Big visit weekend for IU hoops

Sometimes, you have to love Twitter.

Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes it provides you with lots of information you don’t need, and sometimes you learn things you probably shouldn’t know. But in this case, I can bring you news that took me absolutely zero effort to obtain.

Unless they’re part of some elaborate Twitter hoax, Hamilton Southeastern guard Gary Harris, Lawrence Central swingman Jeremy Hollowell and La Lumiere forward Hanner Perea — all 2012 recruits — will all be in Bloomington on Saturday for unofficial visits that coincide with Indiana’s home football game against Michigan. Guard Austin Etherington, already verbally committed for the Class of 2011, will also be in attendance. Park Tudor guard Yogi Ferrell is considering making another trip, but Park Tudor has homecoming this weekend, so he has to weigh his options. This info comes from the Twitter accounts of Ferrell, Etherington, Harris and Hollowell.

Perea is the No. 10 player in the Class of 2012 according to Ferrell is No. 17, Harris is No. 24 and Hollowell is No 39.


  1. If you look at some old records you would see that Basketball players in the State are making 5 times the number of visits in some prior years. Coach has got them hooked and as fans we need to help Coach land these guys so put aside your petty gripes about
    IU,Coach and some players and lets be really positive on this site at least until next week! Find something good to say. I mean who else has 5 or 6 players in the top 50 visit at the same time for a football game!! Say what you want Coach is trying very hard with this 2012 class and beyond. Lets do it for the school we love– IU

  2. Imagine if you’re Jeremy for example. You’re a great player from Indianapolis and you’ve grown up in a rare time window when you and several of your buddies are the best group in the county. Then imagine you have the opportunity to play with them at a place where basketball is almost a religion of sorts and it’s just an hour away from your family…and it’s Big Ten ball…and the women…wow. Man, that would be a fun ride with that crew. You roll into Ann Arbor for example ranked #1 wearing the candy stripe pants and spank UM by 30. Yow, what a blast.

  3. Fellas, wouldn’t it be nice for IU to put on a show for these recruits and spank Michigan in front of a packed Memorial Stadium?

    Not sure how much it really matters, but I have to think that an exciting IU victory certainly won’t hurt the recruits’ overall positive feelings toward the university.

    In this sense, I think Bill Lynch on Saturday will also be part of the Crean recruiting staff. C’mon Bill, let’s get it done!

  4. I think this thing will blow up on Midnight Madness. I see a couple of these guys committing and then looking at CZ and saying, now it’s up to you big man. I don’t see people waiting much longer for CZ.

  5. Husky, the student tickets for the game are almost sold out. There’s definitely going to be a good crowd for these guys.

  6. I always love to see “fellas” and “spank” in a Husky Tom sentence. Add in some negative rants about Eric Gordon and a suggestion of bicycling with Chet’s “lovely wife” and my day would be complete. If you want basketball recruits to feel good about Indiana then I would suggest placing them where cheerleaders will block any view of the football field(but be careful not to place them in a Bill Lynch Gum Throw Zone). Another idea would be mandatory reading of Hoosier Scoop…Maybe have a party at 4guards basement at let them assist in formulating a future post explaining how Cody Zeller will soon be spanking Kobe on the NBA basketball court while tauntingly whispering the name of a favorite hotel maid in his ear.

  7. There is no doubt a good IU performance Saturday would be positive for young recruits to envision as they consider their futures at Bloomington. Michigan travels well to ND, E.Lansing and to Columbus but there will not be many in Memorial for the game. An excited Hoosier crowd can be a player in the success of the game for IU. Of all the conference games this season the two I have the most anticipation for are Saturday and PSU. There is no question Coach Crean has these young BB recruits excited to be in Bloomington.

  8. It seems like we have made up a lot of ground with Harris.

    I wonder if 4guards would spontaneously combust if his tongue slipped and said Tom Crean instead of “we“. Compete, tongue, compete!!

  9. Well here’s hoping the football team at least gives the crowd something to get fired up about beyond the first quarter. That would really help.So would seating near the cheerleaders, let’s not kid ourselves. Bloomington when it’s fired up is a memorable experience, so I sure hope that’s the case this weekend. I’d love to have as many of these young men on the squad as possible.

    How many scholarships does IU have for ’12? Ron Patterson takes one, I believe, so that leaves us with how many?

  10. Get a grip 4g-you are loosing it! IU, like all schools not being penalized, has 13 scholarships in basketball. For 2011 we have 2 open (Rivers, and Bawa) for Etherington and Zeller; for 2012 we have 4 open (Jones, Pritchard, Roth, Guy) for Patterson and Jurkin and 2 others. However, you have an “oversign” available for each year, then you must lose someone before the start of school. So now, for 2012 you could sign Ron and Peter and 3 more recruits. If Cody does not say “yes” to IU, then we could sign 6 for 2012. If Christian and/or Maurice goes to the NBA after 3 years, then their scholarships become open as well (so if Cody did say “yes” then again we could sign 6 or 7 in 2012). The problem is that you do not know until the NBA declaration period expires, just like Purdue had to wait and see this year about Moore and Johnson (neither of whom went Pro so they did NOT have 2 extra scholarships). Then there are the scholarships of any transfer that might happen. But even if nothing changes, as of right now, IU can have a class of 5 for 2012! If any of my other changes were to happen, then the class could be 6 or 7 etc. The only time frame is that by the start of school you can only have 13 total. So maybe Hanner, Yogi, Gary and Jeremy are coming to IU this weekend to ask Coach Crean if he can make a 2012 class of 6 happen for them. And the Answer is “Yes I Can”!

  11. That is why I am hoping we only get Zeller to go along with Etherington and stop there. The more rides we have for 2012 the better off we will be. No reason to oversign with this class unless somebody like Teague decommits.
    If we only sign Zeller, and nobody transfers, that will leave one remaining scholarship for 2012 and the oversign.

  12. Dustin-

    Turn on the blinking blue light in the hallway! Sound the Crean Incompetency Alarm!…Grab the Bat Tard Phone and call Korman at his Scandal Cave immediately!..Time to ambush young Hoosier recruits at a football game and invent another 4guards’ “S-I-T-U-A-T-I-O-N”!

  13. I’m buying what 4 guards is selling here. Sign a max of 2 for 2011 unless someone really special becomes available. 2012 is packed full of really special.

  14. Well good grief, now I’m confused in addition to just plain ignorant of how many scholarships IU has for ’12. I’ll just assume we have 1 or 2.

  15. Total scholarships =13

    2009=5 (Creek, Watford, Elston, Hulls, Cappo)
    2010=2 (Sheehey, Oladipo)
    2011=2 (Etherington, Zeller)
    2012=2 (Patterson, Jurkin)

    That is 11 scholarships. So we would have 2 extras plus the oversign. So as BeatPurdue pointed out, if Zeller does in fact sign we could have a 5-man 2012 class and if he doesn’t there is the potential for a 6-man class.

  16. OK, before I point out this piece of information, I want to make it clear that I’m not offering an opinion on what should be done. And no, I’m not going to go do a scholarship crunch story until I think it’s really an issue. (Please, let’s not bring that back up)
    But the piece of the equation you’re missing is Matt Roth, who can be granted a medical redshirt.
    Not saying they should keep him for a fifth year. Not saying they shouldn’t. Just saying it’s part of the equation.
    Carry on.

  17. Personally, I think a 4 man class for 2012 makes the most sense purely from a class-balancing point of view. But there is so much talent in that group that I think a 5 man group is likely. I think 6 is too many.

    ClassAct is probably right. But, we’ll see how much Pritchard improves and how much impact Roth has. From the videos we’ve seen it would seem that Pritch will at least be in better shape. But will that translate to better performance?

    If the frosh get more PT than Roth, then I think we can forecast a transfer on his part with some certainty.

  18. I don’t like theorizing about which players will elect to leave our program, or get pushed out the door, but I have a hard time imagining Pritchard would want to sit out an entire season just to play one more year somewhere else.

  19. Obviously Roth will get a reshirt year, so if we sign 1 more for 11, we only have one remaining slot for 12 plus the oversign. It is really a tight situation.

  20. Unfortunately, we’ll never see the true potential of Pritchard, Roth, and Elston. Crean has straitjacketed their confidence with the Sampson grudge he hangs over their heads. It’s bigger than smoking weed or bad grades. These guys have to continually hear Ceaan roil up a crowd with the same old never-ending righteous speeches that ridicule the ex-coach and former players they once bonded. It’s been nearly 3 years and we still see clips of Crean talking to Hoosier fans and ranting over the negative instead highlighting the Sampson recruits of good character that are currently in his locker room everyday. I think all three would be much happier and see their games improve markedly if they would find a school/coach that appreciates them. Crean has fueled the hate anything attached to the Kelvin name and most Indiana fans seem to have issues the same.

    It’s quite a testament to the character of Pritch, Roth, and Elston to play their guts out for Indiana with such unneeded weight upon their undeserving shoulders. You won’t find that kind of character in a kid using our Hoosier name to increase his stock with Tar Heels or Bulldogs.

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