An interesting take on phone calls

As I am sure you are aware, Bruce Pearl got busted making impermissible phone calls. He’s going to keep his job (for now, at least), but he’s going to lose cash and the ability to recruit off-campus for one year.

But it’s a crime that every coach commits, according to’s Gary Parrish. Parrish used the anecdotal evidence of 10 coaches to make his point: everyone does not, but not always with malice or intent to gain an advantage.

In the process, Parrish also does a pretty good job of lending credence to the belief that Indiana got $5 of punishment for a 50 cent crime.


  1. Parrish is a fool. IU didn’t get any punishment at all from the NCAA. We punished ourselves; because we expect more from our coaches.

    Hindsight is always 20/20, but it shows that Sampson was going to drag us down anyway, just look at the drug problem, and the number of kids failing classes.

  2. Our problem wasn’t phone calls, it was the quality of kids in the program. Tennessee is dealing with the same thing at the momment.

  3. George is right. The NCAA was very easy on us.
    Any chance we get a commitment from Lyles on the Crean visit today?

  4. History is a myth we agree to believe.

    I don’t agree with the proffered interpretations of IU’s history.

    Sampson did the hustle he was paid to do, poorly. Those charged with monitoring his hustle did their jobs far, far worse.

    Would you ever give your child a phone with a very restrictive calling plan and not check the bill for over a year to see if he was staying within his plan each month?

  5. Chronic,

    Would you ever give your child a phone when they had already shown you that hey could not handle the previous phone that they had?

  6. I enjoyed the story. I find it wild that 10 coaches he called all admit they make more calls than they should. Leads me to think that almost all if not all coaches do it. Some just make many more than others. Maybe the NCAA should give each school 2 or 3 phones and monitor it their damn self. From what I hear they don’t do squat in Indy anyway. If it is such an issue and really that is all you hear about in the media now with NCAA for the most part..the NCAA needs to take care of it!

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