Changes for us

Don’t worry — no one else is leaving.

The Herald-Times has promoted Pat Beane to sports editor, replacing Chris Korman. Beane, previously our ASE, has long handled the night operations on the desk and that will continue in his new role. He’ll also get the distinct pleasure of managing our motley group.

Andy Graham is coming back to sports from the H-T’s news department. You veterans will remember Andy as a key part of the H-T’s sports coverage for many years. He will be the No. 2 man for Indiana football, including writing columns. He’ll also cover high school boys’ basketball in the winter.

I’ll be taking over as the No. 2 on IU basketball, while also remaining as the high school football beat writer.

What does this mean for all of you? We have another voice to add to our arsenal, and its an experienced one. He’s still a news writer until Sept. 10, but I am sure he’ll begin posting very soon.

And with that, David Bowie’s “Changes.”


  1. Welcome, Team!!! Hugh and Dustin are solid, and I’m sure Mr. Beane and Andy Graham (wasn’t he the chubby guy on Conan O’Brian a few years back?)will round out the team quite nicely.

    I’ll be on my best behavior to impress the new editor, lest he become a Husky-hating Remora like the last guy.

  2. Great choice of music videos – I can’t think of the H-T’s staff of sports writers without thinking how much they all remind me of Ziggy Stardust.

  3. You guys should have offered the position to the 5-star prospect back in town. There must have been a situation at Scoop. You didn’t have enough available spots! You took a juco transfer from news, filled a scholarship spot, when sitting outside your backdoor was Ginger?..You didn’t offer the sports editor position to the keeper of the Alford bobble-head. Wasn’t Korman sitting at the table that night? Do you see Korman down the hallway? You screwed with destiny? You passed on the most important journalist of the Fratrats in Argyle without Indiana Roots Era?! He had only put in a verbal to Inside the Hall. The guy’s writing joyously flows like a refreshing Irish Spring leprechaun showering in the morning with the dude from Lord of the Dance. Here’s what the keyboard typing would have sounded like..You could have had Bozich at his knees whining like Bruce Weber losing EJ. You just lost your one chance at the gifted pen capable of returning to boring hoops its longing for romance. You just turned yourselves into Korman-apologists…Can’t believe you passed on Cody Zosterman and left him in the shadows of Inside the Tards.

  4. Andy Richter was the chubby guy on Conan….the show sucked after he left.

    “In the yearrrrrr 2000“.

    Your Mr. Beane link was faulty. I jumped off a 40-story building yesterday and damaged a nice red car.

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