she going? I am guessing in Virginia somewhere.

    Interesting comment by Dinardo. I was getting the sense that they were knocking off early and cutting practice short because of the heat. I am not really a fan of that. If you keep the kids hydrated it should not matter really.

  3. It was the first Sunday practice. The team was in helmet, shoulder pads and shorts for the first time after two days of shorts and T-shirts only. The one thing that we can all agree on is that Bill Lynch is a MUCH better coach than Dinardo!

  4. BeatPurdue, I am not a fan of Dinardo but I swear I have wondered about what he said in the past after going to many practices. ESPN says he is doing it to prevent injuries. Some coaches have different takes on it. Whatever works, we will see!!!

  5. Was it not Dinardo who had the monster PT test that all players had to pass before they were officially considered team members. IIRC that was how we lost the big fullback Johnson. He did IU no favors and maintains that same philosophy to this day.

  6. Clarion, yes Dinardo had that test but Johnson quit the team because he wanted to play RB and Dinardo asked him to cut weight or he would have to play FB. I worked with Johnson for a summer on the same truck at IU, side by side. He was/is one of the worst character kids I have ever been around!!!

  7. DiNardo did little for IU while coaching here except TALK a lot. The heat has caused even the NFL teams to cut back on hitting and to shorten practice. Its pretty easy commenting while sitting in an air conditioned studio.

  8. Dustin, Hugh, won’t be able to be in the chat but sure do appreciate all your work. A question though, how are things going with the Basketball guys? Are they just doing open gym stuff and weights? Any news on HannerPerea (sp?)

  9. Guess I am from the old school mindset. It was way hotter in football gear in the south where I grew up and we never knocked off early or went in shorts because of the heat. I don’t agree with it at all, especially at this level. All of the money paid to the trainers, etc…

    hard to admit I actually agree with Dinardo on something, jeeez!

  10. It was one of the first practices in the “acclimation” period. Of course it wasn’t that physical…no one’s practices are at that point.

  11. Jimmy, the first game is in 2 weeks…all I am saying is put some shoulder pads on and don’t use the heat as an excuse!

  12. I guess I’m confused now…you’re aware that practice was filmed a week before it aired, right? The NCAA limits what teams can do during the start of fall practice, so it was kind of silly for DiNardo to talk about physicality at that point when teams are only allowed to wear shorts.

  13. J Pat, the NCAA says that you CAN’T during the acclimation period, even if you are Alabama or FL or LSU. Probably at MI Rodriguiz is hitting in July, but he won’t be there much longer.

  14. Not debating any acclimation period or when NCAA says it’s time to hit, etc. I first posted, I think, about knocking off early. Don’t like Dinardo but his comments are telling and he has been positive towards IU in the past. I feel like his comments are saying IU is soft or that is the way the coaches are going about it. I went to a number of practices last year and I even told my daughter that was learning to ride her bike at the stadium that she could hit harder than the guys at practice. IU has been soft for a while on gameday, especially lately, I don’t want them to be soft this year…that’s all!

  15. and if you guys have played you know that just shoulder pads can mean slight contact during drills but IU was not wearing them from what Lynch said cause it was too hot…explain that one, really? Guys, I just want a tough and hardcore team!

  16. J Pat. I am at VTech as we speak. My son moves into James Madison next week.

    Swear to God, I got out of the car to start moving stuff and Frank Beamer walks up and we shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. Two minutes on campus.

    Interesting discussion on practice.

  17. Just a thought addressing the first question in the chat concerning Thursday night games as less than ideal for out-of-town fans:
    That game is basically for students. It’s a kick start to the school year. Freshmen are given free tickets to the game. The student section is always packed for the opener.
    So yea, I don’t think Glass and Co. put too much weight into out-of-town fans for the Thursday night opener. Especially against an opponent like Towson.

  18. A couple of things for this comment section. The shoulder pads situation is discussed in my story today, so hopefully that adds to the debate. Second, GF, if there’s anything you need to know about Harrisonburg (with the exception of move-in policies at the JMU dorms, can’t help you there) let me know.

  19. Dustin, I’ve gotten to know the band of Harrisonburg around I81, but not the town. Any recommended local restaurant and pizza places would be good to know. Nick/Yogi equivalents, too.

    Chet, same info for Blacksburg would be cool too. Got a good handle on Christiansburg.

  20. Dustin, you made me go get it and what is funny is I thought something like that was going on from what I have seen and read. It will be interesting to see what happens on the field at game time…

  21. Hey GF, for my money, the best pizza in town is at Franco’s. It’s in a strip mall setting in what is known as Harrisonburg Crossing in the same general area as the Wal-Mart on Reservoir Street, but the food is excellent. Ciro’s on E. Market Street just past the Sheetz is also solid, and Anthony’s isn’t bad for delivery. Bravo’s is a very good classy Italian restaurant. It’s also in a strip-mall setting (Harrisonburg is way too big a fan of those) but the food is good. That’s right off of East Market Street (U.S. 33) There are several supposedly good places for ethnic food (I have a 12-year-old’s palate, so I was never concerned) but I can get you recommendations. Dave’s Taverna is a staple on Main Street, and Ham’s is a pretty popular place on University Avenue. That place and Buffalo Wild Wings on Main Street are the two places people usually go to watch games on Sundays. Two other places to check out are Jack Brown’s on Main Street, a really small joint that serves nothing but burgers and beer, and Finnegan’s Cove, which is right around the corner from Jack Brown’s on a side street that has a name I can’t recall. I will say that business-wise, Harrisonburg doesn’t operate like most college towns. There’s a lot of money left on the table, I would say.
    Again, let me know if you need anything else. And pick up a Daily News-Record while you’re out there.

  22. J Pat. Thanks for helping us out. I’m not sure how it’s going to work out, but IU seems confident they’re making the right decision here. Like you said, that will be judged on the field.

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