Blackmon commits to IU

James Blackmon has not played in a high school basketball game, but he has said where he will play his college basketball.

The freshman guard from Fort Wayne Luers gave a verbal committment to Indiana Thursday, a source confirmed.

Blackmon is a 6-foot-2, 170-pound guard, the son of James Blackmon Sr., the Luers head caoch.

Blackmon was on campus Thursday for the football team’s opener against Towson. So was Cody Zeller and Yogi Ferrell, though it was unclear whether Zeller was a guest of the men’s basketball program or there on his own.

Indiana coach Tom Crean has not been afraid to let younger prospects know he is interested. He attended the middle-school game of now-Indianapolis Tech freshman Trey Lyles last winter, and has said Jeremiah Rivers and Jon Scheyer (who ended up at Duke) both knew they had scholarship offers from Marquette heading into high school.


  1. Scares me when they commit so young, but this is good news. I hope he continues to develop and sticks with his committment. He definately has the pedigree. Maybe this will open the flood gates for other in-state talent.

  2. This is huge for Crean and Indiana basketball — great young in-state talent who is almost a sure 5-star by the time he’s a high school senior. Could start the dominoes tumbling for guys like Lyles too. I’ve got to admit that after landing Jurkin, Patterson and now Blackmon, you’ve got to give Crean a lot of credit. He’s turning things around in Bloomington.

  3. What do we know about young James? I have not heard of him before, so why all the excitement four years before he steps on our hardwood?

  4. Hey Rob,

    It’s way early obviously as the kid is just a freshmen, but he’s rated the #1 shooting guard in his class by ESPN. His Dad is James Blackmon, Sr who was a McDonald’s All-American and big star at Kentucky.

    The kid apparently has the talent and definitely the pedigree. His Dad is also now his coach.

    This is a great commit for CTC and IU, although excitement should probably be tempered a bit since he’s so young.

  5. Great potential – long way off. Still, it keeps the positive recruiting momentum going. Clearly something has changed over the past month and IU now looks like the place to be.

    Coach Crean is on the verge of landing several top line recruits to go with Etherington, Jurkin, Patterson and now Blackmon. Let’s hope the theory plays out. Once a few dominoes fall there will be a landslide of talent to IU.

    Keep it going Coach Crean and staff.

  6. This is the centerpiece to what will undoubtedly be a stellar class of 2031.

    When the kid hits puberty, we should start to see some great things from him.

  7. ^^^ Well played sir. I hope that item doesn’t seriously exist, or someone in the merchandising department needs to be demoted.

    Despite the recent success, we’re not out of the woods yet. A lot must still be done to assemble the right mix of talent between classes 2011 & 2012 and not overload on another class like 2009. Getting back to more balanced classes from year to year will be critical.

  8. Every committment we get is building a base that will pay off with more. Good to see a Ft. Wayne connection as well, lots of talent there over the years that IU has missed out on. A committ from Yogi would be sweet right now. Instead of Cody leading Yogi to IU the reverse might be just as true. Having the big guys is great but guard play is the difference maker. Seems as though we’ve really turned the corner. This has to inspirational to this year’s team as well. There will be some who are going to be suprised at the Hoosiers this year. Buckle your seat belts, here we go!!

  9. If you build it they will come! IU was Built on tradition and pride – Crean is bringing it back —- Time is the key. Look at what this young man said “It’s about the tradition IU has”. This is the tip of the iceberg for IU. Thanks—- Tom Crean Im sure there will still be times but you are definitly on the right path.

  10. Hopefully he brings Lyles with him. I believe the two are friends, and both are big time talents. I like the way recruiting is changing directions with the last 2 gets.
    Everything hinges on Zeller for the immediate future.

  11. Tards- I like seeing positiveness from you, but come on – don’t tell us what “everything hinges on.” According to you, the program is already screwed and will be so until we have a homespun coach.

  12. Talents like Zeller can sometimes hide coaching deficiencies.
    Kind of like Wade did for him that one time in his career he had a good year.

  13. 4guards,

    Why would Zeller be considering IU if the coach isn’t top-notch?

    Is his perception of Crean flawed, just like the rest of us?

  14. I completely understand about the outstanding talent you are referring to. The same type of talent Alford has never been able to recruit.

    Most recent history on Blackmon is he broke all Deshaun Thomas’s junior high scoring records. That is a big accomplishment.

  15. Paul Hewitt (242-169) couldn’t get Chris Bosh to the Final Four.

    Rick Barnes (294-115) couldn’t get Kevin Durant to the Final Four.

    Lorenzo Romar (264-179) couldn’t get Brandon Roy to the Final Four.

    John Calipari (480-143) couldn’t get John Wall there.

    etc etc etc

    What does this mean? That having future NBA all stars in o way guarantees your passage to the final four. I give Crean a ton of credit for recruiting Wade, and getting him there.

  16. …don’t you remember that Wade was unwanted by everyone else based on his academics and basically fell into Tommy’s lap?

    Sometimes its better to be lucky than a good coach, I suppose.

  17. The reason Coach Crean got Wade’s commitment is because he recognized his talent and kept recruiting him. The coaches who gave up on Wade learned a lesson about talent evaluation and recruiting skill. This one of the reasons Izzo considers Tom Crean a very accomplished recruiter. And as Husky stated a good coach in getting Wade to the FF.

  18. Puppy,

    In the business world, when someone takes a risk and in ends up panning out, they’re commended.

    I don’t see why it’s any different in sports. Regardless of how “unwanted” he was, Crean determined Wade was worth taking. Turns out he made the right call.

    I think that speaks to Crean’s perception more than his level of luck. Don’t you?

  19. Chrissy puppy dodged the issue yet again in his defamatory quest. Whether Crean got Wade by luck or not, he still took him to the Final Four – something that Skip Prosser couldn’t do with Chris Paul, something that Kelvin Sampson couldn’t do with Eric Gordon, and so on and so on.

  20. James Blackmon, Sr. was at Kentucky while Alford was hoisting a third banner with Bobby. How does Crean do it?

  21. Something I read jogged my memory to recall the Final Four bound Marion team led by Blackmon Sr., when he stung Anderson for 52 points and also hung 36 on Lafayette Jeff. He and Alford really lit it up in during Hoosier Hysteria that year. I’ll bet Junior can do the same.

  22. Casey on your comment on 9/3 at 11:57, great point and it pretty much says it all.

    ZAP ! POW ! 4turds now has the black smudged face and the hair straight up and back from the finger in the outlet look that a troll should have.

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