Crean to be on a trading card

I collected cards as a kid. Actually, collecting would not be totally accurate. I consumed them. I spent every dollar I could find on them. One of the more memorable moments of my childhood was opening up a pack of Fleer trading cards and discovering it was a rare all-insert pack. The rest of that Food Lion on a Saturday afternoon was surely confused about that happy 10-year-old boy with the baseball cards. I ended up with somewhere between 4-5,000 cards, which are now all sitting my basement.

But cards are for players. Sure, Topps has made lines of presidents, historical figures and vampires. Upper Deck is joining in, releasing cards of 30 NCAA basketball coaches as part of a new “World of Sports” line.

And, as Upper Deck spokesperson Terry Melia said in an e-mail earlier this afternoon, Tom Crean is a member of that group of 30.

You can start collecting Crean and coaches like Tom Izzo, Bill Self and Bob Huggins (I wonder if he’ll wear jorts) in early 2011.


  1. Nah, no thanks. My Crean IU RC card has “going up” arrows next to it. Alford’s on the other hand isn’t included in the regular set; he only comes in the separate insert set called “Weak Conference Heroes.”

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