1. I can no longer accept IU hoops news (current roster and recruits) if it does not feature a mixtape or other music video.

  2. Put some mustard on that Hot Dog! What a joke. I’ll wait for Yogi. Hulls has the position under control in the meantime.

  3. He has no problem getting into the lane with the handle he has and can easily create his own shot. From just the tape though there’s no way of telling if he can defend or how he interacts with the his teamates. A point needs to be a good leader, Hulls has that. Being a hot dog is ok if you’re effective, it’s not though if you’re JR for example.

  4. Recieved my Inside Indiana today. Great interview on Fred Glass. Talked about How big Capo and Elston has gotten.

  5. This guy would be a great fit if you like and 1 basketball. I think i counted 23 carries in a three minute video. If Tom Crean can turn this guy into a smart basketball player instead of a flashy one i am all for it cause it seems like he has talent.

  6. Jhadley,

    I agree. This kid’s obviously a baller with a smooth shot. I have a feeling most college coaches are going to put a quick stop to any sort of streetball moves he attempts at the next level. I’m more intrigued and encouraged by these things:

    – He’s an obvious talent
    – While there’s a line, I like a player who wants to stick it to the guy guarding him
    – He mentioned Indiana’s tradition — a recruiting pitch that falls on deaf ears with many recruits
    – He’s the type of player who would be able to penetrate and kick out to open shooters

  7. Before we crown the kid And 1, keep in mind it was a summer league game you were watching, not a h.s. game, not even aau….

    Second…if you watched the adidas nations games, you didn’t see any of this stuff he was one of the top 3 pg’s out there with the ability to get his own shot and set up players.

    yes I too want Yogi, but I want the states highest paid employee to do his job and recruit the country and look to get better not just for 2012 but for NOW and NEXT year….. Guerrero commits and IU wins with him, you won’t think twice about Yogi. How many of you have wondered about Malik Story?

  8. While Orange Tom is out playing around in Kansas, DSR is back here in Indiana saying he now sees who really wants him… Xavier only team putting time in with him on day 1.

  9. 4guards is a joke. It doesn’t matter who the player is or where he comes from, if Tom Crean recruits him, the guy must be horrible. But I mean, we normal people who actually know something, even if its just a little, about basketball actually can see improvement. 4guards on the other hand is still mad that he was never picked back in grade school. But hey, he’s living the dream from behind that extremely cool screen name.

  10. Wow this kid has an ocean of offensive talent. He just needs harnessed and somewhat redirected.

    DSR has had held an IU offer forever. But it will not be good forever. I think it is his move. He should either get on the train or get off the track. If he wants to come to IU he should pull the trigger and then it would not be to damn important as to who is and is not attending open gym. There is a lot of talent out there and we have a coach who is not afraid to go find who wants to play at AH. The program is not going to wait to move on.

  11. One of my favorite things on recruiting blogs is the commenters who refer to high school players by an insider nickname or by their initials, like DSR for instance. Ooooh, such intimacy!

  12. Bootsie,

    Pretty sure it’s just easier than typing out his full name every time. I think you’re giving it more significance than the people using the abbreviation.

  13. Bootsie-

    The worst thing is that it tends to lend this mythical aura to the player, as if he is Stevie Ray Vaughan or someone really, really famous or important.

    I haven’t seen the same thing applied to other hyphenated name players, like Maurice Jones-Drew, Mike Sims-Walker, or even the good old Sharif Abdur-Rahim. They must not be on the same level of awesomeness.

  14. He looks like a gamer to me. I think if you put this kid next to Creek or Buss in our back court we’d be well on our way to winning the Big 10. I like the way this kid obviously played these games with a chip on his shoulder. He looked like he had an attitude to him, not a bad one, just an attitude.

  15. If you allow me to overgeneralize about “latin” players (even thought Cezar is American), there have been a lot of good ones lately, both in college and the NBA. It is clear (Kormanism there) that they are starting to spread their athletic talent across all areas down there.

  16. Well, appears he can shoot with a buttery touch. However, much of what he was doing in the video would not fly in Big Ten competition. His shot release is agonizingly slow, and his moves to the hoop would often result in turnovers or in steals by opposing guards. I really don’t see him fitting into the crean play style, and hope there are some better options for 2011.

  17. “His shot release is agonizingly slow,…”

    and way too low. His push-launch jumper is even more pathetic than Jordy’s release…He’s getting spacing against the pantywaists in the video, but against quicker and taller defenders he’ll nacho much be a shooting threat.

  18. Actually Chet, in Kentucky, Bud Light is the beer of choice, not MGD.

    And Husky Tom, one can be a Latino and an American. Doesn’t have to be one or the other.

  19. psych- you are right, one can be both. But in technical terms you only have one nationality, and it’s where you were born.

    By the way, “latino” is one of the silliest terms out there. Not only is it a generic term that lumps together people of some 20 countries and countless ethnicities, but there is nothing “latin” about “latinos.” The French made up the term when they tried to take over Mexico in the 1800’s, as a way to forge a unity with the Mexican people (“You see, we are all ‘latin’ deep down!”)

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