Blackmon Sr.: “(IU) made us feel welcome”

There was no set plan to verbally commit when James Blackmon Jr. and his family traveled to Bloomington on Thursday to take in the season opener football game, but they were sitting in a conference room. So was Tom Crean and his coaching staff. But so was Crean’s family.

“It made us feel welcome, like it was the right thing to do,” James Blackmon Sr. said.

Blackmon Sr. has been around the block, having compiled a 100-42 record in seven years at Fort Wayne Luers. He coached Deshaun Thomas, an all-american who challenged the state scoring record.

Blackmon Sr. admitted Friday he initially thought Thomas should have waited before committing to Ohio State. Thomas did so after his freshman season. But, in retrospect, it allowed Thomas to focus on basketball and academics.

It should do the same thing for James, a high school freshman who is a member of the class of 2014.

ESPN has James rated as the No. 1 shooting guard in the class of 2014, and he has the pedigree — Blackmon Sr. played at Kentucky and was drafted into the NBA.

He’s a combo guard, a 6-foot-2, 170-pound shooter and passer. Post-Thomas, Blackmon Sr. was not shy in saying he will showcase his son’s talents.

High praise and, if it holds up, there is certain to be a college coach or two that sees a verbal commitment as a non-binding agreement that could be easily broken.

Blackmon Sr. the father is proud of his son and is not going to cross that bridge until it comes, if it does. Blackmon Sr. the coach has a different take.

“As a coach, I know how to handle that situation,” Blackmon Sr. said.


  1. If only Husky and 4tards were synonyms…it would be like Bush and Hugo Chavez being a synonym..

  2. I check the site daily but rarely comment. Husky Tom was just way out of line. He is a 15 year old kid who happens to be a great basketball player and would love to play for his state team. We should revel in a UK alum’s son shunning them and playing for the good guys. Much of the 4guard and anti-4guard repartee borders on objectionable. “So, play nice.”, said in my best Woody of Toy Story voice.

  3. Sorry about your take on the situation but the copious repartee to 4tickturds is justly deserved because he is objectionable. HT likes to intensify having fun and beguile the English language, while 4brainpiercings tries to dumb down true IU fans. They could not be more different and contrasting.
    By the way it appears to me BO and Chavez are synonyms.

  4. Out of line? I was just having a laugh about the young commit. I am happy to have the guy, believe me, but my post was more a commentary on the state of affairs these days where middle school kids are committing to college. It wasn’t an attempt to insult.

    Clarion – thanks for the defense. Although you can’t possibly think of BO and Chavez as the same. BO has turned out to be just another slave of the right wing military/industrial complex. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, but he’s about as far to the Left as Schwarzenneger is to the Right. Watered down, in other words.

  5. Nobody right leaning human in Cal-y-forn-ya is above ground. I doubt BO could recognize what color the center is. He, Harry and Nan are a trilogy owned by the Unions. The military/ industrial complex comes in second.

  6. The left wing in the USA is equivalent to the (far) right wing everywhere else in the world. People in Europe laugh when we call our Democratic Party “liberal.” The “center” here means that you get your coffee at Starbucks instead of drinking Folger’s at home, that’s about it.

    Just look at two of Obama’s top officials – Bernanke and Gates. Both staunch conservatives. It’s a joke I tell ya.

    But I don’t need to do politics with you, Clarion. Been there, done that. I am perfectly content to talk football and keep working towards flushing 4turds out down the pipes.

  7. I hold neither the D’s or R’s in anything resembling high regard, over the decades I have been disappointed many times more than I have ever enjoyed satisfaction.

    Ditto on 4knowsnothing.

    Palaver later.

  8. Haha — I like the idea of me and Husky being the same person. But I’m afraid I don’t know him, much less am him. Like the ‘other’ 4guards who’s been posting on here in my name lately!

    It’s a huge accomplishment for IU to get Blackmon’s verbal this early, like I said earlier. It could start the dominoes tumbling for other young guys like Lyles, much less Hanner and Holloway, and be a key part of bringing IU back to dominance.

    I am eating some crow and giving Crean a lot of credit here. Even if you question his game coaching, 1/2 of being a college hoops coach is recruiting, and in a very short time he’s looking like he has the state locked up. Congrats to Coach Crean.

  9. ^ Who is this guy? I never, in all my days, thought that the 4tards brand would be co-opted by an optimistic, happy-go-lucky, contrite Chrisremora.

  10. There are probably 3 liberals left in Washington. Eisenhower was well to the left of Clinton or Obama. For that matter, so was Nixon. It was Ike who first warned us of the military industrial complex, but nobody listened. ‘Moderate’ now means traditional conservative. There hasn’t been a ‘left’ in American politics since Hubert Humphrey.

  11. I might add, it is because the Democrats are spineless and the Republicans, love them or hate them, stick to their guns.

  12. Here’s a photo of 8 liberals and 1 liberal wannabe.

    On a related note: I recently heard Jamarcus Ellis was living in a brand new Cadillac in the driveway of the Osmond’s at their Utah driveway.

  13. oops. “….at their Utah compound.”

    Here’s Jamarcus working on his version of a “Joseph and the Amazing Tchnicolor Dreamcoat” jump shot in Donny’s studio.

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