Zeller names final 3: IU, Butler and UNC

Cody Zeller will apparently take three official visits, according to the Washington Times-Herald.

Butler, UNC and Indiana are his final three list of schools.

Obviously, that it is these three is of no great surprise. The thought has been that they led for quite some time.

Dustin is getting on the phone right now. He will update as he gets information.


  1. UNC is getting McAdoo, a player that would likely take serious minutes away from CZ. And is the Horizon League going to hone your talent, CZ? The way the roster is set right now, he could possibly start at IU as a freshman, and hone his skills against some of the nation’s best during conference play.

    I realize UNC has won a pair of recent championships and that Butler is “so hot right now,” but I think IU can win this thing. C’mon CTC!

  2. This process really is that simple: he’ll wait to see if IU shows significant improvement, if Butler’s past season was a fluke, and if UNC returns to prominence (along with feedback from Tyler on what’s really happening in their program). It’s likely to get tight.

    3 teams in 3 very different situations. If IU shows good development & improvement, you have to think we’d be the front-runner in a very close race, esp. considering the points that IUfanPUPhD made above.

  3. I have to believe CZ has also enjoyed playing with many of the present IU players. Proximity to campus could also be an important factor for the third brother playing college BB with regards to his parents travel.

  4. HoosierFutbal,
    How will he see if IU shows significant improvement when he is signing in the fall?
    That being said, I am feeling good about our chances with Zeller.

  5. 4guards made a positive statement about an IU recruiting situation without trashing CTC… “Elizabeth, I’m coming home.” There is hope for humanity…

  6. We need a break. Cody walk into the chance to become a legend. If you want to play against top rate competition and prepair for the next level and play from the get go IU is the place to go!

  7. Especially so when you spell prepair incorrectly, that will show you how it’s done at IU and how to play at the next level. Can I just take verbal exams?

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