A new chat era

H-T employee

Little known fact: Dustin actually painted that background himself. He spent painstaking hours with a brush and a can of midnight gray, creating just the right look. His mother always wanted him to be a painter. Instead, he found a profession with worse hours and few women. But, on the bright side, he gets to speak to you fine people. He’ll do so again at 11 a.m. today. I’ll join him, as I have for several weeks. And the newest member of the team, Andy Graham (he’s the one in the back), will also join us. Yes, a three-person chat. That just blew your mind. Boom.


  1. Dustin clearly used some sort of sponge technique. Maybe a rag. I don’t know. It’s unclear. We had long, rambling, disjointed conversations about art and the future and what it all meant and how it would all come together in the end. Now we know.

    By the way, why the hell aren’t you guys smiling? Did the Vid close?

  2. This photo looks like a couple of angry, bitter recent college grads who are being forced to take a picture with their step-dad.

  3. I’m trying to thing of who Dustin reminds me of. Maybe it’s Jesper Parnevik. Dustin, maybe we can get a shot of you with one of those titelist hats with the brim tipped up. Just a thought.

    By the way, the worst thing about not living in Canada is the absence of Lay’s and Old Dutch Ketchup Chips. So simple sounding, yet such magical flavor.

  4. Looks like a family photo at Wal Mart…I know because my wife had them done the first 3 years after having both kids!

  5. All 3 of you guys really consider Northwestern a definite loss for us this year? We should have beaten them last year at their place and fell apart. Now we get them at home and they’re bringing a new QB and RB to town. I realize they’ll be seasoned by the time we play them, but so will we. If you’re going to count the Illannoy road game as a win, you have to give us a home win against NU as well. I’m still fine with taking them one at a time, but in the spirit of making predictions you all baffled me with this one.

  6. Kelper, these guys know that the NW coaching staff makes crazy good adjustments at the half and NW always seems to “get up” for the IU game. With that said, I think it will be a great game that could really go either way.

  7. Yeah, I didn’t say Northwestern was a loss either. I’ve said in the past, I think Michigan, Northwestern, Illinois and Purdue are the up in the air games. Ohio State, Iowa, Wisconsin and Penn State are my penciled-in losses. Again, miracles are possible, but if you’re asking for my guesses, that’s where I’m going.
    Jesper Parnevik? That’s a new one.

  8. Hugh: Purdue? Really? There is nothing logical about that one.

    “Logical” would be beating Purdue the last two years, when they were second-to-last in the conference and suffering through historically bad seasons. Instead, we got absolutely thrashed, demolished, and embarrassed, showing yet again that there are miles and miles between the worst team and the second-worst team in the Big 10.

    No, we are not beating Purdue this year.

  9. That photo rules. It would be better if it were backlit with maybe a wind machine to tussle the locks a little…

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