1. Everyone keeps freaking out over getting Goff and would that turn away Zeller and yet, at UNC, don’t they have a bunch of big guys?

    Or at Duke, they are loaded at guard…and keep getting great guards.

    So why should it matter if he’s not the only good inside player here? Isn’t it a better recruiting pitch, “You won’t be the only stud inside so you won’t be double-teamed”?

    Other schools don’t seem to have that problem.

  2. You are also overlooking the fact that we only have one scholarship available and Zeller may not want to take an oversign.

  3. Laffy, you are right. They continue to over sign positions to get the best of the best and their recruits don’t worry about this player or that player or where their scholarship will come from. If NC or Duke offer and you accept the coach and school find a way to make it happen for the players they truly want. If IU wants to be a big time player on the recruiting trail they need to continue to sign and make offers to the best players. Zeller is not worried about IU having a spot for him. IU will make a spot for him and signing Goff doesn’t make a difference. It’s just some crap some so-called IU fans and reporters want to stir to smear Crean good name. When is the last time a Duke recruit was ask by the news media if he new Duke’s scholarship plan? They know Coach K offered and that is all they need! Fans Need to let Coach recruit and coach the players he signs for IU and then let’s be the best fans ever, which is the calling card for IU. Our fans stick with our teams through thick or thin.

  4. Southport, that was as plain and truthful as could be spoken. If a recruit wants to go to a particular destination why the hell should he care if the ride is an oversign or not. If it is a green flag for the NCAA so be it.

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